If you’re looking to replace your front door but are stuck in the middle of the fibreglass vs wooden door debate, you’re not alone.

While both are excellent door materials, each choice has some pros and cons attached. So, when selecting your new door, it’s crucial to look deeper than just external appearances.

wood door vs fibreglass

Here are a few critical parameters to compare fibreglass vs wooden doors so you can make an informed choice.

Difference between Fiberglass and Wood Doors

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door: Aesthetics

The look and texture of genuine wooden doors are hard to beat. A wooden double door design is classic, elegant, and never goes out of style.

You can have wood carving designs for main doors made to your preferred style and measurement to give a custom touch to your entrance.

Though modern fibreglass doors offer appearances that closely mimic wood, they’re not quite the same. So, for purists who value aesthetics over everything else, wooden doors would be a natural choice.

wooden double door

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door: Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, fibreglass doors have a slight advantage over wooden ones.

The foam core of fibreglass doors insulates them, making them better at keeping the internal temperatures inside and external temperatures outside. So, choosing an energy-efficient fibre glass door design can help lower your energy bills.

energy-efficient fibreglass door

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door: Safety and Security

Keeping your family’s security in mind should be a top priority when comparing wood vs fibreglass front doors.

Properly installed fibreglass doors offer greater protection than most wooden doors. Though light in weight, fibreglass doors are extremely strong and sturdy.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, they don’t deteriorate from rot, providing a stronger hold for screws. You can further opt for fibreglass safety door designs with a multipoint locking system for a higher level of security.

fibreglass safety door designs

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door: Durability

Fibreglass beats wooden doors in this department as well.

Fibreglass doors are more resistant to sun exposure and harsh weather and are impervious to rotting, splitting, or peeling that occurs in wooden doors.

They also won’t swell, shrink or warp from heat or moisture content fluctuations. Hence, they often last longer than wooden doors.

durable fibreglass doors

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door:  Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance is another essential consideration in the fibre door vs wooden door debate.

Wooden doors have significantly more maintenance requirements than fibreglass ones. You’ll have to repaint, refinish and restain them every few years to keep them in the best shape.

Fibreglass doors, on the other hand, can last years with little to no maintenance.

low maintenance fibreglass doors

Fibreglass vs Wooden Door: Cost

When comparing wood doors vs fibreglass costs, the latter is more economical.

Even a simple panel door design is much more affordable in fibreglass than wood and ideal for buyers on a budget.

However, fibreglass materials are difficult to trim and adjust compared to wood. Hence, your options may be limited to the most common measurements.

economical fibreglass doors

Final Words

As you can tell, there’s no clear winner when it comes to the fibreglass vs wooden door debate. The right choice depends on your taste, budget, the climate you live in, and your commitment to regular maintenance.

Besides these, you can opt for designer options, such as a modern wooden jali door design or glass pooja room door design for the doors in other rooms of your house as well.

And if you’re working on home improvement and overwhelmed with the choices of doors, be sure to consult the design experts at HomeLane.

wood vs fibreglass front door


1. Which Is Better, Wood or Fiberglass?

Wooden doors are aesthetically appealing and easier to trim and customise. However, fibreglass doors are more energy efficient, economical, durable, and easy to maintain. So there’s no clear winner in the fibreglass vs wood debate. It depends on your taste and needs.

2. What Is the Difference between a Wood Door and a Fiberglass Door?

A fibreglass door is made of fibre-reinforced plastic using glass as a fibre, unlike wooden doors made from natural wood. Fibreglass doors are extremely strong and sturdy and are a good contender for front doors. They come in various designs to suit all tastes and budgets.

3. What Kind of Exterior Door Is Best?

While you can make any pick in the fibreglass door vs wooden door battle, always keep the security of your family in mind while choosing an external door. Apart from keeping you safe, a good exterior door should also protect you from outside elements and block heat and cold air from entering your home.

4. Do Fiberglass Doors Look Like Real Wood?

Many modern fibreglass doors closely mimic the look and feel of natural hardwood doors. Only a close inspection can tell the difference between them. So for those who love the look of wood but prefer a durable and easy-to-maintain door on a budget, a woodgrain fibreglass door is the best bet.

5. Which Type of Door Material Is Best?

Wood, fibreglass, and steel are the three most popular materials for doors in Indian homes. Each material has its own pros and cons. So it’s essential to carefully analyse each material, keeping your needs in mind before making a pick.

6. How Long Do Fiberglass Doors Last?

A fibreglass door can easily last for 15 to 20 years with little to no maintenance.

7. Are Solid Wood Doors Good for the Exterior?

Solid wood doors add style and character to your entrance. Since they’re heavy, they’re considered safe, though they may not be as energy efficient as fibreglass doors. Solid wood doors can also last for several years, provided you maintain them regularly.

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