A master bedroom with a modular bedroom design is a favourite place at home as it emphasises the calm, luxury, and much-needed comfort in your home. 

A contemporary and luxurious modern master bedroom design makes the room fresh and changes it into an aesthetic space consisting of modular furniture and a neutral, muted colour palette or a bold pattern to reflect your personality.

master modern luxury bedroom design

Our hectic modern life is such that we’re short on time, constantly running around, tending to other people’s needs. There’s no “me time”, so let the small luxuries give you a retreat in the form of a “master suite” that reflects your personality.

Make some elementary but neat changes to your modern master bedroom design to maximise your space, and nail that glamorous vision that you can easily incorporate into your home interiors.

After all, the master bedroom is not just a sleeping retreat; it can be your cosy getaway, your favourite corner of the house, and a refuge.

luxury modern master bedroom design

Personalise your modern master bedroom design with limited decorations and natural materials. Sufficient natural light complemented by strategically placed lamps is an important master modern luxury bedroom design idea for this style.

There are a variety of ways to decorate a modern bedroom, ensemble a simple design, and keep it clutter-free, combined with interesting ways to bring out the best in a bedroom without compromising on appearance or functionality.

personalised modern master bedroom

Contemporary Elements and Features That You Can Add to Your Luxury Modern Master Bedroom Design

  • Go for Recessed lights concealed in the ceiling and give it a clean look.
  • Opt for coffered ceilings, materials like concrete walls, or geometric wallpapers to give an ultra-modern space to your room.

contemporary master bedroom design

  • Choose your bed carefully and position it well.
  • Add accessories like cushions, furniture cushions, flowy curtains, side tables, lamps, indoor plants, and modern lighting options.
  • Add accent pieces such as vintage coffee tables or sculptural decorative lamps to your modern master bedroom design.

decorative lamps for master bedroom

  • Go monochromatic with light hues, or add bold colours to offset the neutral feel of the room.
  • Colourful fabrics, bright artwork, or murals can enhance and complement the interior of a modern bedroom.

monochromatic master bedroom

Top 10 Master Bedroom Modern Bedroom Interior Designs

Here are some of the specially curated modern master bedroom designs, elements, themes, and ideas that you can use:

1. A Master Bedroom with a Designated Workspace

If you are a workaholic and love to spend ungodly hours enhancing your productivity while the whole house sleeps, you can sometimes get comfort by designating a working space adjacent to your master bedroom.

Create a look designed with optimal value and space attached to a wall with lighting that can enhance your work but not disturb anyone else. You can add an ergonomic chair and a spacious table as additional joinery or freestanding furniture.

You can further accessorise your working space to rejuvenate the environment and make it look luxurious and creative.

master bedroom with a designated workspace

2. Style a Wardrobe within Your Master Bedroom

One of the key features and elements you can incorporate in the master modern luxury bedroom design is the addition of a fancy closet with sliding doors for your clothes.

A wardrobe, which traditionally was a stand-alone piece that could be moved freely in space, is now part of integrated carpentry.

Typically placed against a wall, a contemporary wardrobe contains ample storage spaces normally reserved for dressers and other furniture and allows for vertical hanging.

This modern master bedroom design essentially eliminates several pieces of furniture and tidies up a room. The built-in wardrobe is a great way to create organised storage if your room is short on space.

wardrobe within master bedroom

3. Master Bedroom with an En-Suite Look

Lucky enough to have a lavish space for a married couple’s master bedroom design. Use a cabinetry-styled room divider to create a discreet, elegant seating space to create a tiny living area within your master bedroom.

In addition to suave furniture and stylish home decor, you can also add cabinets for larger items that don’t need to be displayed.

It is essential to treat them as one space, so choose complementary colours and finishes and similar materials whenever possible.

Choosing a complementary pattern helps divide rooms less obviously, allowing them to perform multiple functions or to adapt to an area of the room as your storage needs vary.

master bedroom with an en-suite look

4. A Personal Courtyard Attached to Your Master Bedroom

A modern master bedroom design looks extraordinarily rich and royal, with a private outdoor space separated from the rest of the house.

With sliding doors, you can let natural light into the space without compromising privacy, providing the perfect backdrop for a simple landscaped garden.

Spice up the look with exquisite and flowing curtains to keep the light out when you have that early morning sleep. Create this space with an impression that it has been expanded outwards by installing floor-to-ceiling doors or windows that gives prominence and a high aesthetic value to your bedroom.

courtyard attached to master bedroom

5. Minimalistic Yet Alluring Master Bedroom

If you are a little short on space, you can carve a fancy master bedroom but install the right modular bedroom designs and elements and make it ultra-modern and suave.

Large windows and a small dressing room spaced carved out can change the entire look and make your modern master bedroom design look rich and sophisticated.

Go for a queen-size bed and nightstand with lamps, a chest of drawers, and a side table with an upholstered chair. Include luxuries of built-in woodwork, an en-suite dressing area, and an outlook to open spaces to offer a serene space.

A place of rest, this master bedroom modern bedroom interior design reflects the individual personality of the owners and their vision of converting a minimalistic space into a stylish and decorative master bedroom.

minimalistic yet alluring master bedroom

6. Add the Warmth and Style of Woodwork

Nothing can bring more royalty, style, and warmth to your modern master bedroom design than contemporary woodwork.

Include reclaimed wooden cabinetry just behind the bed and make everything within your reach, giving a dynamic look to your master bedroom interiors.

