Staircase tile designs can breathe life into your living room or hallway by bringing a pop of colour or subdued design elements. Whether you live in a stylish villa, a contemporary bungalow, or a traditional home, modern stairs tiles can add a little bit of oomph to the space.

modern stairs tiles

In this blog, we will take you through 18 staircase tile design ideas that can enhance the decor in your home. Read on for some Pinterest-worthy ideas to redefine your staircase tile designs.

1. Classic Marble Staircase Tile Design for a Royal Look

marble staircase tileWith a stone base and marble overlay, this staircase appears solid and gives a regal feel to your home. It’s a good idea to match this home staircase tile design with marble floors for a holistic look in your living room interior design. Play with colour combinations like black and white or grey and beige to match the rest of the room.

For instance, if your floor tile design is black and white, consider opting for marble stairs designs for your home in the same colour combination. This dual-colour staircase tiles design combination gives an elegant touch without making it look overwhelming. Add a dash of greenery to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the decor.

2. Sophisticated Granite for a Minimalist Home

minimalist tile deaignA classic combination of simplicity with sophistication comes alive with this granite staircase. A neutral colour ensures that it blends in with the surroundings. Think plain light grey walls with dark grey light fixtures and some wrought iron furniture for stoic, minimalist interior decor. Granite also comes in various colours to match the rest of your living room design.

Granite staircase tiles designs can last a lifetime, so feel free to use them inside and outside your home. Another advantage of these staircase tiles designs is that they are easy to clean and repair whenever required. Remember to implement an anti-skid surface finish to minimize the risk of slips and falls.

3. Chic Panelled Wood Stairs

wood stairs tile

Here is another great example of an impactful idea for minimalist home stairs tiles design. If your interior décor reflects muted tones and uncluttered walls, wood-panelled stairs can incorporate a playful touch to the room. You can choose from a wide variety of staircase tiles designs to match the living room’s aesthetics. Match it with the furniture and window fittings to make it chic.

With this home staircase design, wrought iron bars work best for railings. This gives the room a more open and light while keeping the theme alive.

4. Go Old-School with Patterned Ceramic Stairs

patterned ceramic stairs

Ceramic tiles are making a comeback in interior decoration. Especially those with mismatched patterns like flowers and swirls. For people who want to infuse an old-school feel into their home décor, it is a good idea to go for patterned ceramic staircase tile designs.

These traditional pattern tiles exude warmth and comfort and add a touch of nostalgia to the room. Don’t hold back on experimenting with colours. Rust orange home stairs tiles with a floral pattern are soft on the eyes. Remember to match them with plain walls, so they don’t overwhelm the senses.

Ceramic tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor staircases. They are a delight to clean and maintain.

5. Heavy Duty Prints for Stairs

heavy duty prints tile

Experiment with some stark repetitive prints for the floor tiles and the wall to bring some classic, vintage feeling to your space. Since this print can be harsh on the eyes, keep the railing, doors and furniture as plain as possible.

Another way to reduce the jarring effect would be to use a plain marble overlay. This reduces the dizzying effect on the person walking up or down the stairs.

You can use the same pattern in your staircase tiles designs and side wall tiles to ensure a homogenous look but also, don’t be too shy to experiment with a combination of prints. As you can see in the picture, this décor idea brings the whole space alive without making it look chaotic.

6. Mosaic Stairs for a Dramatic Effect

mosaic stairs tile

If you’re searching for modern stairs tile designs for your pool, mosaics are a great choice to add a touch of drama. They are simple to execute and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of colours, so you have the freedom to play around with patterns and optical illusions.

You can also use different colours to demarcate areas like a bench or steps or differentiate between the shallow and deep end. Match the poolside furniture and towels with staircase tiles designs for a holistic look guaranteed to impress!

7. Liven Up with Colourful Stair Riser Tiles

stair riser tiles

The front steps of the house can set the tone for the decor and vibe of the entire home. You can give your front-line steps a new lease of life by opting for colourfully designed tiles combined with concrete or granite overlay.

Just like the image above, it’s easy to see how colourful stair risers make a statement and enhance the aesthetic of the staircase tiles designs and the entire entrance. You can follow the same pattern for the wall tiles and use the same colour palette for the front door and other decor elements. This makes the decor thematic instead of chaotic.

8. Jazz Up Your Stairs with Greecian Tile Designs

greecian tile designs

The right tiles can make or break the aesthetic of a home. They also reflect the homeowners’ personalities through their design choices, just like these Greecian-inspired tiles that transport you back to Santorini. The intricate patterns combined with plain overlays and white railings create a picture-perfect aesthetic.

This sophisticated style is soothing to the eyes and makes the staircase appear brighter. To lend a playful look, you can opt for these staircase tiles designs in a random mix of colours and patterns or keep some uniformity. You can choose to feature consistent patterns or mix and match them in alternate rows for a stunning look.

9. Trendy Side Wall Tiles

side wall tiles

An ordinary wooden staircase can look extraordinary simply by adding attractive side wall tile designs for your stairs. As shown in the picture, the mosaic-style side wall tiles add to the charm of the wooden staircase by introducing colour and breaking the monotony of a white wall.

