Your yearly vacation is almost here, but this year the pandemic has brought travel plans to a standstill. The restrictions and risks involved have forced many of us to cancel travel plans, prioritising safety over leisure this year. But do you really have to travel to relax? Keep a safe distance from trains and aeroplanes, and plan your vacation in the safest place under the sun— your own home! With a few creative decorating tweaks, a staycation at home could be just what you need as a family pick-me-up!

What is a Staycation?

First of all, what’s a staycation? And how exactly is it different from a vacation? 

To put it succinctly, a staycation is a vacation… but without the travel.  This means that you stay right at home, take paid time off from work, and get a well-deserved break. You can plan fun activities with your family, go on day trips to nearby places that are safe to visit and take some quality time off to unwind from your routine life. Especially in today’s ‘Covid world’, staycations are becoming more popular than ever before! Here are some of the ways in which a staycation is better than a vacation.

  • No stress! 

You can do away with the stress of planning your trip, as you won’t be applying for visas, booking tickets and figuring out where to stay! Sometimes, just planning the itinerary and getting your entire family to agree on the places to visit and things to do can be exhausting. With a staycation, there’s no stress at all.

  • Cut down on costs

A staycation costs next to nothing. There’s no travel involved, and you’re staying in your own home. You can order food in or cook your own fun meals with the whole family participating.

  • Stay healthy!

Especially this year, staying at home makes a whole lot of sense if you wish to avoid public transport and being around strangers. 

  • Catch up with your family

A staycation can be the perfect time to really catch up with your own family. Play board games with your kids, take time out to really listen to each other, and do something that’s fun, romantic or inspiring!

Décor Ideas to Turn Your Home into the Perfect Staycation Destination

Here’s how you can magically transform your home into a haven of relaxation. Uplift your senses and rejuvenate your spirits with these home décor ideas for a staycation!

1. Upgrade your linens

We all love the relaxing sleep we get when on holiday, and this is in large part due to the high-quality bed linen and mattresses that hotels use! Invest in some luxury linen with high thread counts, and upgrade to the best mattress that money can buy. Treat yourself to some plush, fluffy towels as well.  While you don’t have to go all white, you can choose soft linen in colours that match your décor palette.

linen bedsheets for staycation

2. Create a home gym

Exercising is a lovely way to burn out the stress and stay in shape! If you’re someone who catches up on your steps during a vacation, you should consider carving out space for a home gym. The money you save on tickets and stay will do nicely for a treadmill or exercycle. Set it up on your balcony and make that killer workout happen! 

home gym for staycation

3. Cut out the clutter

Hotels and resorts are calming because let’s face it, you are far away from all the clutter in your home! To re-create this pristine atmosphere, you’ll have to plan a bit ahead and de-clutter your home. Do it in Marie Kondo style, by choosing only the items that give you joy, and giving away the rest. Go minimal, and you’ll find that you’re already relaxed and stress-free! 

clutter free bedroom for staycation

4. Turn your bathroom into a spa

No vacation is complete without a relaxing day at the spa! Why not get an authentic spa experience in your own bathroom? Pamper yourself with a hot soak in scented bath oils, some candles and a lovely glass of wine. Deep clean your bathroom, fill every inch of extra space with plants and set the mood with the right lighting and soft music. Aromas are important too! Bergamot, lavender or chamomile essential oils in a diffuser will create the soothing ambience you need.

staycation ideas

5. Turn your home into a tropical paradise

Want to imagine you’re holidaying in the tropics? A bowl of oranges and lemons on a table add a zestful fragrance and a summery touch to your room. Up the tropical flavour with vibrant cushions, leafy plants and pretty lighting. Buy leafy palms, rubber plants and tropical ferns and create a lovely indoor garden. Open up the windows and let the sunshine in! 

staycation home

6. Relax in a hammock

A hammock on your balcony is the perfect spot to tune out from your surroundings. A small table can hold snacks and your book, and you can get ready for a tranquil afternoon siesta! If you have a shady spot in your garden, set up a picnic breakfast outdoors for a change. Spend as much time as you can outside like you would if you were actually on vacation!

7. Find your own nirvana

Usher in as much peace as possible by turning a room into a zen escape. Clear out as much furniture as you can, and decorate with floor mats, soft cushions and indoor plants. Earthy colours and light, natural materials will help you get reconnected with nature. Zen principles are all about simple, pure lines that work together to create balance and harmony. Feel good about yourself by setting up a new meditation routine!


While a staycation can be just what you need to take a breather and slow down the hectic pace of your life, there are a few things you must keep in mind to make this work. You’re officially on vacation, so stay away from work emails and resolve to keep your work phone off. In fact, you could tell your colleagues that you are actually going to be away so that they know it’s not okay to disturb you. Stay away from household chores, as well. Plan activities that make you happy!

Need help in setting up the perfect staycation? Give the HomeLane team a call!

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