Temples have always been an integral part of the culture and tradition of India. A pooja ghar at home reflects a synthesis of the arts, beliefs, values and way of life you and your family cherish. It’s the most important and sacred space of your home. While many homeowners are getting their homes designed in a contemporary minimalist style, most of us are still looking for a balance that blends pooja room Vastu with the modern architecture of their space.

If you are one among those homeowners looking for a trendy and traditional pooja room design for your home, let us help you to find the best pooja room MDF Jali design for the mandir in 2022. Here are 10 elegant mandir designs that you can use now.
elegant mdf jali designs

Modern 3D Jali Art on the Balcony

One of the best multifunctional, aesthetic and privacy ideas to develop a screen between your residential Pooja Ghar and the balcony is by installing a modern 3D jali art that goes well with both the interiors and the elevation. Overlapping MDF designs as a backdrop, which creates a fine screening between your pooja room and balcony, is a sight for sore eyes. This modern 3D Jali art between your two open spaces is ideal for modern elevations and interior designs. The MDF Jali design for the mandir will add grace and elegance to the interiors of your home.

modern 3d jali art on the balcony

Shree Yantra Jali

The best way to infuse traditional Indian interior style with your modern aesthetics, which also by the way goes well with Pooja room Vastu is working with religious yantra designs over jalis. This compact MDF Jali design for the mandir has Shree yantra Jali’s work as a focal art piece. This small pooja unit along with Shree yantra Jali’s design has an MDF display unit. It also has spotlights to make it the ideal spot for figurines of gods and goddesses. The wooden texture gives a beautiful backdrop for a framed monochrome picture of gods.

shree yantra jali

Ornamental Flora Jali

If you are one who loves to offer prayers to marble figurines of your gods and goddesses, how about having an ornamental Jali design that exudes a warm, inviting quality with its neutral all-white interiors? Ornamental designs are nature-inspired graphical designs, usually found as curving floral symbols, freehand swirls and other nature-picked elements. These nature-based art forms of design can be used in monotonous shapes or a variety of ornamental shapes clubbed together to create a new whole decorative MDF design for the mandir is created. As the design needs wider space for its detailing within the Jali design, this ornamental flora MDF Jali design for the mandir is ideal for a pooja ghar with ample floor space on which large groups can settle down and spend time in prayer.

ornamanetal flora jali

Fusion Jali Gate at Pooja Ghar Entrance

This is an inventive way to fashion your traditional values to the modern interior design of your home. The circular art forms originated from traditional rangoli kolam patterns that break down into full circular and semi-circular designs, with hanging bells on your pooja ghar gate as welcoming cosmic energies into your divine space. You can take the idea of blending modern with traditional MDF Jali design for the mandir from this design. You can also create your design by adding your favorite rangoli work to your pooja ghar gates while defining different experiences in one area.

fusion jali gate at pooja ghar

MDF Jali Stamped Over Concrete

Concrete is the raw material that enhances the minimalist tone, which adds to the sudden resurgence of any interior. MDF Jali design for the mandir stamped over concrete on the background with the soft, focused light from above envelops the idols and creates a peaceful ambiance. Subtly used colors harmonized with white cabinets, namokar mantra or rajasthani ornamental designs or any other traditional work in acrylic letters, and the use of wood in the gate also accentuates its overall design. You can curate your choice of MDF Jali design for the mandir or create the one from the picture above.

mdf jali stamped over concrete

Portable Standalone Furniture Piece

A dedicated standalone mandir built as a piece of furniture under a traditional arch with an MDF Jali pattern in white colour. This MDF Jali design for mandir could have rollers installed underneath to shift from one place to another if required. The arch-shaped design gives the warmth of traditional mandir architecture while diffuse light from the background throws soft illumination on the idols. This puja room MDF jali design for mandir will create an inside-outside connection and offer your home a cohesive wholesomeness.

portable standalone furniture

Kitchen Edition

A corner in the kitchen dedicated to worshipping, designed in a visually pleasing manner with an arch-shaped MDF Jali design for mandir. This modern kitchen temple design by MDF jali is the best option if you want to have a separate pooja ghar with a working kitchen island. The pattern is curated on the cabinet doors of the mandir, which helps your divine space stands out in creative splendor. The extended MDF design element in your kitchen will work functionally with storage drawers, prasadam stand and other utility cabinets. Probably the best muse to add interiors decor in your plain kitchen design through MDF design for the mandir.

