Whether you’re building a new bathroom from scratch or recreating an existing space, floor tiles can make a world of difference to your bathroom:

If you are a newbie and have never gotten your bathroom floor tile makeover done, this handy guide will help you heaps. In this blog, we will outline some of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting a bathroom floor tile that is functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get to it right away.

Think Long and Hard About the Style You Want

The first logical step in the process is to understand the kind of bathroom floor tile style you want. You can go for neutral, monochrome tone bathroom floor tiles with a large rectangular-shape (as shown below):

This is a classic design that never goes out of style. It mimics a hotel-style design which is minimalistic in approach and execution. Here’s another example you can consider:

You can always add a pop of colour to the bathroom by using colourful and bold light fixtures, handles, and so on. You can also experiment with trendy bathroom storage cabinets to elevate the design.

If you want to go for something that’s entirely unique, we suggest going for a wooden bathroom floor tile as shown here in the image below:

Here’s another wood-inspired bathroom floor tile that can spark your creativity:

In terms of the most commonly used design themes, you can go for a hotel-styled theme or go the decorative route by integrating bohemian accents and designs.

Understand the Right Size of Bathroom Floor Tile to Use

The next crucial step is to understand the ideal size of your bathroom floor tile. If the space is small, go for larger floor tiles as it reduces wastage and makes the bathroom look spacious. Additionally, remember that larger bathroom floor tiles look more elegant than smaller floor tiles. Here’s an example of large-sized marble bathroom floor tiles:

If you have a relatively bigger bathroom space, it makes sense to go for smaller bathroom floor tiles, preferably in a geometric pattern to add layers of character to the space:

Put a Cap on the Number of Tile Styles You Choose

Whether you’re experimenting with the tile size, shape, or pattern, do not go overboard and choose multiple different style formats that can make the bathroom look rather chaotic and messy. For instance, in the following image, you’ll be able to see a maximum of three bathroom floor tiles, which is ideal:

Going beyond three design styles for the bathroom floor and walls can make it look like a jumbled mess with no sense of design harmony. All in all, when you are mixing and matching the floor and wall tiles, ensure that your bathroom is not looking too busy.

Pro tip: Before you start work, always choose the floor tile first and then match it with the wall tile.

Think About Creating a Balance in Design

Brainstorming on the kind of bathroom floor tile to use is one area where you can flex your creative muscle. You can experiment with unique floor tiles to make the shower space more inviting and welcoming. You can also go for the same type of bathroom floor and wall tiles to give it a cohesive, well-balanced look.

Consider the following image for some serious inspiration. We love the rustic-looking tiles that are perfectly paired with wooden storage cabinets:

The bathroom looks chic and formal, all at the same time!

Finally, Don’t Forget to Account for Maintenance

Bathroom floor tiles, like every other element within your bathroom, should be durable and functional. They should also be easy to maintain if you wish to prolong your tile’s longevity. So, when choosing the right kind of floor tile, don’t forget to understand how it should be cleaned and how to maintain the shine even months after installation. Take a look at the following image:

This master bathroom wouldn’t be half as charming if the tiles were not shining and were not maintained properly. Ideally, go for tiles with some texture that offer friction and anti-slip capabilities, particularly when it comes to floor tiles. If the tile texture on the floor is too grainy, it can become unpleasant to walk and even more difficult to get the dirt out.

There you go. As you might have guessed it, choosing the right kind of bathroom floor tile can be a rather tedious process. After all, there are thousands of options to choose from. Moreover, you need to account for critical parameters such as floor tile size, shape, pattern, colour, and so on:

So why not take the help of our design experts? They will guide you through the process and do all the designing (and worrying) so that you don’t have to. Get in touch with us at HomeLane today.

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