Debating whether you should pick a local carpenter or an interior design firm to build your furniture or modular kitchen? Your local carpenter can be a great option to handcraft furniture designs that you’d saved on Pinterest boards, or just visualized in your mind.

But with most carpenters, it’s easier said than done! Think about it – how many times have you actually got work done by carpenters without umpteen follow-up calls and visits?

If you want an end-to-end, hassle-free experience in designing your home, an established interior design firm like HomeLane is your safest bet. Here are 10 reasons why interior design firm, not the local carpenter

Guaranteed Delivery

Picture this – Your home is almost ready, and you’ve planned a house warming ceremony. It’s almost around the corner, but you still haven’t got your furniture ready! Not a situation you want to be in, right?

Some interior design firms work with a time guarantee. If they exceed it, they usually provide some compensation. For example, with HomeLane you get what you’re promised – beautiful home interiors within 45 days of finalising your interior designs, or we pay you to rent.

interior design firms

Large Pool of Design Experts

An established interior design firm has a large pool of design experts who can help you create the furniture of your choice. You won’t have to rack your brains about space planning, using space-saving furniture, or using the latest trends, colour schemes and materials. You’ll also get a professional assessment of your space with proper budget planning before starting any work. These knowledgeable design experts will go the mile to make your space complete in all aspects – functional, aesthetic, safe and good-looking.

interior experts

State-of-the-art Technology

Interior firms use the latest design technology to render different furniture ideas with rough conceptual drawings and 3D drawings. This makes it super easy for you to pick or eliminate them. This way you co-create your designs to ensure that you get only the perfect ones for your home.

Here’s how it usually works – designers create a digital 3D version of your floor plan incorporating furniture designs. The design evolves with each feedback that you give. You can also choose the materials, colours, sizes, and finishes of the furniture depending on which you get a quote.

digital 3D version plan

Resource Availability

A carpenter may be a sole operator or a team, but your work will be highly subject to his availability, with no guarantee of timelines. With a design house, you can rest assured of resource availability according to your convenience.

design house

Customized and Efficient Designs

The design process of a good firm takes into consideration your lifestyle, choices, budget, square footage and floor plan. For instance, you can personalize your wardrobe for your specific storage needs, and accessorize it to your taste. You can get cost-optimized, theme-based concept suggestions for your rooms including the kids’ space or your entertainment room. Or you can ask for only eco-friendly materials to make your furniture.

Kitchen interior Plan

A Variety of Design and Product Options

Apart from the most befitting designs for your lifestyle, you get to choose from the variety of brands that interior design firms usually partner with. You are exposed to the best quality products and materials for your modular kitchens, wardrobe and storage units, entertainment units, and so on.

Here’s another plus: A carpenter almost never gives a material warrantee, but some interior design firms do. They take ownership of any manufacturing defects.

plywood designs

Expertise in Handling Big Projects

The best credentials lie in the work already done. Experienced design houses would’ve completed many homes by now. They can handle large projects like furnishing an entire home quite easily.

Carpenters may be immaculate in their craftsmanship. But project management is not their strength.

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Quality of Workmanship

Interior design firms already have a chosen pool of carpenters and other handymen on board. They make sure to choose carpentry services of only qualified and experienced carpenters. Modular furniture is manufactured in factories, which promises accuracy and a high-quality finish.

Quality of Workmanship

Hassle-free Experience

To manage and coordinate the entire furniture making or renovation exercise can use up a lot of your time. Interior design companies take this headache away from you with structured processes to handle your furniture build end-to-end. They also have policies and fees documented which makes working with them very transparent.

Hassle-free Experience

Post-installation Service

This is a crucial differentiator between your local carpenter and a design firm. Most often, a carpenter is more worried about doing a good job, finishing it, and getting the payment.

But design firms take customer service many notches up. Many of them offer continuous support and services for 3-5 years.

interior design company

Your carpenter may have been your go-to person for furniture till now. But as you saw, the positives of hiring an interior design company far outweighs this. Remember to do a thorough research of their design portfolio, visit their experience centres if any, verify with references, get a few quotes, and choose one that suits your aesthetic.

Why not give an expert like HomeLane a try and experience it for yourself?

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