Your workspace is usually where you spend the majority of your day. That’s why this space should be conducive to your productivity and your health. While there may be restrictions on how you can personalize your space at the office, you can pick a work table at home that suits all your requirements. Especially now with the work from home (WFH) culture accepted as the norm more and more, you must give your workspace some thought.

With remote working being a norm these days, it’s important that you create a comfortable home office. Choosing the right work desk is as important as picking an ergonomic chair – the two pieces of furniture that can make or break your entire work-from-home experience! This space should be conducive to your productivity and health.

You could set up your home office in any available peaceful corner of your home. It could even be an entire room or a portion of your guest bedroom or dining area. In this article, we go in-depth on how to choose the perfect work desk for your home office. Read on for eight useful tips.

A Work Table to Suit Your Body Type

Be careful when you buy just another work table off the shelf. Your desk height should be such that when you type on the keyboard, your arms and hands are parallel to the floor. Your feet should be flat on the floor, and your legs should fit comfortably under the desk.

Get tables with height-adjustable legs which you can use as a sit-down arrangement or as a standee desk. If you already have a table and cannot invest in a new one that supports this posture, get yourself a height-adjustable keyboard tray or a footrest to correct your alignment. You can even put your desk on risers or adjust your chair’s seat height.

work table to suit your body type

A Work Table of The Right Size

If you have a large home office space, you could get a large table with lots of shelving. If you have to fit in a work table into a nook, consider a corner desk that will fit compactly in a corner under which you can tuck in your chair as well.

Another important factor is the access area to your home office. Can your large table be dismantled to move through the door? Or will it fit through the access passage?

Work Table of The Right Size

The Right Material For Your Work Table

Most tables are made of wood, and the kind of wood you choose could affect your work environment. Softwoods like pine and birch are comfortable, but less durable, and get dented and marked easily. Oak, teak, rosewood, and maple are hardwoods that are slightly expensive but hardy and long-lasting. Modular work tables made of MDF or plywood are also popular choices.

Right Material For Your Work Table

Sufficient Surface Area

Consider your working style: Do you just need a laptop and a water bottle, or do you need to surround yourself with pin-ups, photos, plants and the like around your laptop? If you need more surface area, go for a pull-out surface which will give you more workspace when you need it but can be tucked in when you don’t.

Sufficient Surface Area

Options to Hide Away Wires

Holes or channels for cords are an excellent way to keep those pesky wires hidden. You could even have a hidden storage box mounted just under your table to store the unsightly wires and cables.

Options to Hide Away Wires

Ample Storage Space

If you have a crowded table with lots of supplies, files, multiple monitors and decor items overflowing, it might mean that you need a larger table with more storage. Remember, even if you like the minimalist look in general, a minimal work table with storage will work best for you. Pick one with a mix of closed drawers and open shelving. Make sure there are compartments for each gadget or device you want to store (e.g. a printer).

Ample Storage Space

Here are Two Extra Tips to Help You Set Up Your Ideal Work Desk.

1. Where to Place Your Work Desk

If you have a large room, you have the luxury to place the desk in the centre of the room. It will take up more space, but it would be a good option if you have people over for meetings as it can be more accomodating. For smaller rooms, tables in the corner of rooms will be more discreet and functional. They take up less space which means that you can use the room for other activities as well.

Also, remember not to face the source of light when you work to reduce strain on your eyes. Place your table in such a way that your computer monitor is well lit.

Your Work Desk

2. How to Decorate Your Work Desk

Spruce up your work desk with items that are important to you and your work. It could be framed motivational quotes, a stylish lamp, a couple of potted plants, or any travel memorabilia. If you want it clean, stick to minimal accents for an uncluttered atmosphere.

Decorate Your Work Desk

If you are looking to create a workspace in your home, make sure that you reach out to the HomeLane design experts. We help you design a modular office table where you can choose the individual components. Customizing the materials used will also make it look like an organic part of the decor. Along with your work desk, we can also customize the rest of your home office interiors to suit your needs and style.

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