Locked indoors on your birthday? Instead of blaming Covid-19 and wasting your time binge-watching series, jazz up your room to set a cool background for your virtual birthday party. Use home decor products, wall decorations, balloons, streamers, centrepieces, and banners to paint your room in celebration. Let’s check out a detailed description of the best way to host a grand virtual birthday party (the one that doesn’t seem forced). 

Decide Your Birthday Theme 

Themes add life to any simple birthday party with their sheer uniqueness. Give yourself a reason to dress-up by throwing a costume party. Some great ideas for a costume-centric theme would be Spooky, Princess, Royal, the 90s, 40s, only pyjama, Red and Blue, or cartoon characters. Depending on your theme, order your costume online well before the main day because deliveries could be delayed. Similarly, invite your friends well in advance to give them the time for preparations. 

birthday party on zoom

Check Inventory 

Is your kitchen stocked enough for the main day? Head on to your kitchen to check the groceries stocked up. If you’re planning to bake a cake or create a new recipe from scratch, ensure that your kitchen is well-stocked for it. Make a list of required items and go grocery shopping to avoid any complications. 

Don’t forget to check the supplies of party decorations in your storage as we are on the topic. Hosting a party without decorations will look dull and steal the event’s excitement just after the first few minutes. So, to keep the event going, supply your house with confetti, streamers, balloons, and glitter to decorate your room on the big day. 

simple birthday decoration at home

Order Desserts

Any birthday party is incomplete without a tray full of desserts. Plan your schedule a day before the birthday to prepare your favourite cake and desserts. If you’re ordering them from a store nearby, ask them to customize your cake with the details of your choice. They would feel personal, warm, and beautiful, especially when you would be missing your family and friends on the big day. 

zoom call birthday party

Schedule a Zoom Call Birthday Party

Setting up a Zoom call party is as easy as it gets. Within a few seconds of setup, you can smoothly connect with your friends and family who are far away from you on your birthday. Not just that, these settings can also be used for your next house party (if you plan it virtually). So, read the steps and implement them to set up a Zoom meeting. 

  • Download the Zoom app by visiting its official website. You can search for the download link on Google or any other search engine. 
  • When you open the app, login, or sign up. 
  • Once the basic process is done, you will see the welcome screen of the app. 
  • Select the ‘Schedule’ option in blue. 
  • Enter the topic as “(Your_name) Birthday Party.”
  • Set the date and time based on party time. 
  • Save your options and share the link of this meeting with your friends and family by pasting it on your digital invitation. 

online birthday party celebration

Send Digital Invitations for Birthday Party

Now that your other preparations are done, it’s time to create digital invitations! Remember that the theme of your party must reflect on the invitation. So, if your theme is colour-based (for instance, red, pink, blue, or white), then colour your digital invite’s background accordingly. Similarly, you can draw or insert cartoon characters on the invitations or some spooky characters to reflect your theme. If you have the basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, designing your PowerPoint invitation will be a good idea. You can also browse free online card maker software to get the work done in a few minutes. 

quarantine birthday party

Decorate Your Room 

Keeping your decoration clean and light is the key to get the best pictures. Birthday is just an excuse to redo your home interiors. HomeLane has a team of professional interior designers who can beautifully tweak or add lightings in your room, decor products like wall accents, and arrange the sound and music system to reflect the best image of your house for virtual parties. Some tips from the experts are highlighted in this section to show you how more impact can be made by doing less for your birthday party. 

birthday party in covid-19

Lights Decoration for Birthday

Get a floor lamp for the area near your sofa or office table where you’re planning to conduct your party. It looks classic and adds a positive vibe to the overall interior of your house. Fairy lights are inexpensive and easy to play around with, incorporating in your birthday decoration is sure to make your set up look adorable and bright. 

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Sound and Music 

Prepare your playlist of the party songs before the event and keep it ready. If you have an external sound system, keep your laptop or video calling device at least at a distance of 1.5 feet from it. 

online birthday party

Rearrange Your Furniture

Get the help of professional interior designers to make the best of the existing furniture while adding some glam to your new house on your birthday. The decorators at HomeLane will work exactly according to your brief to create a beautiful living space for you. 

birthday decoration ideas at home

HomeLane will surely cut your efforts and time dedicated to decorating in half. By rearranging or getting new furniture for your house, you can easily make your room great without having to spend a minute on its appearance. If you’re confused between any number of enticing options, contact an interior designer from HomeLane to help you with the house decoration. 

Sit back and relax until your house gets party-ready for your birthday. 

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