Pooja rooms at homes are sanctums where you can peacefully pray, perform daily worship rituals, and connect with the divine. You will agree that this sacred space deserves an identity of its own. So, we have curated some of the most beautiful pooja shelf designs for your home shrine to make it serene. You can experiment with plenty of styles for a pooja room shelf design that will create a relaxing atmosphere and bring a peaceful ambience while adding grandeur to this sacred space.

wall mounted pooja shelf designs

Keep reading for beautiful pooja shelf designs!

7 Ways to Create Tranquil Pooja Shelf Designs

From modern to traditional to opulent, our Pooja shelves’ design ideas adorn and blend well with the rest of your home décor.

1. The Simplistic Elegance of Wooden Pooja Shelf Ideas

A simple and minimalist wooden pooja room shelf can be placed anywhere in the house, depending on the pooja room Vastu. The elegance and warmth of such pooja shelves design can be custom-made from various types of wood available in different colours and finishes.

Some popular wood varieties used for pooja shelf ideas include teak wood or mango wood. Based on Vastu Shastra, Sheesham wood or Rosewood is considered the most auspicious wood variety for Pooja shelves design. Wooden finishes like walnut veneer or Burma teak can also uplift the appearance.

2. The Serene Opulence of a Marble Pooja Shelf Design on Wall

The natural aesthetic of marble can add a certain grandeur to the tranquil space of a pooja room. It is a misconception that marble can only be used for countertops and traditional floors. However, marble has a timeless appeal with its unique and versatile character. You can accentuate the pooja shelves design with gold embossed intricate Indian patterns. These blend well with the pristine beauty of the dove white marble colour and make for statement pooja stand models.

You can make the entire pooja room shelf marble or introduce a white marble back wall with delicate gold carvings or a lattice screen. White marble backsplash customised with intricate gold embossed design with a mixture of green, yellow, and red colours is a remarkable design accent.

3. The Impressive Durability of Granite and Its Assortment of Designs

No other pooja room shelf design material is as durable as granite. The uses of granite are wonderfully diverse, and you can incorporate it in artful and creative ways for pooja shelves design. You can either create a beautiful granite pedestal, introduce a raised platform, or use it as a backdrop for the design on the wall. Besides, granite is easy to maintain, and you can retain its lustre by re-polishing it from time to time.

If you are opting for a living room wall-mounted pooja shelf, you may add a pair of granite elephants with intricate carvings. Elephants are commonly used as guards of the temples, but accessorising with such décor items also adds positive, auspicious vibrations and blends with the pooja shelf ideas in the living room.

4. The Rustic Charm of Intricate Jaali Panels for Pooja Room Shelf Design

The jaali screen has a unique old-school character. It creates interesting and beautiful patterns and shadows on the floors and the walls. A jaali panel also provides subtle lighting to the tranquil space of the pooja room. You can create an ethnic and sleek jaali pooja shelves design using an array of jaali panel materials like wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Stone, PVC sheets, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, etc.

A jaali panel can be used for wall-mounted pooja shelf designs as well. You can give your Pooja mandir more character and privacy if you have a living room wall-mounted pooja shelf with a semi-open jali partition or a shutter with a lattice screen. You can use it as a focal décor element by creating a jaali backdrop for a pooja shelf on the wall.

5. The Distinct Texture and Earthy Appeal of Natural Stone

Besides granite and marble, you can also use limestone, travertine, cuddapah, soapstone, slate stone, and sandstone for pooja shelves design. A stone’s natural patterns, textures and colours are great for creating accent walls and giving more dimension and depth to a space. In addition to their aesthetic value, they are also easy to maintain. You can use stone for the pooja shelf design on the wall or for wall cladding behind the shelf to give the Pooja space an intriguing and fresh appeal.

6. Get Creative with the Wallpaper for Pooja Shelf Design on Wall

You can accentuate the appearance of the pooja shelves design by decorating the back wall with floor-to-ceiling wallpapers. You can choose an array of wallpaper options. Wallpaper with traditional Indian motifs, stencil art or decal designs creates a statement pooja room shelf design. To create a distinctive appeal for the living room wall-mounted pooja shelf, you can choose a wallpaper that blends with the rest of the living room décor.

Things to Consider to Accentuate the Pooja Shelves Design

While considering pooja shelves design, you need to consider several factors such as the available space, the pooja room Vastu, the material for pooja room shelf design, etc. It can be challenging to balance maintaining the home mandir’s pristine and grand appearance while blending its design with the rest of the house décor. We have rounded up some important factors that you need to anticipate to accentuate the look of your home mandir; these include the following:pooja shelf design on wall

1. Look into the Pooja Room Vastu

It is believed that the northeast corner of the house is the preferred direction for the pooja room shelf; just like praying, one should face north or east. Ideally, you can create a pooja space design on the house’s eastern or northern side.

2. Decide on the Size of the Pooja Room Design

Creating a separate pooja room certainly has a charm. However, a dedicated corner of the house for wall-mounted pooja shelf designs or freestanding pooja rack designs can also heighten the appeal of this sacred space. You can use a separate area from the rest of the house to create a calm and serene space dedicated to the worship and pooja room.

3. Install Good Lighting for the Pooja Room Space

Recessed lighting in the ceiling creates an aesthetic spotlight for all mounted pooja stand designs. You can also use pendant lights to cast a more directed light on the pooja room shelf design. Tiny decorative lights also create interesting patterns on the floor or wall. Consider a crystal chandelier if you want to create a sense of opulence. Make sure you make a special place in the pooja shelves design for a diya lamp.

4. Use the Floor to Complete the Look

The floor of Indian Pooja rooms plays a crucial role as we generally tend to sit on the floor while performing the pooja or praying. The pooja room floor is one such element that allows you to experiment with colours and patterns creatively. Use marble inlay embedded with semi-precious stones or introduce colourful ceramic tiles with decorative porcelain patterns and motifs. These will add soothing and luxurious touches to the pooja shelves design.


From heightening the wall for wall-mounted pooja shelf designs to decorating the pooja shelves design with carvings and motifs or accessorising with prayer mats, thalis, temple bells, or copper flower baskets, we hope our guide has helped you!

living room wall mounted pooja shelf

To learn about more decor ideas and guides, HomeLane can help you create a soothing worship space that suits the decor style of your home interior.


1. Where Should a Pooja Shelf Be Placed?

As per the Pooja room Vastu, the most preferred direction for a mandir is the northeast corner of the house. The puja room shelf should ideally face north or east. For prayers also, this is the recommended direction. However, depending on your house plan, you can also create the Pooja room on the northern or eastern side of the house.

2. Which Material Is the Best for Pooja Shelves Design?

Sheesham wood, granite, and marble are some of the most popular materials used for Pooja shelves design. Opt for neutral colours for the Pooja room, like cream, white, or beige, to infuse warmth and maintain a soothing atmosphere. You can mix this neutral palette with brown shades of natural wood. To create a more luxurious appearance, you can use marble or granite to add touches of gold motifs or decals.

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