International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and if you need an extra reason to give a shout out to the amazing women in your life, here it is! Dedicated to celebrating the amazing achievements of women through the annals of history, this day also seeks to shine the spotlight on issues of gender disparity and women’s rights violations.

The very first IWD was held in 1909, and against all odds, women have indeed come a long way in the past century. The days when ‘feminine’ used to equate to fussy, frilly and pink are long gone. Today’s woman is bold and beautiful, an equal partner in all ways that matter, and is not afraid to show it.

Michelle Obama said, and I quote: “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” I couldn’t agree more.

As a strong and confident woman, your home interior should reflect just how awesome you are! Read on for some ideas to help you match your décor to your personality.

Be Yourself

You are who you are. You might be sassy and vibrant, or quiet and thoughtful. An introvert, or as outgoing as they come. You could be an artist and dreamer, or a logical mathematician who loves to crunch numbers. Or perhaps you’re an architect, a writer or a super whiz homemaker. You live your life the way you want to, and you don’t let anyone dictate terms to you. Whatever your personality is, let it shine through in your home!

Your Physical and Mental Health Matters!

Fitness first is your mantra. Set aside some space for your treadmill, yoga mat and healing candles, and take time out to relax and slow down to the speed of life. Breathe deep and listen to some soft, tinkling music. If you have space, a home gym is a lovely addition to your home.

You are a Born Leader

Your work is your passion, and you are a born leader. Set aside a quiet corner in your home for a dedicated work office that is functional, organized and beautifully laid out. Do ensure you have everything you need to connect with your clients from across the world and make an impact in whatever it is that you do!

Reading is a much-loved hobby

When you’re taking a break from your hectic schedules, you love to zone out from the world and curl up with an intriguing book and a hot cup of chai. Pile your reading corner high with comfy cushions, and don’t forget to fill it up with ferns and fronds. If it’s not close to the window, make sure that you have a focused reading lamp so that you don’t strain your eyes!

You Cherish Family

Family and friends are very close to your heart, just as much as you are in theirs. Keep the memories alive by creating a gallery wall with pictures from every memorable event in your life. Mix and match framed portraits, holiday pictures, posters and little keepsakes and create a corner full of love.

You Believe in Yourself

You’re a strong woman who believes in herself. Let this reflect in your home. Make room for your hobbies and let your home tell the world who you are! If you’re an artist, hang up your pictures on the wall. Love to cook? Fill your home with the warm smells of home-cooked meals. Showcase the colours that you love, and work with the design themes that speak to you.

Sustainability is a Top Priority in All You Do

You’re smart enough to know that climate change is real, and sustainability is the way to go. Opt for organic fabrics and chemical-free practices in your home. Use LED lamps instead of halogen bulbs, and make sure that your faucets do not drip. Refuse, reuse and recycle products.

You Love Your Kids and Your Pets Too!

You’re a mom and your kids always come first. Your pets too! Your décor should be fuss-free and easy to clean so that you don’t need to worry about ice cream stains on the sofa or mud on the carpet. Use slipcovers if you have to, and opt for washable wall paints and easy-wipe furniture. If your little ones love to play inside the house, think of investing in fold-away beds and tables so that the floor is free for hands-on activities.

Travel is a Large Part of Your Life

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, travel has always been a large part of your life. Your suitcase is packed at a moment’s notice, and you love to be spontaneous! Pick up choice memorabilia from your travel sojourns and showcase them in your home. Tell your stories to the world through the quirky artefacts you pick up from all over the world.

You Remember to Set Aside Precious ‘Me’ Time!

At the end of a crazy day, you’ve got to remember to wind down and relax. Set up your own personal spa in your bathroom, with heated towels, soothing oils and scented candles. Relax into nothingness, and refresh and rejuvenate yourself in your own oasis of calm.

Today’s women are changing the world for the better, one step at a time.

This year, let’s #ChoosetoChallenge gender inequality in the world.

Let’s celebrate all women, regardless of who they are and what they do.

Let’s stand up for women’s rights everywhere.

From all of us at HomeLane, Happy Women’s Day to you and yours!

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