We all wish to have that one room in our home, which exemplifies our artistic virtuosity. The bedroom is one such place where we can fully unleash our creativity and rejig the entire bedroom design as per our desires.

While there are numerous approaches and ideas on how to decorate your bedroom, maintaining the tranquillity and zen-like ambience is of utmost importance. After all, the bedroom is one place where you let your hair down and unwind after a rigorous day. One theme that immediately comes to mind is oriental home décor.

Visually pleasing hues, natural elements, traditional artefacts from the Asian regions, et al. define the oriental home décor. Incorporating various such ideas will elevate the bedroom into a vividly beautiful yet serene corner of your house.

Let us take you through some of the incredible home décor ideas that are sure to transport you to an oriental style of living. Happy reading!

Oriental Style Bedroom design

Buddha Artefacts

The first image that crops up when you utter the word oriental is Buddha, right? Well, you have got this sorted already. Placing a Buddha statue or a figurehead, preferably in white, near the bed is said to bring about a flow of positive energy (or chi) into your life. 

As per Feng Shui, you can be assured of a calming influence and abundance of good fortune by placing the Buddha figurine as per the prescribed norms. 

Cane furniture

Add elements made of cane to your bedroom design.  You can either use furniture such as beds, ottoman, or chair or simply hang decorative wall pieces made of bamboo straws or cane. These elements will add a rustic charm to your bedroom’s overall look and feel without appearing too loud.

Bamboo Plants

Indoor plants are in vogue these days due to their inherent health and wellness benefits. Take it a notch higher by introducing bamboo plants in your bedroom. The long bamboo shoots lend a distinct character to the bedroom. As per Feng Shui, placing a bamboo plant is also considered to bring wealth, prosperity and fend off any evil effects.

Apart from the health and wealth benefits, bamboo plants are also easy to maintain. They require significantly less watering and retain their vitality throughout the year.

Artistic Rugs and Runners

Infuse a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your room by laying carpets and runners over the vacant floor. These artistic rugs complement the neutral tones of oriental décor and add a dash of vibrancy to the bedroom design. 

Choose rugs made of geometric or running designs to create visuals of a large space in your bedroom.

Wooden Panels on Bedroom Walls

The wall behind your bed is often painted in a bold shade, adorned with wallpaper, or kept in a plain vanilla style. How about adding an oriental twist to your wall?

Wooden panels are becoming an increasingly popular home décor option for layering the bland wall behind the bed. These wooden panels project an image of living in a wooden house made of bamboo and straws.

If you are in the mood for being extra-creative, fit concealed lights within the panels, and watch your creation come to life when you switch on the lights. The glow of the wooden texture will add an altogether new dimension to the look of your bedroom.

Asian style bedroom

Antique Oriental Tea Set

If you are a bed-tea person, an antique oriental tea set is the perfect thing you could gift yourself. Start your day feeling ‘oriental’ by sipping your hot brew from these oriental teacups. Rest assured, you will feel like staying in bed and enjoying this nirvana for a longer time.

When not in use, the oriental tea set can be used as a showpiece by placing it on a tabletop, or on top of any low height cupboard.

Asian Homes

Bright Coloured Cushions and Upholstery

If quirky is your mantra, get experimental with cushions and the upholstery in your bedroom. It is always appealing to introduce a sense of contrast in your bedroom design. While the rest of your oriental home décor will remain in neutral hues, you can play around with the cushions and upholstery.

Select colourful cushion covers and bedspreads with artisanal prints and behold the magic unravel in front of your eyes. The bedroom will spring to life instantly and provide the much-needed glamour without compromising on the overarching oriental theme.

Asian homes upholstery

Wall Tapestries

A wall tapestry is undoubtedly the piece de resistance of any oriental bedroom design. This element is bold and in-your-face, quite unlike the other items covered in our list. It will be the first element anyone will notice upon entering the bedroom. 

So, if you intend to be a tad adventurous, wall tapestries can be the ideal foil to your otherwise simplistic oriental home décor theme of the bedroom. When selecting a tapestry, just make sure that it is proportional to your wall dimensions and does not feel too big or too small in comparison.

wall tapestry designs

If you are searching for some breathtaking oriental home décor ideas, check out HomeLane. Our experts will take the best possible care of your requirements in a highly personalized manner. 

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