Do you have large empty walls in the house and are not sure how to make them look stylish? From DIY to simple tips that will save you from all the hassle, here are some décor solutions for your walls.

The size of the house does not matter when it is about decorating the walls. Apart from walls with windows, there are walls in the house that need the right décor. We know how tough it is to decorate a large empty wall. Should you place pictures on it, or should you add a large canvas to it? Well, whatever you choose to put on the wall, will make your house look complete.

If you do not know how to make your living wall or bedroom wall stand out, then we have you covered. Trust us; this is the most complicated area when it comes to designing a house.

Make It Your Gallery Area

What’s better than a collection of photographs (candid/personal/wildlife) to help decorate a large wall in the living room? A wall dedicated to family photos or specific art attracts your visitors and guests. It certainly stands out in the house. To add space to your room, ensure to take up the frames as high as the ceiling. Do not go for fancy photo frames. Vintage or a simple wood frame would work wonders.

Giving the Wall the Love of Art

To make an empty wall look more appealing, add a large piece of art to it. From a famous painting to a still scene of your favourite play (Shakespear and Leo Tolstoy), drawings on a large canvas can make your wall look breathtaking. Imagine a plain background and an eye-catching giant piece of art. Your home will look amazing!

A Wall with an Abstract Painting

With brush strokes and paint, there are artists in the world that give meaning to the beauty and chaos of life. And some people understand the deep meaning of such paintings to showcase them in their houses. What better than to decorate a large empty wall with such a stunning masterpiece!

Let the Mirror Do the Talking

Today, to enhance the look of an empty wall, there are mirrors available in various geometric designs. Mirrors tend to add light and space to a place. Therefore, going for something vintage or unique while selecting that kind of mirror should add beauty to your living room, guest room, or bedroom. For a living room, placing an ornate mirror on a wall will add to the aesthetic of your interiors.

The Magic of Shelves

In reality, to give the right space to your imagination, shelves are a wonderful option to give the plain boring wall a great look. From clocks to books to vases, these shelves are a win-win to decorate a large wall. However, remember to keep it minimal. A lot on these shelves will make them look cluttered.

Add the Tinge of Mural

To give your walls the richness it needs, try painting murals. If not paint, then you can always go for paper murals that can be hung easily. Apart from being pocket-friendly, these murals give the texture another level. Also, paper murals can be changed, modified, or replaced whenever you wish to do so. It is a perfect alternative for artefacts and showpieces.

Space to Keep the Books

Apart from a large television, empty walls can be used to showcase books with utmost style. The feeling of having your own library in the house and a perfect spot to display is a delight. Therefore, stop piling those amazing books into the study room. Display them in the living room to give your decor a unique edge.

Wallpapers are Fun

Frequently changing the design and texture of the walls is not easy. Why wait for five or ten years to give your walls the freshness they deserve in terms of style? Instead, go for wallpapers right away! They are readily available and replaceable. It is an economical option with more styling themes. From sceneries to floral to cartoon characters, there are a plethora of wallpaper choices you can scan from.

The Wall Indoor Garden

Limit the magic of flowers and greenery to the garden and outside the house no more. You can give your walls the magic they need by placing hanging plants and flowers on the walls. Isn’t it amazing how plants can add life to any room?

DIY Ideas for Empty Walls

  • The luxury of being creative while designing your house is blissful. To add this creativity to an empty wall, all you need is a collection of hats. Hang these classic hats with style on the plain wall. It gives the wall a much-needed stylish look.
  • To master the art of design and décor, especially in the kitchen or the dining area, placing plates on the wall is a jackpot. Nothing more significant than that can help your kitchen or dining room walls stand out.

Designing every corner of the house is not an easy job. From wall paint colour to carpet texture to placing things in an organised way, you need more than experience. HomeLane makes this job easier for house owners. With precision, creative understanding, design mastery, and décor apprehension, you get the best interior styling with HomeLane.

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