No bedroom is quite complete without a functional and well-appointed vanity; a must for those who like to ensure their makeup is just right, day or night!

Ready to start planning? You can start with these stunning vanity ideas to be inspired for your own bedroom makeover.

Romance is in the air

This feminine boudoir is all about gentle, flowing curves and pastel shades; quite the perfect setting for a heroine from a Victoria Holt romance! Vanity Design ideas

Contemporary chic

This tastefully done up bedroom in a beige and brown palette has a chic vanity with a large mirror, neatly tucked into a niche. The drawers can hold all your makeup essentials and the stool seating slides below, out of sight when not in use.contemporary vanity design

Pretty pastels

This home vanity and wardrobe borrow their colours from the wallpaper, in subtle shades of cream with the pastel pink and a whisper of green.Pastel Colour vanity designs           


Vanity set into the wardrobe

This vanity is cleverly set into the wardrobe space and offers plenty of storage in the hidden cabinet behind the mirror. Optimal use of space in a smaller bedroom!Wardrobe design with Vanity

Twinning it!

This vanity is perfect for two, with matching storage cabinets and drawers on both sides of a beautiful large mirror. The colour palette is cream and light brown with gold highlights. Now you can get ready in style! Vanity design with stools

Minimalistic Vanity Table 

This vanity accommodates slender drawers below a simple tabletop, styled in minimalistic décor. The powder pink chair and round framed mirror are basic and functional. minimalist vanity Design

Bold and modern vanity

This ultra-modern vanity does double duty as a regular desk to work at and as a vanity. The armchair makes a bold statement with black and white oblique print.modern vanity design

Antique styled dresser with mirror

This narrow wooden dresser with a wide mirror is the perfect accompaniment to a classical style bedroom. The drawers can be used for towels, bed linen and extra storage.Antique wooden vanity design

Hollywood Style Vanity

This Hollywood style vanity that is the epitome of glamour. You can blend your make-up to perfection with this set up (Use light bulbs that mimic natural light for the best colour matching).celebrity Vanity design ideas

Stunningly simple

This elegant vanity’s design uses straight, non-fussy lines. The frameless mirror is set end-to-end to offer perfect viewing. Neat drawers hold all your accessories and kits.

Whether you’re looking to create a look that is a pure decadent luxury or you prefer clean minimalism, your bedroom vanity is a space where you can unleash your creativity to the hilt. For more ideas and inspiration, get in touch with our designers today!

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