The low height of the side wall tile set against the white walls helps to open up the space without looking too busy. Depending on your family’s requirements, you can add a simple metal railing to go with this design. Match the metal with the wall or the tiles, or keep it black for a contrasting look.

10. Warm Mediterranean Colours for Your Staircase

Mediterranean Colour Staircase

This Mediterranean colour theme will turn heads if you long to have eye-catching stairs in your home. Although it is usually combined with muted tones and plain furniture and wall design, don’t let that stop you from experimenting with bold patterns.

Minimal effort is needed to create a striking look by combining blue and white or other warm colours. This design can be combined with a marble overlay in a similar colour, so it looks cohesive. Match your outdoor and indoor tiles, so the theme carries on throughout the home.

Add Turkish rugs and blue ceramic vases to your living room; your guests will be gushing over your new home!

11. Classic Stairs with a Glossy Wood Finish

glossy wood finish staircase

If bold prints on stairs aren’t your thing, stick to classic colour combinations. This staircase tile design is timeless and easy to pair with other design elements in your living room. If you want your staircase tiles designs to be unassuming and not in your face, keep it minimal with a white cement base and glossy wood-finish overlay.

It adds a touch of luxury while retaining the simplicity of design. It makes a statement but quietly. Add a textured wallpaper that catches the eye. Match the floor with the railing, as shown in the picture. If the floor is marble, opt for a heavy wrought iron railing. Remember, classic design elements never go out of style.

12. Colour Block Staircase

block staircase

On the other hand, if you want to draw all the attention to your staircase, try this modern home staircase tile design. It is perfect for a studio apartment or small house with an open floor plan. These tiles make a statement and how. Think Gen Z, a modern and contemporary home full of self-expression. It helps to bring out the personality of the homeowners.

Keep the rest of the living room decor minimal. Match these stairs with plain white walls and furniture for a balanced look. Keep the wall art frames white too. Remember to add some texture to the steps to avoid slipping. Depending on the type of furniture, the railing can be wooden or metal in a neutral colour.

13. Textured Tiles for Stairs

staircase tiles designs

To eliminate slipping, these high-friction staircase tiles designs are safe. This texture can be created through concrete or using metal overlay. It might be challenging to clean and maintain these tiles, but their vibe is strong. Line up the hallway with black and white family photos or minimalist line art.

Classic metal furniture and plain walls will give a holistic look to your living room. When this staircase design is matched with the right furniture and wall design, everything fits together like a dream.

14. Dual-Toned Staircase with Carpet

dual-toned staircase

Consider adding a fitted carpet over marble or concrete tiles to lend a royal feeling to your staircase. Carpets help to retain warmth and uplift the entire space by breaking the monotony.

The carpet can be from the same colour palette as the stairs to give a thematic look or in a contrast colour, to catch the eye. Bold colours make the stairs easy to use. Make sure the carpet is fitted to the stairs. If it isn’t, there is a high risk of slipping.

15. Sleek Wood Finish

sleek wood finish staircase

We saved the best for last. Nothing screams opulence like clean, polished wooden floors. Add some wooden staircase tile designs to that, and you have a winning combination. These stairs can be paired with plain walls or printed wallpaper.

They can have a metal or wooden railing or none at all. The options are endless. Whether you want a modern, metallic aesthetic or a warm traditional style home, you can make a million combinations with wooden stairs.

Final Thoughts

staircase design

Now that you have 15 staircase tile designs, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back. HomeLane brings you many stylish design ideas and options to choose from. Feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance and help.


Q. Which tiles are best for a staircase?

Staircase tiles designs come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. You can select them based on the style best suits your style. But apart from looks, durability and safety must also be considered.

Your tiles need to be made of a material that can withstand wear and tear and prevent slipping. So, the best staircases tiles are sturdy materials that can last a long time.

Q. Are vitrified tiles good for the staircase?

Vitrified tiles are designed to be highly durable. They can withstand heavy daily use. These tiles offer high resistance to scratches, stains, discolouration, and water. They can easily last around 10 to 15 years. Another point to consider is that vitrified tiles come in anti-skid varieties. This is an extremely important factor to consider for staircase tiles designs.

Q. Can we put tiles on the staircase?

Staircases are one of the best places to decorate with tiles. Whether you have a large and luxurious house or a small and cosy apartment, don’t miss out on the chance to decorate your staircase. Since tiles come in all shapes, designs, colours, and materials, it is easy to revamp any staircase tiles designs with their help.

Q. Can I use granite for stairs?

Yes. Granite is a natural stone that can make an incredibly attractive cover for your stairs. Compared to marble, granite has a higher resistance to stains, offers great durability and can easily endure heavy foot traffic. Also, compared to marble, granite is a more economical choice.

Q. Which colour of granite is good for stairs, as per Vastu?

According to Vastu principles, the stairs inside a home must be covered in light and soothing colours. So, you can opt for beige, white, light grey, light brown and light blue, and neutral shades for your stairs.

While selecting granite for your staircase, look for soft hues. Vastu principles say that it is best to avoid using black and red granite for your stairs as they are believed to attract negative energy.

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