Window grills have been around for centuries. They have been used for many different purposes: from protecting homes to beautifying windows and even aiding ventilation.

Window grills are quite commonly seen across homes in India, in both apartments and bungalows.

grill paint colour

Although their main purpose is to protect, i.e., block intruders from coming in, they can be used to beautify your home as well. When grills are used in charming designs and patterns, they add to your home’s aesthetics and persona, both from the inside and out.

In this blog, we have shared some of the most popular styles of grill designs and colours. This comprehensive guide will aid you in making the right decision for your home. These layouts are a blend of styles that are both highly useful and stylish.

Traditional Window Grill Design

This window grill design is conventional and fairly common. It is also used as a base for most grill designs.

It has vertical and horizontal rods in a matrix pattern, creating small rectangular slits. The whole structure is fitted on the outside, and it rests on an extended window sill.

The grill colour is black in this design, but you can also use other grill colours. The crossing junctions of the metals are painted in white to give them a bead-like appearance.

colour for window grill

Traditional grills like these provide a sturdy and safe enclosing. This is beneficial when your home is on the ground floor with windows opening out onto the street.

The design below is a more refined version of the traditional grill. It has more ornamental elements that add a touch of class to the design. Unlike the grill shown above, this design is not made in a frame. But, it has individual metal bars that fit directly onto the wall.

If you wish to keep your grill design simple and functional, then these designs will fit your windows well.

grill colours

Window Grill Designs with Gardening Space

If you are a gardening enthusiast but have limited space for plants, then this grill design is for you. This style of grill design works well in apartments as well.

These grills jut out onto the outer wall, creating space at the bottom to keep potted plants. The shape of these grills usually creates a stylish structure, such as an extended box, a cylindrical arc, or even just an angled bottom.

It is important to make sure that you use inward-opening windows for these grills.

window grill designs

Not only do these grills help protect your home from birds/animals and intruders, but they also add a natural charm to your home. The added greenery creates a pleasing environment for the interior and exterior. The plants also help provide you with fresh oxygen on a daily basis.

inward-opening windows with grills

Radial Window Grill Design

Radial grill patterns are becoming fairly popular nowadays.

These grills have straight rods radiating outwards from a single point. This symbolises growth and expansion.

The installation of such grills can be customised and done in various ways. The height of the grill (distance from the wall) can be increased or decreased based on preference. It is also worth noting that a radial grill design is better fitted outside the window rather than inside.

The radial grill shown in the image is fitted as a frame on the window. The grill colour matches the exterior wall. It is also adorned by a creeper plant.

radial window grill design

Ornamental Design for Arched Windows

If you have arched windows in your home, you can use more sophisticated designs like the one shown above.

These designs are perfect for giving a regal look to your home. A lot of such designs can be found historically in palaces and places of worship. But they would not look out of place in a bungalow either.

ornamental design for arched windows

The fabrication cost of such designs will be significantly higher. You will also need skilled forgers who can handle such intricate designs. But the beauty of having these in your home will make it worth the price.

Here is another example of an arched window grill design. As shown below, these designs are perfect for larger windows.

arched window grill design

Elegant White Grill Design

White grills paired with white shutters or white curtains exude elegance.

White grill colours are a very common sight across homes, and for a good reason too. Neutral colours like white match almost all other colours. These grills can be paired with any window or curtain colour.

elegant white grill design

This design is an iteration of a traditional grill design. The simplicity of this particular design adds a warm feeling to the home’s interior and exterior.

An added advantage of this grill design is that it is quite budget-friendly.

A more basic form of this design with fewer rods allows for more light to pass through. Thus, illuminating the room with natural light.

white grill colours

Block-Shaped Grill with Patterned Glass Window

This particular grill design pairs a simple block-shaped grill with a mosaic-like patterned glass window.

The primary appeal of this particular pairing is the ‘dreamlike’ feeling it provides to the interiors. Especially when the light comes in from the outside. It also gives privacy to the inhabitants as the glass is translucent. Another aspect of this design is that the window is exterior to the grill, so this will require windows that open outside. The grill colour can be chosen based on the interior wall colour.

The only challenge you may face with this grill design is upkeep. Cleaning each section of the grill structure is likely to be a little tedious. But, since the grill is inside, just regular dusting will suffice.

block-shaped grill with patterned glass window

Lattice Grills

Lattice grills are mesh-like structures made with many metal rods welded together. These grills create small openings that are repeated throughout the structure.

These grills work really well in windy places. The multiple small openings break the flow of the wind and restrict airborne things (leaves, plastic bags, etc.) from coming into the room. The meshed layout is strengthened by the multiple metal rods used, thereby creating a strong structure that does not break easily.

