It’s no secret that a fresh splash of colour is the easiest and quickest way to infuse life into dated, mundane walls. But there is more to wall painting than applying a single uniform colour throughout.

The right colour pairing combined with a painter’s tap can quickly spice up your walls and turn them into a stunning focal point. Here are 11 quick and inexpensive wall paint design ideas with tape you can try yourself even if you’re not artistically inclined.

We’ll go from simple to complex designs based on the effort level required so you can make an informed choice.

simple wall design with tape

11 Creative Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape to Refresh Your Interiors

1. A Stunning Colour Block For Living Room

One of the easiest ways to add interest to your walls is to create a stunning colour block. You can use masking tapes to divide the walls into two or three sections and paint each in different colours. A combination of warm and cool tones works best for this paint design.

This simple wall design with tape is an excellent idea in open rooms. The vertical blocks divide the room into different sections without breaking up the space. Here, the lighter and darker shades of blue create a beautiful visual divide and separate the dining area from the lounge area.

stunning colour block

2. Create a Horizontal Divide

Creating a horizontal divide is similar to painting vertical colour blocks. The only difference is that the tape goes around the wall rather than up and down.

This wall paint design idea with tape has many benefits – it adds character to your walls and gives them a period feel while also making your narrow room look wider.

A darker shade in the lower half gives this bedroom a warm and cosy feel, while the upper half uses bright colours for a cheerful vibe.

creating a horizontal divide

3. Paint the Lower Half to Match the Floor

Are you looking for cool wall paint design ideas with tape? Here’s a nice one! The brown-yellowish tone of the floor is brought up to the walls to create a fun design in this neat little room.

The rest of the wall is painted in complementary blue colour. The bright colour combination makes the wall pop out, a charming wall paint idea for children’s bedroom design.

paint the lower half to match the floor

4. Minimalist Triangular Accent Make a Sophisticated Wall

This paint design idea will be ideal if you want a simple yet stunning accent wall. This wall paint design idea with tape is clean and simple yet has an artistic feel that makes the room unique from other rooms.

If you’re a minimalist by heart, you can use three neutral shades to create a sophisticated living room wall, as in the image. With this paint idea, you can incorporate other wall décor elements, such as a photo frame, without making the wall feel cluttered.

simple yet stunning accent wall.

5. Add Structure to Your Bedroom with Paint

Here’s another way to make an impact with masking tape. Mark an offbeat square section on your bedroom wall and paint it in another shade.

It’s a perfect way to add a little structure to a simple bedroom design. The image here uses shades of similar tones for a soft look.

You can also choose contrasting colours to create a more impactful wall paint design idea with tape.

add structure to the bedroom with paint

6. Paint a Half-Round Shape

Creating a circle or semi-circle on the wall is another trendy wall paint design idea with tape. The design is unique and easy to make at the same time.

First, decide how big you want the circle to be. Then draw an outline on the wall with a pencil and line it up with masking tape.

Now, you can paint the areas outside and inside the tape in two different colours. The bold combination of red and yellow is used in the image to create a captivating wall design.

circle or semi-circle on the wall

7. Paint the View in Different Colour

A pop of dark navy blue in the hallway gives a nice contrast to the relatively neutral colour combination in the bedroom.

While the bedroom is painted in two distinct colours using masking tape, a single solid colour adorns the hallway. This is one way of adding multiple colours to a room without overwhelming the space.

adding multiple colours to a room

8. Ombre for Artistic Walls

Ombre walls are currently the hottest trend in living room designs. You can give your living rooms an artistic twist by paintings your walls in an ombre fashion.

The good news is that this wall paint design idea with tape is easily achievable, and you can DIY it yourself. To achieve the ombre effect seen in the image, divide your walls into three sections using tape.

Start with the darkest colour at the top and let it slowly fade as you reach the middle section. The lower area should be the lightest. There, you have your trendy wall ready!

ombre for artistic walls

9. Colourful Geometry to Spark Up the Room

Here’s another easy wall paint design idea with tape that you can pull off without special artistic skill. Use painter’s tape to carve out several geometrical shapes on the wall and fill them with different colours.

The result will be a vibrant, charming and fun wall. For this wall paint design idea with tape to work, you’ll have to ensure a proper balance of bold and neutral colours.

This studio apartment uses playful colours and symmetric patterns to give its wall a unique flair. With such an interesting colour scheme, the wall will require no additional décor item.

geometrical shapes on the wall

10. Geometric Blocks for Stylish Bedrooms

If you’re looking for colourful bedroom designs that aren’t too loud, this geometric pattern may be the one for you. The asymmetrical patterns add texture to the wall, while the calming colours help you relax and unwind.

The best part is that you can add as many or as few patterns to this design. You can use this simple yet classy bedroom wall paint design idea with tape to bring your wall bedroom walls to life.

geometric blocks for stylish bedrooms

11. Subtle Diamonds Accentuate Your Living Room Design

A diamond pattern is another interesting paint idea you can DIY using tape. Diamonds create an enticing visual appeal in any room.

Large diamonds make striking focal points, while smaller ones add subtle hints of glamour to your walls. You can take this wall paint design idea with tape a notch higher by going for full-on argyle style, as in the image.

Just be warned that you’ll need lots of tapes to make this design.

diamond pattern


The above easy wall paint design ideas with tape testify to the fact that you need not burn your pockets or work your fingers to the bone to create attractive wall designs.

So go ahead and give your old lifeless walls the much-needed update. And if you need counselling or help at any step of your interior design journey, the design experts at HomeLane are just a click away!

easy wall paint design ideas


1. How do you paint with design and tape on the walls?

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to create eye-catching wall paint design ideas with tape:

  • Start by wiping the surface you want to tape. Let it dry before applying the tape.
  • Once the wall is clean and dry, apply masking tape in long strips. You can use your creativity and imagination to create patterns or choose a great one from the list above. Make sure you leave no gap for the paint to seep through.
  • Now press the tape to the surface to make sure it firmly sticks. Start painting each tape section.
  • Remove the masking tape once you are done painting. Don’t wait for the paint to dry before removing the mask, or you might peel off the paint along with the tape.
  • Enjoy your beautiful wall!

2. How do you paint a wall with masking tape?

There are many wall paint design ideas with tape that you can DIY. You can choose simple colour-blocking or horizontal divider ideas if you’re a minimalist.

If you’re looking to experiment a little, triangular accents, colourful geometry, or argyle-style painting could be other great options. Check out the content above for 12 inspiring masking tape wall paint design ideas with tape.

3. Which tape is used for painting on walls?

Masking tape and painter’s tape are two common tapes used for wall paint design ideas with tape. However, masking tapes have a strong and sticky adhesive that’s difficult to pull off (and may even leave residues at times).

On the other hand, painter’s tapes are easy to remove and don’t leave a residue. So it’s better to go for painter’s tape for a crisp, clean finish, though their cost is slightly higher.

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