Looking for seating options for your living room refurbish? L-shaped sofas are incredibly versatile and can be easily adapted to suit any room setting or configuration. If your living room is on the smaller side, an L-shaped sofa will help to utilise the space well, providing the maximum seating in the space available. And if you have a spacious living room, an L-shaped sofa can be used as a centrepiece, with space all around for additional seats.

What’s more, L-shaped sectional sofas allow you to create your own configuration, and even move around separate sections to suit your convenience! This comes in very handy when you need to make room for unexpected visitors. Some sectional sofas can even be pulled out into a comfy bed for overnight guests. Or, they come with a matching ottoman and reclining backs that allow you to put your feet up and relax!

So now that you know why an L-shaped sofa is such a popular choice, let’s figure out how you can place this versatile couch in your living room! Here are some sensible layout options.

#1. Against one window, with the other side separating two functional areas

This designer has used the L-shaped sofa to cleverly delineate spaces, with one length against the window and the other separating the living and dining areas, facing the mantelpiece (in this case) and possibly the television. The colour-neutral carpet below the sofa serves to further define the seating area. This layout works well in an open-plan room and affords maximum functionality.

#2. With Neither Side Against a Wall, Defining a Television Corner in a Large Living Room

In this spacious, open plan home, the L-shaped sofa is placed so as to demarcate a family TV corner. A long counter and bookshelf against one side of the sofa are perfect for parking bowls of popcorn (or healthy snacks, as you will!) for binge-watch nights. This layout also creates an intimate corner for personal conversations—cozy and warm, it creates a sense of togetherness!

#3. One Side Backed Against a Wall, with a Smaller Ottoman Making the Second Side of the L

This design shows just an ottoman, which can be moved around, making up the second and smaller side of the L. The longer end is against the wall, like a regular couch.

#4. L-Shaped Sofas with Recliners at Both Ends

Here, with both ends featuring recliners, the sofa can be placed any which way and will still work well! In this room, the sofa is placed in the middle of one wall and away from both the window and the other wall.

#5. Floor Seating in an L-Shape

This lovely Zen-style seating area has floor cushions placed in an L on a raised platform that defines the conversation space. The cushions can be moved around to create different seating arrangements, or to create a larger circle for entertaining.

Here are some More L-Shaped Sofa Ideas!

Casual and chic at the same time, this neutral grey sofa offers a cozy corner for get togethers, with one corner opening out to a reclining space The single blue cushion adds a spot of bold colour. The perfect setting for an afternoon spent watching a nail-biting Cricket finale!

Beige is the perfect neutral for any space, and we love this comfy L-shaped sofa with an abundance of matching cushions. Here again, a few cushions in contrasting colours add visual contrast and a subtle pop of colour. Snuggle up with a glass of wine, turn down the lights, and get ready for a romantic evening date!

This sectional sofa, again in beige leatherette, has two Ls backed up against each other, forming U-shaped seating that maximises space utility. The space in the middle is just right for the centre table. Time to put your feet up and relax!

What should you keep in mind when decorating with an L-shaped sofa?

  • To create flexible seating, add an armchair that’s upholstered in the same colour or in a complementary shade. The armchair can be moved around to create a conversation corner. Mix and match solid and patterned cushions or upholstery in shades that go well together.
  • Position your coffee table in between the L, or opt to add a long console just behind one arm of the L to park coffee mugs or snacks.
  • Always opt for neutral coloured fabric, as an L shaped sofa that is done up in bold colours or funky patterns could feel overwhelming (unless that is the effect you are trying to create!)
  • Mix and match cushions or throw pillows in contrasting patterns, prints and textures to add depth and focus interest.
  • You can tie the look of your room together by matching the colours in the cushions with the curtains, rugs or other accessories in the room.
  • When choosing the sofa, consider the backrest as well. If one half has no back rest, it can be used as a recliner rather than for seating.
  • Always choose a sofa with a sturdy frame, soft and comfortable cushions and a durable finish. Pick upholstery carefully, ensuring that it suits your décor theme and colour preferences.
  • Always measure your living room before you make your sofa purchase. You don’t want to end up with a too-large sofa in a too-small space! You should also check to see whether a right-hand L-shaped sofa or a left-hand L-shaped sofa will suit your room layout better.

L-shaped sofas are a great value add for a contemporary home. For more design ideas, do visit your nearest HomeLane Experience Centre – our expert designers will be only too happy to help!

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