The world became a completely different space altogether with the breakout of the COVID-19 virus. Significant changes were observed post lockdown as the pandemic became a part of our daily life, severely affecting the lifestyles of people.

It has also changed the kitchen usage pattern of people. Experts believe that people will require more functional elements and organized pieces to keep up with the new restrictions. Kitchen designs in the post covid world will surely have a more open and airy layout with thoughtful use of space for storage and cooking.

Let us take a look at the modern trends and necessities of kitchens in a post-pandemic world.

Easy To Clean Surfaces and Antibacterial Laminates

Considering the current situation, it is obvious that people will look for safer alternatives. Surfaces made out of stone, glass, and laminates are usually maintenance-free. Modern kitchens mostly sport laminate covered cabinets, stone countertops, and composite materials on different surfaces of the kitchen. Additionally, manufacturers are coming up with antimicrobial ceramics for walls and floors.

Ventilated Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

Wicker baskets are no match to store vegetables. These baskets are perfectly suitable for storing raw fruits and vegetables that do not require refrigeration. However, homeowners are now opting for dedicated kitchen storage for drying and washing store-bought vegetables. Modern kitchens will have a more organized layout with the inclusion of this feature.

Open Kitchens

People are compelled to stay indoors in this pandemic-affected world; as a result, the activities in the kitchen have increased. Considering the compact dimensions of modern apartments, open kitchens are the perfect solution for modern times. Open kitchens facilitate both socializing in cooking with the necessary space for storage and dining.

Homeowners are now taking a minimalist approach in designing their kitchens. Besides, modular kitchens bring an extensive range of options as per the needs and interior styling.

Increased Storage Space

Homeowners are looking for a kitchen design that blends form and functionality. Manufacturers are closely studying the grocery shopping trends of their consumers to design kitchen storage solutions accordingly. Lockdown and travel restrictions have mended consumer behaviour and changed it significantly. Now, people have started purchasing higher volumes of products. Thus, maximizing storage capacity is necessary for keeping more stocks of grocery in the kitchen.

Pantry units and larders are becoming the standard choice for most homeowners. Usually, they have a lot of shelves with pull-out or sliding mechanisms for storing large volumes of groceries. This design is gaining huge popularity in the Indian market because of its efficiency.

Maximum Utilization of Internal Storage

The practice of bulk buying has increased, and people are having trouble managing their overflowing drawers and cabinets. Internal storage solutions can help solve this issue. Future kitchen design makes smart use of cabinet storage functions to keep all the accessories and groceries organized. Elements like Lemans corner, D-trays, blind units, and pull-out drawers can provide you with the much-needed space for managing overflowing stuff.

Appliances to Keep Food Items Fresh

Many people have started using appliances like fruit and vegetable cleaners. Some are also considering adding an extra refrigerator to make space for spare food items. As people are staying indoors and cooking a wide variety of dishes, keeping them fresh has become a major challenge. Homeowners are opting for kitchen designs that can accommodate multiple large appliances seamlessly.

Connected Tech

Households have started to keep their domestic help away due to the current circumstances. However, this has increased the use of appliances like dishwashers over the last year. Likewise, sanitization cases are also becoming a common kitchen appliance. People have started buying smart kitchen appliances and health security gadgets as per the directions of the ICMR.

The absence of domestic help is compelling people to look for a solution that can reduce the burden of everyday chores. Modern appliances prove to be a lot more efficient and convenient for managing errands. The trend of integrating appliances in contemporary kitchen design will rise as it reduces the dependency on domestic help. Likewise, the use of blenders and tractors has increased due to the absence of cooking maids.

Keeping Up With The Norms

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed our everyday practices in just a matter of months. As people started spending more time indoors, they eventually realized that certain things need to change to keep up with the current times.

Tiny apartments filled with everyday objects must vary according to the new norms. It’s not just about the kitchen, but every corner of the home needs some amount of tweaking. Open plan modern designs with clever storage spaces and raised countertops are the new trend.

The breakout of the coronavirus has significantly changed how kitchens were designed and built. Throughout the quarantine, people have paid more attention to the things that need to change or improve for more convenience and efficiency. Homeowners are now looking for new ways to reinvent their kitchen spaces that make maximum use of the available space.

Adoption of modern design themes and ideas is facilitating the inclusion of new appliances and cleaning devices in the kitchen space. Post-pandemic, multiple trends are to surface and change the way kitchen interiors are put together.

As we continue to adapt to the changes brought to our lives by the pandemic, we must also define our kitchen spaces for productivity, safety, and efficiency. The trends that we come across today will remain for years to come, even after the pandemic. HomeLane can assist you in creating the perfect kitchen design to suit your needs. Book a free consultation with our experts today.

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