A dark wood platform bed with an all-wood frame blends perfectly with the rest of the room and gives it a modular bedroom design and understated look.

reclaimed wooden cabinetry for bedroom

7. Accentuate Your Master Bedroom with an Open Walkway

If the furniture, décor, and master bedroom accessories are minimalistic, add a flair of open space, and inject some grace and glamour to your room with access to an open passage.

This modern master bedroom design will guarantee a transformation of your master bedroom into a 5-star hotel suite room.

Large windows, trending doors, smooth blinds, or curtains can keep the flow of air and light and give a unique freshness to your space.

This romantic modern luxury bed design also gives a wide space to feel the beauty of the cool breeze or just appreciate the sparkling stars and moon at night with your better half.

master bedroom with an open walkway

8. Go Aesthetic with Four-Poster Beds

Canopy or four-poster beds render warmth and privacy. These are traditional styles that never go out of trend. You need to give a high ceiling and keep the other pieces of furniture minimal to make the space look larger.

The bed, along with comfortable seating around it, gives shape to the room and adds opulence with this luxurious modern master bedroom design.

four-poster beds

9. Large Windows and Sleep Fittings Amp up the Glamour Quotient

Sleek fixtures, monochromatic palettes, and modular furniture are perfect aesthetic ideas for your modern master bedroom design.

Large windows across the bed and above it can add extra layout to your limited floor space and allow easy flow of air and light into your room.

large windows and sleep fittings

10. Master Bedroom with an Enchanting View

Wooden flooring, mirror art on the wall, minimalistic furniture, a double bed with bedside table and lamps, a padded seat, and a captivating look of the garden or the home exteriors adds immense luxury, just like that of a hotel room.

A combination of low, freestanding, and built-in cabinets works best with this floor plan, allowing you to take advantage of the view and rearrange the furniture.

master bedroom with an enchanting view


Your master bedroom is the most exquisite, most luxurious, and the true master of your home; you must make sure it is the most beautifully decorated space.

If you are looking for modern master bedroom designs, you have come to the right place -whether you want to give it a complete makeover or just give it some creative master modern luxury bedroom designs and styling ideas, you can use them to create your stunning interiors.

HomeLane can help you! The professionals and experienced experts can help you with the most brilliant ideas, so book your consultation today with HomeLane designers, or meet them in person to learn everything about quality interiors for your modern master bedroom design and home interiors!

creative master bedroom designs


1. How Can I Make My Master Bedroom Look Modern?

Here are some tips on how you can create a modular bedroom design:

  • Use light, neutral colours and make it look more spacious and open
  • Don’t ignore natural light, and have various sources covered with lavish and stylish curtains to give a modern touch to your master bedroom
  • Add some natural materials and opt for subtle accent colours
  • Keep your modern master bedroom design simple and minimalistic
  • Build an elegant bed and a feature wall
  • Choose the right furniture and match the hues and designs of your bedroom accessories with

2. How Can I Design My Master Bedroom?

When decorating or designing a bedroom, you must start from ceiling to wall – decorate in the right order. Begin by painting the ceiling, and then move on to the wall décor. Then consider designing windows, doors, and baseboards.

The final steps in your decorating guide are deciding on the furniture, accessories, and bedroom décor.

3. How to Make a Large Master Bedroom Look Comfortable and Cozy?

  • Add a touch of wood and create an ambience with lighting
  • Choose a dramatic bed and go for soothing colours and natural materials
  • Add rugs and cover the windows with lush curtains or blinds
  • Try and eradicate technology from the master bedroom and keep it in the living room
  • Go minimalistic

4. What Is the Preferred Size of a Master Bedroom?

The average size of a master bedroom ranges from 14 x 16 feet. It can be more spacious than that, but 224 square feet is a minimum. Make sure that the size is such that it easily fits a king or queen-size bed with plenty of closet space.

5. How Can I Make My Modern Master Bedroom Design Look Luxurious and Expensive?

  • Add a carpet to add texture and warmth
  • Adorn your master bedroom with exquisite pieces of art
  • Proper lighting or adding a royal chandelier can add luxury to your master bedroom
  • Focus on the statement pieces and update your hardware
  • Use fancy and rich beddings, quilts, sheets, and cushions, to add a royal touch to your bedroom

6. What Kind of Colors Can Make a Master Bedroom Look Bigger?

You can go for Light blue, which brings a soothing touch to any room. Cool grey, Powder pink, Lavender, and Light green are trending colours that can lend some space to your master bedroom.

7. What Are the Master Bedroom Modern Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes You Must Avoid?

  • Don’t go overboard with the colour of your master bedroom walls to make them look shocking.
  • Don’t place a carpet that doesn’t match or is too small or too huge
  • The bed shouldn’t be too big for your space
  • Your layout shouldn’t block natural light sources
  • Your furniture shouldn’t be uncoordinated with the décor
  • The bed is too low
  • There is a lack of storage, which can lead to clutter in the bedroom

8. What Kind of Furniture Can Be Placed in the Master Bedroom?

Essential bedroom furniture includes:

  • A comfortable bedframe along with a headboard
  • Bedside tables and a dresser
  • Storage benches or ottoman tables for ease, along with accent chairs for comfort and aesthetics

9. Where Should the Bed Be Placed in the Master Bedroom?

According to Vaastu Shastra, the bed should be placed on the southwest wall of the master room. The best way to sleep is to keep your head south, southeast or southwest. The bed shouldn’t point to the door.

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