We all know that kitchen cabinet is the most important part of a kitchen. But there is one important thing without which the installation of kitchen cabinets is incomplete; the kitchen cabinet fillers. Many times we tend to overlook the minor details which are important while doing home interiors for our house.

Kitchen Cabinets Filler Strips:

Kitchen cabinet filler strips
Now, what are kitchen cabinet fillers? As the name suggests, these cabinet fillers are essential hardware which comes into use for filling in gaps or spaces between cabinets and walls or between two cabinets, in order to open your kitchen drawers and cabinet doors without any obstruction. Hence for the smooth functioning of the sliding of the drawers and the opening of the cabinets, you must keep a check on the cabinet filler strips.
There are 3 facts every house owner must know about kitchen cabinet fillers.

The material of the Kitchen Cabinet Fillers

The material of the cabinet strip should match the material of the kitchen cabinet shutters. Mostly the cabinet filler strips are made up of solid wood, particleboard, MDF or plywood. When you purchase cabinets or get it designed, do not forget to check the material of the strips. The colour of the strip should match the colour of the cabinet shutters. Fillers for wall cabinets have a different shape and fillers for counter cabinets have a separate shape and size.

kitchen cabinet fillers material

Shape and Size of Cabinet Fillers

The piece of cabinet filler has to be cut according to the size and shape.

cabinet fillers shape

The size can range between 1″ to 6″ in width and 30″ to 96″ in length. However, size and shape vary according to the size of the cabinets and the space left in between to fill.

Kitchen Cabinets Filler Installation

  • Firstly, the measurement of the gaps between the wall and the cabinets has to be taken both between the top and the bottom spaces and note it down.
  • The filler strips are then cut according to the measurements.
  • After the installation of the cabinets, a support strip is attached to the wall.
  • Holes are drilled into the strips and screws are used to place the fillers.
  • In the end, it is important to check whether an airtight sealing has been done or not.

Kitchen cabinet fillers are an integral part of the kitchen designing process. Hence, to avoid any kind of empty spaces and gaps, these cabinet fillers come into use. If you have a wider space between two cabinets or the wall and the cabinet, a filler cabinet can be designed according to the space available.

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