Traditional living rooms hold a unique appeal and sophistication. More so if they comprise Indian heritage elements. They narrate the culture through textures, colours, and rustic décor items. Their vibrant warmth is comforting to your guests, as are they fascinating. No matter how many décor trends come and go, a traditional living room never goes out of style.

If you plan to give a traditional touch to your living room, you have reached the right place. At Homelane, we’ve got some alluring traditional living room designs for you. So, without further ado, let us walk you through the ways to incorporate traditional design elements in your living room interiors.

traditional living room designs

Uncommon Upholstery

Indian fabrics are known for their vibrant colours and patterns. The innate charm and diversity of Indian prints add magic to your traditional interiors and can transform the energy of any space. Choosing earthy tones like rose madder, indigo, and mustard creates the perfect Indian living room interior design.

Choose from the following prints to ace the traditional look –

  • Warli of Maharashtra.

  • Sanganeri of Rajasthan.

  • Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Paisley or Mango print.

  • Dhurrie prints.

uncommon upholstery

Heritage Handicrafts and Handsome Home Décors

India is renowned internationally for its rich heritage and vibrant colours. Our expansive range of handicrafts and ethnic art forms are frequently bought by foreign tourists and even exported. You can accessorize your traditional living room with these celebrated elements to give a traditional touch to your interiors.

Here are some decor options for your traditional living room –

  • Tabletop Dhokra décor items.

  • Terracotta vases or horses.

  • Rajasthani umbrellas or turbans.

  • Embroidered floor rugs.

  • Brass oil lamps, Urulis, and metallic mirror frames.

  • Unfinished or unpainted wooden beams for a rustic living room interior design.

Mural Magic

Mural paintings on the wall complete a classical Indian living room look. Living room murals add beauty and colour to your home and life. More importantly, they add character and drama and spice things up.

Here are the top five mural recommendations for you:

  • Madhubani painting

  • Patachitra painting

  • Warli painting

  • Gond painting

  • Phad painting

mural magic

Flamboyant Furniture

Transform your modern living room into a traditional space by integrating it with exquisite vintage furniture. You will be pleasantly surprised by the instant change. It will definitely add an old-time flamboyance to the room.

Here are a few vintage furniture ideas to create a timeless look –

  • An antique sideboard or buffet.

  • Barcelona chairs.

  • Console chairs.

  • Curved Chaise lounge sofa or chairs.

  • Classical bamboo chairs or stools.

traditional furniture

Joyous Jhulas

Jhulas, or swings, are delightful additions to your traditional living room décor. They bring a time-honoured aura and personality to your living space. It is specifically pleasing to Homeowners who prefer to connect with their grassroots and childhood.

Here are some Jhula options to liven up your living room:

  • Classic wood and rope ensemble swing

  • Handwoven jute swing

  • Haveli metallic swing

  • Regal wooden swing

  • Sofa swing

traditional jhula

Traditional TV Unit

Television sets play a vital role in our Indian homes by bringing the family together. We have got you covered in that area too. A wooden, carved TV unit or an antique TV unit can add magic to the traditional living room of your home.

Here are some tips for creating the best look for a Traditional TV unit:

  • Go for a carved wooden one made of Teak or Sheesham.

  • Add wooden storage cabinets or shelves.

  • Create visual appeal by placing sculptures, candlesticks, and rustic terracotta vases.

  • Add texture with a mural painting or books.

traditional tv unit design

Blend Traditional and Contemporary Designs for a Modern Traditional Living Room

Last but not least – Designing a traditional living room doesn’t mean it should look outdated. Therefore, experts recommend blending traditional and modern living room interior design.

Here are a few fusion ideas for a modern traditional living room –

  • Heritage patterns in bold modern shapes.

  • An antique coffee table between contemporary seating arrangements.

  • Indian-style artwork in a modernist tone room.

  • A statement wall with unpolished red brick to blend Indianness with a modern layout room.

So, these were the top traditional living room ideas for you.

Designing a new traditional living room is not as strenuous as buying a home. Incorporate the tips in our article, and you will have an elegant living room interior design. For new homeowners who wish to have an Indian living room, interior design expert intervention is always a wise idea to get the best looks.

We at HomeLane, are here to help you find end-to-end interior solutions. Connect with us today or read our blogs to create the home of your dreams.


1. What is a traditional living room?

A traditional living room incorporates a style that is time immemorial. It creates a secure, homely feeling in the living room, where a guest steps in foremost when arriving at your home.

Traditional rooms have warm and welcoming colour themes, arty upholstery, and rustic accessories. Pick upholstery and curtains of earthy colours such as brown, yellow, and orange. Accessorize with carved wooden chests, footstools, and jharokhas. Add art by traditional artists as a finishing touch.

These ethnic touches bring grandeur to the space. The vibrancy of traditional Indian living rooms draws inspiration from the aesthetics of various Indian cultures. The opulence further creates a bold and dramatic effect.

2. What makes a room traditional?

India has a rich history behind its crafts and textiles from various regions. Indigenous products come with their unique look and identity. Drawing inspiration from myriads of Indian culture and traditions can make a room traditional.

You can add them in various forms, from art like sculptures or paintings to incorporating traditional prints in upholstery. Take a step further by picking traditional furniture, like wooden chests or sideboards. Jharokhas and Jhulas can even give the room a royal touch. These ethnic additions will bring the quintessential Indian aesthetic to your room and make it traditional.

3. How do you make a traditional living room look more modern?

Designing a living room with Indian themes imbued with modernity needs the right balance between the two design elements. A contemporary layout has clean lines, open space, and abundant natural light. To create a contrast with this modern aesthetic, you can use traditional items in moderation at strategic spots.

For example, you can juxtapose an antique coffee table with modern seating. You can tactically add handcrafted Indian furniture or Indian-style artwork too. Statement walls with unpolished red brick or exposed cement give your modernist space an Indian aesthetic look. Modern traditional living rooms draw inspiration from the cultural fusions of India to create a rustic and contemporary style.

4. What is traditional decorating style?

Traditional decorating style extensively uses classical and time-honoured design elements of Indian culture. You will find inclusions of ethnic hangings, embroidered rugs, sculptures, bells, and chandeliers. Home décor items can also include metal items made of copper, brass, or bronze. For example, metal framed mirrors, brass oil lamps, or Urulis create a festive Indian look. Upholsteries can be imbued with a traditional look if you go for fabrics with intricate prints like paisleys. Additions like a Jhoola can bring in an exotic touch. Vintage furniture can turn your space into a traditional, eclectic living room.

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