When painting their rooms, contemporary homeowners are always mindful of colour ideas that can help them create a dreamy space. After all, who doesn’t want a happy and relaxed space that can lift their mood when you enter it at the end of a long, tiring day?

beautiful bedroom paint

And if you wish to have a modern bedroom revamp and are contemplating beautiful bedroom paint ideas for the makeover, we are here to help. From soothing wall painting ideas for bedrooms to bold room painting colour combinations, here is a list of trending room colours we have curated for you.

1. Create a Calming and Classic Green & White Bedroom

Room painting colour combinations like classic white and green sound brilliant for homeowners seeking a calm and tranquil space. The serenity of this colour combo can be further enhanced by decorating the space with beige or cream-coloured furniture.

This will let the colour combination stand out. You can add warm lights to illuminate the space and achieve a calming atmosphere.

room painting colour combinations

2. Stick to a Neutral Colour Scheme

The neutral colour palette never disappoints when it comes to calming and relaxed room paint color ideas. Paint your walls in neutral colours like white, brown, cream, beige, or black. 

If you have a white bedroom, you can add brown items to prevent it from looking clinical. Bring in lots of recycled materials to create an enriching space and make it homely.

room paint color ideas

3. Give Your Bedroom Green Bohemian Makeover

If you are someone who embraces creativity and unconventional items, a Bohemian bedroom paint design is the right pick for you. Add some woven materials to the room to achieve this grown-up scheme. 

Rattan or woven baskets, a wooden ladder, white pendant lights, a furry rug, and brown and marbled pots are some decor items to enhance this scheme effortlessly.

bedroom paint design

4. The Bold Navy & Grey Combo is a Class Apart!

If you are looking for bold two-color combinations for your room, navy and grey colours can clad your walls in a way to offer them a distant feel.

You can use this colour combination best by sprucing up your room with a space theme. 

two-color combinations

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with a Grey Room 

If you like achromatic grayscale shades, painting your bedroom walls with a deep grey is one of the best bedroom paint ideas. Both deep grey and light grey interiors are great choices for minimalists who want full aesthetic control. 

Rely on greenery and bring in some plants to balance the colour palette. You can also count on white or ivory decor to prevent the grey shade from overpowering. 

achromatic grayscale shades

6. Try Sage Green for a Trending Bedroom Paint Design

When it comes to trending room paint color ideas, sage green is having its moment. Count on this emerging trend and let your bedroom stay ahead of the curve. The colour will not only relax your mind instantly but also be an ideal link to the natural outdoor space.

For a serene vibe, add some brown-coloured items like wood and let them stand in contrast with the green to balance the whole look.

trending room paint color ideas

7. How about Getting a Bold Blue Bedroom?

Looking for beautiful bedroom paint ideas that you won’t regret afterwards? Choose to paint the bare walls of your room in vibrant shades of blue.

Pair it with minimal decor and contrasting wall art to make a stylish statement. Think of installing artwork and incorporating furniture in white hues that can stand perfectly in contrast with the bold blue colour.

beautiful bedroom paint ideas

8. Embrace the Beige 

Beige is making a huge comeback this year. Its warm, earthy tones complement most home spaces and pair well with most colours. If you want room paint ideas that involve two colours, try beige and white for a warm and minimalist space. For something intense and elegant, choose beige and emerald. 

You can opt for other room painting colour combinations: beige and olive green, beige and grey, beige and almond, and beige and mint. You can choose something like dusky pinks to bring some calmness to the area.

room paint ideas

9. Classy and Sassy Black

If you fancy the classic black shade, get the wall behind the headboard painted in this inky hue. Black is a stunning option as an accent wall in the room and accentuates a compact space. Using the shade liberally is even a good feng shui

Not just this! This inviting and elegant colour will also allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep by making you feel calm before bedtime. Let this bedroom paint design stand out by balancing it with browns and whites. You can bring in some greenery and use white bedding to make your room impossibly chic.

wall painting ideas for bedroom

10. Pretty Peach is a Fantastic Option for Modern Bedrooms

Peach stays at the forefront regarding comforting bedroom paint ideas and colours. A softer peach paired with blush tones can promote feelings of joy and warmth in no time. Try a soft shade of peach that’s lively and calming to create an inviting space. 

Balance the shade out with white bedding, lamps, artwork, and a rug. You can also get your creative juices flowing and count on DIY crafts made of white-coloured hues to create an interesting space.

wall painting ideas

11. A Minty Bedroom to Lure the Eyes!

A mint green colour can soothe a room like nothing else. If you are looking for happy colours for wall painting ideas for your bedroom, count on this organic shade that sparks serenity and joy.

Keep everything else white to make the space look modern and appealing. This bedroom paint design is perfect for your east-facing bedrooms as it will look different during sunset and sunrise.

bedroom wall painting ideas

12. Get a Fascinating Olive Green Bedroom

The olive green colour is soothing, uplifting, and an ideal option to consider if you want to add tranquillity to your room. The yellowish-green colour also symbolises peace and harmony.

