Kannada or Mangalorean architecture is fascinating and admirable and is compatible with the red-mudded state – Karnataka in India. The ‘Guthu mane’ is an unorthodox residential structure that is commonly found in Mangalore, Karnataka. Architects and designers have been stupefied by this architectural style which goes back to the age of ancestors. Can such a traditional structure be updated?

The traditional Guthu mane has distinctly modernised the stereotypical elements of this ancient structure. You can revamp, re-invent, modernise it, making it a present-day style for Karnataka home interiors. With dimensions such as extensive, far-reaching height, thatched inclined roof, open-spaced design and beautiful red Mangalorean tiles, you can experiment with the structure’s dimensions and the roof scale to give it tropical, Bali-like energy and feel, with the relatable features of the Guthu mane. A wonderful structure to witness, truly a sight for sore eyes. 


Merging the Old with the New – Karnataka Home Décor

  • Modern, new-age tropical homes in Mangalore are suggestive of Guthu mane, a classic Mangalorean home, with modernistic tweaks.
  • The revival of this traditional structure in a modern background is a central factor when working on the floor plan. Within this structure, elements like glass walls, terraces, rooms, wooden decks, landscape outdoors, French doors, water bodies, high-placed hanging tiled roofs can be incorporated.
  • The materials used in construction, such as Mangalore tiles, architectural glass and steel, Karkala stone, wood, brass, are in synchronicity with organic materials like wood and clay tiles. 

Chakrit Yenti 

Interior Highlights in a Karnataka-style House

  • In a traditional Guthu house, the main entrances usually have an elaborate and astounding wooden door and a Vakhil bench.
  • The open-spaced layout of the house has a design that is minimalist and makes way for one space to flow effortlessly into another while creating enlivened spaces – both public and private for the family.
  • The dimensional flow can be achieved by reducing wall separation, which enables cross-ventilation and light in the home.
  • The décor in the spaces can be adorned with potted plants, printed rugs, sculptures and some aesthetic furniture with vibrant upholstery, which lend warmth to the living area. Karnataka home interiors have luminous, expansive, airy living spaces with well-designed landscaping for a tropical and modern appeal to the home. Such Karnataka home designs are harmonious. The used materials have an artistic appeal and regulate the temperature inside the humid and sweltering Mangalore weather. 

Earthy Elements in Karnataka Home

Traditional South Indian homes are a rare specimen and not so common, with high-rise apartments dominating the cityscape of India’s urban zones. South Indian tradition is very charming and something that Karnataka homeowners remember for a long, long time.

The fantastic elements of South Indian home décor like inclined tiled roofs of terracotta, spacious indoor courtyards, aesthetically carved pillars and doors, shining lamps and brass statues are a sight to behold.

The décor elements or pieces take inspiration from the ancient temples, be it items like brass lamps or carved pillars. In most Karnataka home designs, today also, one gets to see many of these elements due to the works of art passed down through generations. 


Lord Ganesha Idols

Next to the idols in the pooja room, an excellent way is to bring in a traditional feel, even in a contemporary house, and adorn it with statues of gods and goddesses. Usually, Ganesha statues are used apart from including aesthetics.

It is believed that Lord Ganesha helps us to get rid of obstacles and show us the path to success. In classic and old South Indian homes, a Ganesha statue is often placed near the house entrance.

This design can be utilised to produce a gorgeous feature wall in the entrance lobby of the house. If your home has no entrance lobby, the Ganesha statue can be placed on a shelf or foyer table.

Add Decor Piece That Adds Splendour

In ancient Shiva temples, the bull- Nandi’s statue would be aptly placed at the entrance. An unforgettable element to the entrance porch can be included by positioning a beautiful brass statue of Nandi. Other well-known god idols used as décor pieces are statues of Nataraj – or dancing Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. 

Sunil Onamkulam

Ancient Murals and Painting

Apart from this, adorning the walls with Tanjore murals or paintings with sequences from Hindu mythology are alternatives for inducing a traditional element to the indoor décor and are a part of the main entrance design in Karnataka homes. 

Claudine Van Massenhove

Carved Wooden Furniture

Classic old homes in Karnataka display stunning wooden furniture which is not as elaborately carved as those from North-Indian homes. They have a unique charm in their starkness. You will find furniture with low seating in popular South Indian interior design. These include wooden chairs, divans, and cane stools and seats. Most often, they are decorated with bright-coloured tiles or brass pieces. You will find identical pieces in antique shops or thrift stores. 

Flaunt Your Antique Pieces

There are many reasons why a person would opt to mingle the old with the new when talking about Karnataka home interiors. In a few cases, there may be a need to showcase an heirloom furniture piece passed down to generations or to flaunt love for antique pieces. Does it bring consistency to the décor, or does it stands out strikingly? This is something which should be considered. The key is not using more than a single piece, especially if it is a big one. It should be ensured that the antique piece’s wood matches other wood decors like wardrobes, units and cabinets.

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