mandir in kitchen corner

Muted Luxury Design

So you love luxurious interiors, but are not sure how to apply that in your pooja ghar? Well, let us help you. All classy homes have in common that particular aura. It’s the sophistication, elegance, detail, sense of proportion, and some distinctive feeling that makes living larger than life. Use this another interesting approach in styling your place of worship by designing a soft MDF Jali design for mandir with a lit-up mor pankh or flower background that provides an ethereal glow to this otherwise dimly lit pooja room. Repetitive patterned Jali work for the background of the mandir. Add a touch of highlighting finishes like copper, gold or bronze in your puja room MDF jali design for mandir. A good amount of dim lighting focuses on one point, which is ideal for concentrating while praying.

luxurious interior pooja designs

Cube Box

Do you love the idea of having a private room for your everyday prayer meeting? Well, this cube box design should be your first choice of MDF Jali design for mandirs. Peaceful and pristine, this offbeat modern MDF design, with carvings around the door frame, not only acts as a partition between your pooja ghar and other living areas but also oozes a positive vibe. As a multitasking fixture, this jali work allows you to block off outside connections while lending its design aesthetic to the rest of the décor. Paint it all white or create attraction with colors of your choice, this cube box puja room MDF jali design for mandir is surely a symbolic homage of your interiors.

cube box mandir designs

Hidden Prayer cabinet in the TV unit

Well, we understand that sometimes your small studio apartment may not be able to provide a dedicated area for a mandir in your home. Also, you might not have the option of designing the mandir of your choice within the kitchen area. No problem! We are here to suggest you some interesting ideas. You can have a separate wall-mounted temple or, like in the image above, create an MDF Jali design for the mandir prayer cabinet. Hire an interior designer or decorate it yourself, this cabinet design is easily manageable and fits best for rental properties.

tv unit prayer cabinet ideas


1. What is MDF jali design?

Medium-density fibreboard, popularly known as MDF is a well-known design product that is made by bonding together wood fibers with synthetic wax and resin. It is strong, smooth and affordable.

Deep-rooted in Indian architecture, Jalis are patterned perforations made in any kind of wall, door or partition, inside spaces or even on external walls. They are very popular in interior and exterior space designs.

Generally, MDF jali designs for mandirs are inspired by geometry or nature. In warm states or metro cities with limited home square feet, an MDF design for a mandir is used for ventilation and cooling, making the space visibly wide and welcoming. In interior designing of modern MDF Jali design for mandirs, they are used a lot as partitions or backdrops as well as decorative elements or accents.

2. Is MDF Jali durable?

Yes, MDF is a durable material. MDF is that interior material which can withstand changes in humidity and heat better than solid wood. Although MDF tends to be a lot stronger than it was many years ago, its strength is still no comparison to solid wood. If you have no specific preference and you’re just thinking about cost, then a modern MDF Jali design for the mandir is the winning choice.

3. What is the cost of MDF Jali?

MDF is generally cheaper than plywood. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors in the Indian market. The average market price of MDF Jali design in India is Rs 130 per square foot. Although depending upon your selected MDF Jali design for the mandir, its thickness, the length and width of the design, and shipping cost, the final cost may vary.

4. Is a border required for the MDF Jali design for the mandir?

Keeping a border for the MDF Jali is optional and is entirely up to you. A white color MDF Jali design for the mandir with a black border looks beautiful. This contrast is very popular these days. Contrasting colors always look beautiful.

However, any color contrast can be selected based on the color combination of the overall interior. You can keep MDF Jali design for the mandir without a dark border also if it matches the interior. It’s up to you. If you feel that white accumulates dust faster, you can use another light color also. White-blue or grey combinations are also very popular.

5. How to decide MDF Jali design for your mandir?

The first decision involves positioning. You could sit on the ground while seeking a spiritual connection with your god, or maybe you want your mandir to be on table height, which is the general preference of the elderly. Second, you need to determine how to blend your existing home interior with your MDF Jali design for the mandir.

6. How to decide MDF Jali design colors for your mandir?

While white, cream and bright shades of yellow and red are the first preferences of homeowners. Your color selection of MDF jali design for your mandir is directly related to the color shade that soothes your mind and soul. Following are some of the colors for pooja room MDF Jali design that beams with positive energy :

    1. Simple yellow: the color of the sun, signifies power, optimism and happiness.

    2. White : defines peace, purity and cleanliness which is no doubt essential for the pooja room.

    3. Vermillion: brings energy and represents excitement and enthusiasm.

    4. Green: the colour of nature, brings life, harmony and calmness to the pooja room.

    5. Orange: ensure a prosperous life for all the residents of the house as per vastu rules.

Our expert team at Homelane can be of service at times like these when you need a creative spark or a person to brainstorm designs with. Feel free to connect with our team of experts. The first consultancy is on us! Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our other articles and suggestions for MDF Jali designs for the mandir. Whether you’re designing a new home or renovating your existing one, have a look and don’t forget to share your opinion.

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