We all love to decorate our homes with the latest interior trends, don’t we? Be it Pantone colour of the year or wall texture designs, we want everything to be fresh and trending. However, interior trends are volatile; they keep changing all the time. But there are some exceptions to this. Some trends tend to stay for a lot longer – so much so that they become annoying, monotonous, and even embarrassing. 

So, we only thought it was time someone highlighted a few of these trends so that people could move away from them as soon as possible. So, let us talk about 7 such trends that have been overdone over decades and are getting a bit difficult on the eyes now. Keep reading on! 

Faux Leather

Faux leather is usually used in furniture upholstery, sofa or loveseat, chairs, and even sectionals. However, it is nowhere close to real leather in terms of looks and feel. It is un-stretchable, and also fails to develop a patina and lustre like real leather.

But faux leather is durable – or so you would think. But it is not puncture-resistant and gets torn easily. So, we do understand the craze behind this trend. But if you want to give a sophisticated and luxurious look to your interiors, make sure you pick the real deal over the artificial stuff.

Brick Walls and Accent Walls

It is one of those trends that come and go frequently. Homeowners use brick walls to create contrast, warmth, texture, and a focal point in their homes. But unprofessional and low-quality work can give a messy look to the space.

Moreover, maintaining and treating accent walls is also a time as well as money-consuming task. There is no need to invest so much energy and time when you can create an equally stunning look with modern wall texture designs. So, it is high time to move on and try something new.

Too Much DIY

Do you like DIY projects, such as creating a custom dressing mirror, making a hand-painted wallpaper, and reupholstering the headboard? We all love them, because they are cost-effective and can give a ‘new’ look to your home. They also allow you to use your creativity and imagination to beautify your home.

They also happen to be affordable and can teach you a new skill. But, an excess of DIY in your home can get out of hand. Lack of symmetry, unfinished ends, and poorly chosen colours can ruin the entire look of the space. We just wish this ‘over-the-top DIY’ trend ends soon and we get back to professionals to get the best décor for our homes.

Boho-Chic Homes

It is high time we accept that boho-chic interiors are no longer a prominent interior trend. Homeowners now go for ultra-modern homes with a minimalist look. Seamless symmetry, mindfully picked patterns, and trending colours are the factors that impress them now.

Bohemian-style homes, on the other hand, lack structure and order. They are just carefree layers of patterns and colours. These things no longer make a home look chic and comfortable. So, for the homeowners who want a boho-chic home this year, it is time for a reality check.

Faux Plants and Mirrors

Faux plants do look beautiful and add panache to the space. But nothing can beat the warmth and freshness of original plants. Moreover, adding too many faux plants can leave things looking too plastic. 

Mirrors make a room look spacious by reflecting light. But using mirrors everywhere in your home can make it look like a mirror maze. There are a lot more ways to attain this look without mirrors. These trends have been quite overdone over decades, and we need to think beyond these for more thoughtfully done up interiors. 

Too Many Photo Frames on the Wall

Hanging too many photo frames on the wall was a trend that lasted for decades. But experts believe that this trend has been exaggerated for decades. Hanging too many photo frames on one wall creates a cluttered and messy look in the room. 

It also makes the space look smaller. Instead, placing a handful of artistic photo frames at a distance will create a more elegant and classy look. Give it a thought if you are still following this outdated photo frame trend.

Open Shelves

Open-shelving is so overdone in the 2000s. Open-shelved kitchens look more beautiful and manageable on social media than they do in real life. Having these open shelves is quite an impractical decision for the homeowners who are not willing to commit time to maintain and organise their expensive glassware all the time. Experts recommend going for covered shelves if you want to spare yourself the tedious task of spending hours curating and cleaning your kitchen items.

These are some of the exaggerated interior design trends that are no more helpful in ultra-modern homes. Experts recommend going for interior trends that will make your home look pleasing, welcoming, as well as functional. 

DIY projects are fine as a temporary phase. But for a more mature and professional look, trust the best in the industry. Enter HomeLane. We are a leading home interior brand that can save you from falling prey to these hackneyed trends and help you get the best looks for your interiors. Get in touch with us today for more details!


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