Your interior designer’s role is not just glamorous, creative and interesting, it is also a lot of hard work! So what all can your interior designer do for you?

Gather Interior Design Ideas and Needs

Interior designer job

Your interior designer will, first and foremost, lets you do the talking. It’s your home, and she will need to get all your inputs and ideas. Do let her know as much as possible about your lifestyle. What are the appliances you need to store in your kitchen? Do you entertain often? How do you like your clothes arranged- do you prefer to hang them, or stack them in neatly folded piles in the wardrobe? Do you need to store a lot of travel suitcases in the loft? Everything matters!

Measurements and Space Analysis

When visiting your home, she will get a feel of the space. What are the colours of the flooring and the walls? Is there enough natural light, and where does it fall? She will take measurements of the spaces, and will understand how the electrical and plumbing points are laid out. She will understand how best to configure your room layouts for optimal functionality and space utilization, while also considering how you will use the room based on the inputs you have already given.

Your designer will show you options.

You will get to see mock-up models in the showroom, or pictures of various options available. She will show you what kind of fittings you can opt for in the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, and advise you about the fixtures and finishes that will match your needs. Drawing from past experience, she will advise you as to what works well and what doesn’t. She will be well versed in current design trends and costs.

The conceptual design will be created.

Your designer will then work on developing designs according to your brief, ensuring that the options created are functional, aesthetic and appropriate for space. Based on your inputs, and also keeping your budget in mind, conceptual sketches will be drafted out in 2D and 3D using modelling software. These will be shared with you and your feedback will be evaluated. This stage may require a number of iterations before you are satisfied with all aspects of the proposed design.

You will receive a budgetary estimate.

The budget will be worked out showing material and finishing options, and you can finalize the fittings and fixtures that will suit your expectations. At all times, your designer will be available to answer doubts and listen to your ideas. Once you have decided exactly what your interior is going to be, you have to approve the final design and budget, sign the agreement and release the advance payment.

The work will commence in the factory, and on the site.

While your designs are under execution, your designer will act as a link between you and the workers (if required) and will make sure that the progress of the work is on time, without overriding the budget. The execution team will keep a close eye on the quality of materials and finishes. If any modifications are needed at the site, with respect to electrical or civil work, she has to coordinate with her team to make sure that things happen the right way.

Regular payments to be collected and disbursed.

You’re required to keep up your end of the agreement and make the required payments on schedule. That’s all you need to do, as your designer will take care of the rest! Her team will inspect and supervise the work of tradespeople to ensure that safety standards, quality of finishes, costs, and deadlines are met. Within the stipulated time frame, your designer will make sure that your project is completed to your satisfaction!

There’s a lot of talent, experience, and hard work that goes into making your interior as beautiful as it is functional. Your interior designer blends creative skills with technological know-how and the ability to organize work in a systematic manner. She has to ensure that your interior gets completed on time and within budget, and with the quality that you expect. 


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    saravana prabhu Reply

    well written please do post your site and client experience

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      Usha Balasubramanyan Reply

      Hi Saravana, please visit our website to check out the options we give and our past projects:

      You can book an appointment by calling us on 18001024663 or share your details like phone number, email id and city so that our team can get back to you at the earliest.

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