The kitchen is one of the most interesting places in a home; it is where all the magic happens. Not only cooking but socialising, spending some quality time together, and also creating memories are all destined to happen in the kitchen. In recent times, technological advancement and social dynamics have completely changed kitchen décor. Let’s have a look at some of the most important kitchen design trends in 2021:

Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Smart Kitchens

Smart Kitchens are new age, evolutionary kitchens. Motion detection sensors and one-touch functions are some of the latest technological advancements in the kitchen. In terms of modular kitchen designs in 2021, smart refrigerators that will alert you on food stock or food unfit for consumption will be seen. 

smart kitchen designs in 2021

Colours in the Kitchen

Finally, it’s time to welcome a colourful kitchen. One of the most popular kitchen designs in 2021 will be colourful cabinets. You can keep the kitchen walls in muted colours or white. Play around with some fun colours, prints, or textures on the kitchen cabinets. 

kitchen colours trends in 2021

Dual-Toned Kitchen

The latest trend in decor has two-toned kitchens. You can choose among a wide variety of marble and solid-coloured finishes. A blend of white textured tile and solid royal blue looks stunning. Go for matte finishes or elongated laminates to get a premium look. 

dual tone kitchen designs in 2021

Smart Storage

Having functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space is kitchen décor goals. Thus, it’s time to have a full-sized pantry wardrobe. Keep it functional by adding a cold storage facility, so that things stay in their best shape. 

modular kitchen trends in 2021
Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are the perfect conversation starters. Marble countertops are obviously in demand and trending. But if you want an alternative to marble, quartz countertops also look good. They are extremely long-lasting and easy on the pocket. And, of course, super easy to maintain. 

Clean-Lined Cabinets

Minimalism must be reflected in the kitchen too. If you have kitchen wallpaper or a loud colour, you need to sit back and rethink the kitchen cabinets. To avoid going overboard, go for a clean-lined cabinet. 


Multiple Layered Islands

A kitchen island will always be a part of kitchen designs in 2021. And why not? They are the perfect way to increase the storage area and look trendy at the same time. Try multi-layered kitchen islands so that you can cover the maximum area. 


Since all of us are getting more and more environmentally conscious, the same should reflect in our kitchen décor too. Try to have a maximum of indoor or hanging plants in your kitchen area. One of the most popular modular kitchens designs trends in 2021 will be energy-efficient windows. They are quite shiny and reflect maximum light, and thus, your kitchen will be a well-lit area. 

Solid Kitchen

Marble has always been an important material in the kitchen. But if marble is not your cup of tea, a backsplash can be a perfect choice. You can play with materials like metal in your kitchen. You can also go with environmentally friendly material like recycled granite, ice stone, alkemi recycled surfaces, Cambria non-porous stone surfaces and likewise. 

solid colour kitchen

Play with the Taps  

If your entire kitchen is simple and muted, you can add the element of character and glamour with the taps. Bring out your inner style diva with a shiny metallic tap or a glossy finish tap. You can choose among a huge variety of branded taps available. 

metallic tapes

Hidden Kitchen Appliances

One of the most important kitchens design trends in 2021 are hidden kitchen appliances. Open kitchen appliances can make the space look cluttered. To avoid this, hide the kitchen appliances behind the cabinets. This will keep the kitchen look uniform and classy.

Kitchen appliance

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen should never be overlooked. You can play with soft lights, spotlights, cabinet lights, and a lot more. Add a light that reflects your personality as well as serves the purpose. Rather than choosing any particular shade in the lighting department, go for earthy tones like brown and grey. 

kitchen lights trends

The above-mentioned points are some of the major kitchen design trends which should make their way into your home in 2021. Time to look forward to a modern, friendly, and functional kitchen! If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen or plan a completely new kitchen, you need an expert. 

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