A drawback of lattice grills is that they are not easy to clean. The multiple folds and nooks get filled with dust and dirt easily. A simple dusting of these grills will not work. They require water-based cleaning periodically.

lattice grills

Here is another example of a more stylish lattice grill. The individual segments of the grill are held together by small metal ringlets.

stylish lattice grill

Window Grill Colours and How to Choose Them


White is a traditional and safe colour for grills. It matches most interiors and exteriors. If you match white grills with a white window or exterior wall, the result will be a very pleasing design.

The only drawback of using a grill colour like white is that they get dirty very easily. To maintain their elegance, you will have to clean the grills regularly.

white window grill


Black is a very versatile colour and will work with walls and backdrops of any other colour. Most grills are black or darker shades of grey. Darker grill colours like black do not show dirt or dust that easily.

Here are some examples of black grills that blend perfectly with their surroundings.

darker window grill

darker grill colours


Blue is a very popular grill colour. Albeit a little flashy, pairing it with the right colours can make it look exquisite.

Here is a stylish blue-coloured, classical grill that uses a wooden frame. The window has the same colour, and the whole layout complements the wall colour.

blue grill colour

If you wish to decide your grill colour as per Vastu Shastra, blue would be a good choice. Blue represents contentment and devotion.

There are many shades of blue that can be applied to grills.

blue shades window grill


Red is a very bold colour in general. If you plan to paint your window grill red, make sure to pair it with neutral colours to create a balance. This will also make sure that the focus remains on the red grill.

As per Vastu, window grill colours that are red emanate passion, warmth and power to the inhabitants and the viewer.

The above image shows a simple patterned, red grill that adorns a window on a wall of white and red.

Bold grill colours like red are a sure way of catching everyone’s attention!

red window grill

How to Choose the Right Window Grill?

Here’s a brief list of things to consider while choosing or designing a window grill.

Material: Different materials have different attributes. Wrought iron grills are sturdier than most other materials. There are also many iron grill colour combinations available. Aluminium grills are rust-resistant and come in different metallic finishes. Stainless steel grills are inexpensive and require lesser maintenance. They can also be fabricated into different shapes and patterns.

It would also be wise to choose materials based on the prominent weather conditions of your city.

Colour: Choosing a specific colour is vital for the perfect look. The grill colour sets a particular tone for the exterior and even the interior of your home. Vastu-based colour combinations also have their specific benefits.

Pattern: The pattern of the grill should be decided based on the overall aesthetic of your interiors. Larger patterns allow for more light and wind to pass through them, while smaller patterns restrict both.

Another aspect to consider is if you have pets in your home. Choosing more close-knitted patterns will make sure that your pets do not get stuck or try to get out of the window.

Placement: Grills can either be placed inside the window or outside. If you have an iron grill and live in a place with frequent rains, it would make sense to install the grill inside so as to protect it from rusting. If you wish to keep potted plants on the grill, then install the grill on the outside.

We hope that this blog has helped make your decision to choose a window grill design easier. For expert assistance on all things interiors and to read more on home decor, such as living room interior design ideas, visit HomeLane.

window grill design


1. What Colour Is Best for a Grill?

Grill colours should be selected based on the window and wall colour. Another aspect to consider is the room’s interior theme.

As such, there are no limitations to which colour can be used to paint window grills. The best window grill paint colour is one which beautifies the interior and exterior both.

Some of the most common modern window grill colours used are black, silver, brown, blue and red.

2. Which Colour Is Best for the Grill Gate?

The grill colour on the gates needs to be functional and, at the same time, make a statement. The grill gate colour is supposed to match your home’s exterior colours.

Some common grill colours for gates are black, silver and white. They complement other colours quite well.

But do not let that stop you from experimenting with bolder colours. Red grill gates add a certain sophistication to your home. Other common door grill colours to consider are blue and yellow.

3. Which Colour Is Best for a Balcony Grill?

Balcony grills can follow the colour pattern of the other windows. Or, you may choose to add a dash of vibrant colours. This will require you to paint around the balcony. A little experimentation can help you find the perfect balcony grill colour combination for your home.

The most common colours for balcony grills are white, black, yellow and blue.

4. What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Grill?

The type of paint on a grill needs to be based on the grill material. Gloss enamel paint works really well on iron grills. It is durable, tough and stain-resistant. Aluminium grills require a special paint called aluminium paint. It provides a metallic finish to the grill colour and safeguards it against corrosion. Stainless steel grills work well with two-part epoxy paints.

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