When we talk about style and trends, there is always something new coming up. Also, have you observed that the age-old trends are now coming back in refined form? That’s how it all works in fashion, interior, and every other designing arena. Hence, you will find the home décor trends of the past decade in coming time as well.

When we talk of the past decade, the 2010s, technology was way more accessible than the last few decades. You could get the Pinterest designs virtually at any time you wanted, and you could make it more genuine by adding your elements to the whole décor setup. This was the decade when people came up with hand-made goods and bespoke material for interior decoration. This transformation took all over the world, and the credit goes to the digital marketers who made it all possible as people wanted these goods more when they saw it selling on online platforms.

Talking about the best interior design trends, there were a few styles that ruled the interior designing game from 2010 to 2020. We are about to explore some of these home décor trends to know what we are taking with us in the next decade.

Interior Design Trends

Wall Paneling

With a huge range of benefits, wall panels have turned out to be a great home décor trend in this last decade. It is functional and adds aesthetics to the basic home. These panels are easy to install, need minimal maintenance, and hide all the flaws that can’t be hidden by any paint or wallpaper. These panels add character to your home and are timeless.

With innumerable choices, you can add any design to your home with these stunning decorative walls.

Scandinavian Design

If you are all about going minimalistic and feeling cosy, the Scandinavian interior must be your pick. This home décor started in the 1990s but paced up in 2010s and has escalated since then. Having a fireplace and curling up next to it while reading is the basic idea of this kind of interior design.

With neutral and pastel colours, you create a blank canvas for your home, and you can add character with cosy elements like a wooden coffee table with a couch that spells out C-O-M-F-O-R-T. After all, less is more in this concept.

Brassy World

This metal has its moments as it comes and goes, but it has stayed for long now, and we consider it one home décor trend that makes homes look royal and classy. From fixtures to lightings, from furniture to accessories, brass is everywhere, and we are obsessed. These are supposed to be functional, but the latest modern touch has turned them into luxe-looking elements in the décor.

As we head into another decade, this trend is going to be much bigger and is going to make more statements in future home décor.

Vintage Vibe

This style has never gone out of trend, and that is because of the classic and ageless elements it includes. Vintage vibe has always been a favourite, but this decade it took off and surprisingly, the results have been stunning. Instead of creating a complete vintage vibe, designers have opted for impressionable vintage pieces and have added in the modern setup.

One vintage piece can make a dull room shine and create magic.

Statement Lights

Sometimes you end up going vanilla with your décor and can’t find a way to amp up the whole room. However, statement lights have changed the game, and they make your space stand out irrespective of how vanilla the rest of the elements are. Whether it is your bathroom, lounge room, or dining, all of these need some outstanding element to brighten up space and lights do that job tremendously.

You can also go for statement lights when you don’t want to remodel your whole space but want to change all of it.

Millennial Chic

When we talk about the millennial era, it is all about comfort in the boho feels. From walls to the floor, all of it is covered in millennial chic. With a room filled with plants and walls adorning dream catchers and macramé wall hangings, it’s all inspired Nordic countries. With rugs and linen bedspreads of earthy tones on the white canvas, this theme has been one of the best interior design trends in the last decade.2010-2020 Interior design trends

Bespoke Pieces

People have been obsessed with pieces that are fashion-forward and add the glam quotient to a boring room. In this decade, velvets have made a comeback and couches covered in rich colours give a classic look. Adding Victorian style furniture and some modern art in feminine shades is what has ruled the interior designing game in this decade, and there is no doubt that it will follow in the coming decade as well.

Adding some chic geometric tiles on the floor will make your room look like an art gallery; isn’t that what we want from home decor trends?

interior design trends of the decade

These home decor trends have changed the interior designing game for people in the last decade. Which one of these are you keeping in your home for the next decade? Can’t figure out for yourself? HomeLane will make your home designing journey easier and trendy. Our design aficionados are all about giving you comprehensive solutions to all your interior designing problems.

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