What makes the sofa the undisputed leader in a household? Is it the endless comfort it gives while watching Stranger Things or the endless banter with friends and family? No matter what your activity is, the sofa is always there for you through thick and thin. 

In most households, lounging on the sofa is favoured by both young and old alike, making it vulnerable to wear and tear. But how does one know it is time to replace the sofa? Our interior experts chipped in to help understand when you should replace the sofa. Here are their top five reasons to replace the sofa

When should you replace your sofa? 

It Has That Sinking Feeling 

It is the weekend you have plans to binge-watch friends, yet again. You plop into your good old sofa, and its gravity takes over. It is a struggle to get out of the Mariana Trench, AKA your sofa.  

When the sofa loses its cushioning, you literally sink into the sofa. Sagging cushioning leads to a stiff neck, lumbar problems, not to mention a struggle to get out. Increased backaches and neck aches are a sign that the sofa is becoming a pain in the neck. 

It Starts Fraying At The Edges 

It is one of those days when you decide to get into a cleaning spree. You take one look at your sofa and realise that your sofa edges have been on an adventure trip of their own.  

Spills, scratches, sunlight exposure, etc., tend to damage the upholstery so much that you can see the inside padding. Constant use of the sofa by kids or pets accelerates the fraying along the edges. Visible upholstery is sure-fire sign number two that the sofa ought to be replaced or mended. 

It Starts Creaking 

Every move you make, every breath you take, on the sofa, you hear an alien noise. It is particularly audible when you have one of your guests spending the night on the sofa. 

Sofa that has been around for a long time is bound to have its share of wear and tear. Its metal spring starts weakening, and the joints wear out due to constant use. A weak sofa frame starts making noises when you sit or move. Consider it to be sign number three that it is time to replace the sofa for it may hurt your back. 

It Develops An Unpleasant Odour 

It starts with a slight nagging smell that emanates when you sit on the sofa. You are not completely sure if it is from the coffee that you split last week or some gravy, or it was a pet with a leaky bladder. The many liquids have moved into the trenches of the upholstery from last year’s get-together. 

As one of the most used pieces of furniture in a household, the sofa becomes a prime spot for eating and drinking. Such activity inevitably leads to spills time and again. No matter how deeply you clean the upholstery, it tends to absorb some of the liquid leading to a stale odour. Fabric sofas are particularly prone to holding odours. If an expert treatment can’t remove the unpleasant smell, you should consider changing your sofa. 

You Need A Change 

Your sofa has been around for so long that it is loitering in all of your childhood photos. You have been around the world twice, but the sofa has not left the living room even once. 

  • As with time, your aesthetics change, and you realise the old sofa does not fit well in the surroundings. It looks too bulky or large now that you have moved to a new place, or it might be just that you got tired looking at it. Changing the sofa just because your preferences have changed is a perfectly valid reason for replacement. 

  • Generally, a store-bought sofa has a lifespan of about 6 to 10 years, depending on the price you paid for it. A sofa’s lifespan is subject to the quality of materials used to build it and the frequency of use and abuse. If there are kids and pets in the household, the sofa tends to wear out sooner unless the upholstery is changed from time to time. Metal springs weaken over time, and the joints are not able to handle the weight anymore. Sofa starts creaking, and its repair costs more than a new sofa. You know it is time to replace the sofa. 

  • Vintage sofas made with good quality wood and woodwork can be used for generations with regular polishing and upkeep of the upholstery. It is rare to come across comfortable vintage sofas; if you have one, make sure you maintain it well. 

At HomeLane, our home interior experts work with many individuals and families. They know the importance of a sofa in any household and understand what qualities make a good sofa. So, if you are planning to change your old sofa, browse through our sofa offerings or drop us a line. We will have our experts get in touch with you soon. 

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