“Mr Hunt, this isn’t mission difficult, it’s mission impossible”.

So spoke Anthony Hopkins to Tom Cruise in the M: I2 movie. The same one where Cruise climbed a sheer mountain cliff in stunning fashion and had a mission brief sent to him via a pair of Oakley Romeos. Wondering why we are talking of a 90s action hit on our blog? What interior décor tips could you possibly glean from Mr Hunt’s outrageous rock climbing tactics? Well, there is a good reason for this. For just like Hunt we have found our mission brief too, delivered through a pair of glasses. And the winner, in this case, is you!

Introducing Kaleido – The Augmented Reality Hero

If house hunting was a movie, then the main villain here would be the nefarious Mr Doubt. Walk into any showroom and you are greeted by a plethora of furniture options, wardrobe units, modular kitchens and a host of entertaining characters. Most of the times you are in the clutches of Doubt and second-guessing your every choice. We know how hard it is. Which is why we built our home design hero – Kaleido.

Kaleido’s superpower is that it can show you an amazing array of home décor options in a jiffy and without a fee. Say you are choosing a kitchen. With the Kaleido, you can change colours, shutter styles, flooring options, backsplash designs, etc. for your kitchen in real-time and see how the finished kitchen will look in 3D reality. This virtual reality software plugs into HomeLane’s vast home design catalogue and gives you a kaleidoscope of options (see what we did with the name there, eh?); so that you can select the look that works best for you. And all this, while wearing a pair of innocuous-looking glasses.

Stylish Oakley Romeos they may not be, but hey they work!

Kaleido And The Future Of 3D Home Design

The launch of the Kaleido has already stirred the home design and home interior market. And we sure have big plans for our pet project. Right now, it is a pair of glasses brought to your home by one of our sales team. But tomorrow, you would be able to walk into one of our virtual reality rooms in a mall and experience for yourself a life-size immersive interior decoration experience like never before. Instead of calling a dozen carpenters and chatting up with fifteen different interior designers, all you would need to do is prop a Kaleido headset on and see your dreams come alive. Literally!

Much has been talked about the merging of the real and the imaginary, and Kaleido our augmented reality tool does exactly that. It could probably even change the way we look at home design in India. The implications are immense and though we would love to talk more, some secrets need to be kept.

Because as Ethan Hunt says, if we told you where we were going, we wouldn’t be on a holiday!

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