If you are not fond of pastel or muted greens, don your walls in shades of mossy olive. You can combine it with gorgeous grey and white shades for a sophisticated look.

yellowish-green colour

13. Create a Bright and Airy Bedroom with Cream

The creamy colour is the perfect neutral to offer your room a cosy feel while being elegant and timeless. If you are not fond of dark shades, choose this pretty colour and combine it with beige and ivory shades. 

To add depth to a room and enhance the final look, you can add subtle shades of brown. Some other good cream colour wall paint combinations include cream and orange, cream and sage green, and cream and yellow.creamy colour bedroom

14. Make a Statement with Dark Grey and White Bedroom

Dark and deep shades of grey can add a sense of class to any space while lending a cosy feel. Dark grey walls can capture attention at a glance when combined with white bedding and upholstered furniture.

For an enthralling bedroom paint design and to make a statement, smartly use a mix of black, charcoal, light grey, and dark grey colours. You can install a metallic silver mirror over a cabinet and some warm lighting to settle down dark colours.

dark colours for bedroom

15. Combine a Light Grey Wall with White Room Interiors

You can’t beat a light grey and crisp white bedroom interior design. The colour combination has a little more edge and can make a space look vibrant while retaining a relaxing mood. 

If you have plenty of white in your room, add a light grey wall for a striking effect. Don’t forget to add some black furnishings to match the surroundings.

light grey wall ideas for bedroom

16. Classic All-White Bedroom

If you love to do the bare minimum, opt for evergreen and timeless all-white bedroom. Get all four walls and the ceiling painted in a crisp white shade. You can try white for the ceiling and off-white or ivory for the rest of the walls.

The classic white colour will give your room an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. Add some dark grey elements to prevent the room from becoming grandiose. This type of setting is great if you have a small window in your room.

classic all-white bedroom

Summing it Up

room paint color

When it comes to choosing beautiful bedroom paint ideas, you need to keep certain factors in mind, apart from your personal preferences. Some of the best wall painting ideas for a bedroom that is small are light and neutral colours like white, beige, cream, pastels, etc., which will make the space look bigger.

If your bedroom lacks natural light, you can count on warm whites, oranges, and yellows. For bright rooms, paint a wall opposite the window in a darker shade like grey, royal blue, or black.

We suggest seeking help from professionals like HomeLane for the best room paint color ideas for your space. They recommend the perfect bedroom interior design to create a dreamy space without costing you a fortune.


1. What is the best color for a bedroom?

The best colour for a bedroom depends on your choice alongside practical factors, such as the size of the room, lighting, and so on. Do you like dark and bold colour palettes or bedroom paint designs? Or do you want your room to be bright and cosy?

However, there are some general rules for selecting bedroom paint ideas. If your room is small, opt for light and neutral colours as they give the illusion of a bigger space. Add warm whites, oranges, and yellows if your bedroom lacks natural light. You can also paint the walls opposite windows in dark colours to absorb light in too-bright rooms.

2. Which paint is best for bedroom walls?

Bedrooms are low-impact areas that look great in almost all kinds of paint. You can use matte paint, satin, glossy, or sheen latex paint—whatever you fancy. However, if your bedroom walls have surface imperfections, you can mask them by opting for a matte finish.

Moreover, matte colours are ideal for ceilings and the main wall in the bedrooms. Satin finish paints with a bit more gloss than eggshell and can be used on bedroom doors, ceilings, and windows. If your room gets a lot of sunlight or you want to add dimension or detail to a room, you can choose high-gloss finishes.  

3. What colours are trending for bedrooms?

The bedroom colours and room painting colour combinations that are currently trending are blue, lilac, lavender, off-white, natural brown, warm red, and dark grey.

Darker colours like slate blue, royal purple, and deep black are becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms. You can also try colour combos like lavender and champagne, light grey and ivory, grey and green, and white and black.

4. What colors are relaxing for a bedroom?

Experts say blue bedrooms are great for sound and calm sleep at night. Having blue in your room can make you feel relaxed.

Other relaxing room paint colours include lush lavender, tranquil white, dusty pink, natural beige, pale orange, sage green, and natural orange. Try to stick with neutral or pastel shades since they can ease stress and create a soft, welcoming atmosphere.

5. What is the best combination of colors?

If you are looking for two color combinations for your bedroom walls, many options exist to create a comfortable and personalised space. Some of the best room painting colour combinations include brown and white, lavender and off-white, indigo and white, muted green and light brown, navy blue and grey, peach and white, cream and coral, and beige and burgundy, to name a few.

You can also try royal blue and red, yellow and lime green, red and aqua, blue and orange, and different shades of purple or grey, as they are fascinating colour combinations.

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