Spring is in the air, and nature is rejoicing — with clear, cloudless blue skies, vibrant bouquets of flowers and lush green carpets of grass all around us. It’s time to freshen up your home décor, and give your rooms the prettiest makeover! The easiest way to do this is to rethink your colour palette, and pep it up with some invigorating spring freshness.

Ready to get started? We’ve curated our favourite warm-weather colour combos, to inspire you to usher in all the love and light of the season into your homes!

Burst of Joy

This gorgeous balcony can be your happy space—the one spot in the world where everything is just the way it should be! A riot of spring blooms in all shades of pink, red and violet invigorate and energize, and the lush greenery outside is the perfect backdrop.

Take time off for yourself and do what gives you joy! Read a book, write your blog, or just relax and let the world go by.

Golden Rays of Sunshine

When the sun is shining, cheery shades of yellow cannot be far behind! Yellow and white make an exuberant pairing in this little corner of your living room, with a medley of bright cushions adding a burst of sunshine to the space. The vanilla candles and bright yellow flowers keep the mood going.

White, grey or cream are perfect neutrals that help to spotlight bold spring colours, while toning down their intensity.

Opposites Attract!

If ever you’re in doubt, do use this simple rule of thumb—shades on the opposite ends of the colour wheel will always make for a bold, striking pairing! Prussian blue and chrome yellow spark a delightful narrative in this statement couch, and the art on the walls carry the conversation forward.

This living room packs a punch, amalgamating a medley of textures, bold colours and rich materials.

As Pretty as a Peach

Soft shades of peach and beige work beautifully well together to invoke a floral springtime mood. This lovely bedroom is done up in pastel shades, with peach as the dominant colour and undertones of beige and taupe mixed with cream.

Pretty ceramic pots filled to overflowing with delicate sprigs of flowers are evocative of the season.

Cool Refreshing Mint

Mint refreshes and rejuvenates, much like this cool, spring-fresh foyer that’s drenched in shades of mint. Graphic prints on the wall emphasize the colour palette and complement the theme beautifully. And as always, the palest of grey-white on the walls forms the perfect neutral backdrop to the whole picture.

We love the way the smooth and shaggy textures in the fabrics add depth and tone to the décor!

A bouquet of Hydrangeas

Nature always gets it right, and shows us how to pair colours right in this lovely arrangement of pink, blue and violet hydrangeas! You just can’t fail to make an impact if you pick the shades from this bouquet on your furnishings and wallpaper, and use a calming neutral backdrop to tie it all together.

Flowers are a quick way to uplift your décor. Accessorize with pots of sweet-smelling spring flowers in every room, and bring the outdoors into your home.

Say it with Cushions

Instead of doing a makeover of the entire room, try pepping up your couch with colourful throw pillows and cushions! Jewelled shades of magenta and yellow uplift the mood instantly, and the sunny yellow daffodils help to turn up the heat.

As we’ve always said, opposite shades in the colour spectrum do make for the boldest and most compelling pairings!

Blush and Ferns

The classic springtime pairing of pink and green enlivens the pale grey couch and adds airy freshness to this pretty space. Lush greenery and delicate roses exude springtime cheer and create a dreamy, romantic ambience.

‘As pretty as a picture’ just about sums up this very special space!

Some More Ideas for a Spring Décor Update

  • Springtime flowers don’t always need to be in vases. Try using delicately patterned floral wallpaper on an entire wall and do up the rest of the room in shades that match.
  • Just a few bunches of flowers can go a long way toward ushering in the springtime mood! Use broken mugs, brass urns or ceramic pots to add a special touch.
  • Give your upholstery an upgrade, with leafy or paisley prints that go with your springtime theme. Match them with raw silk cushions in hues picked out from the upholstery.
  • Transform your balconies and decks into a riot of flowers, and usher in easy-going outdoor lifestyles! Get the help of a landscape expert if you must.
  • Too many bold colours can be overwhelming, so tone down the brilliance with neutrals, and never use more than three strong shades in each room.
  • It doesn’t have to be all about flowers! You can dress up your dining table with baskets of colourful fruit too. Pineapples, mangoes and oranges infuse the air with the heady scents of citrus and nectar.

There’s no one who doesn’t love spring! And here’s a reminder: to help you along with your springtime upgrade, HomeLane’s creative designers are just a call away. Make a trip down to our Experience Centre, to find out how we can make your décor dreams come true!

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