Wide open spaces may be calming for some people. But when it comes to a home, a lack of privacy can be a source of conflict rather than serenity. Whether you are living the city life in a small studio apartment or flat or residing in a big bungalow with large halls and basements, division is key. While most people put up walls to carve out divisions within rooms, many homeowners are giving MDF jali design for partitions a try. It is unique, easy to install and an affordable home interior design element.

MDF jali partitions are used in living room interiors to divide a large area into two and create the illusion of more space. They could be used to separate a seating or lounge area from your small modular kitchen or entry passage.

Let’s see how you can use these decorative MDF jali designs to add texture to your home decor by looking through them.

mdf jali design for partition

Geometrical Jali partition design

Geometrical MDF Jali partition designs are designs made from a collection of shapes repeated or altered to create a cohesive design. These Jali partition designs are ideal for modern and contemporary style buildings to add character and the element of layering to their interior spaces. You can include basic lines or add character with geometrical shapes like squares, circles or any polygon, these decorative MDF jali designs sure are a plus to your interior highlights.

geometrical jali partition design

Funky Free-Standing Jali Partition Design

Another creative way to use MDF Jali partition design is by curating a free-standing room divider, which can be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Such designs are majorly created for kids’ bedrooms, play areas or larger wardrobes in residential interiors. As you can see from the above image, this decorative MDF jali design cum room divider pattern lends a certain style of its own. You can have a traditional Indian room divider of full ornamental styling or a minimalistic home-shaped cutout for your kid’s bedroom, this MDF jali design for partition are never going to disappoint you.

funky free standing jali partition design

Multifunctional Jali Partition Design

One clever thing to do with a Jali partition design could be to use it as a multifunctional interior design element. In the image above, you can see how this decorative MDF jali design serves two purposes. It serves its main function as a room divider by separating the living room from the entrance and the rest of the residential space. Also, the MDF-made shoe cabinet or storage unit as shown in the picture is useful for mess-free interior design.

multi functional partitional design

Temple Jali Partition Design

Probably the only off-the-theme space to design in any Indian home is its temple area. This is the most loved space of Indian households which never goes fully modern! To mix the traditional needs with the contemporary interior design of your space, MDF Jali partition designs are the best. As you can see, to go along with the curated Ganpati figurine with a modern design, the material, color and pattern of the Jali have been carefully selected to match the vibes of both the religious corner of your space and the rest of your home interior. Use this image as inspiration or you can also pick out motifs, flora and fauna or other decorative MDF jali design elements of your choice.

jali partition design

Angular Jali Partition Design

Another way to add style through the Jali partition design is by going circular with the designs. A decorative MDF jali design adds an element of style and panache to the otherwise contemporary and simplistic living space with its colorful (or all-white) eclectic pattern. These ground-to-slab designs go well with any interior style. They serve as not only a partition but also merge well with the ceiling patterns. So, think about this factor the next time you are planning out your living space or choosing a Jali partition design.

angular jali partition design ideas

Eclectic Bathroom Jali Partition Design

We can get creative with Jali partition designs in bathrooms too! That’s right, take a look at this MDF Jali partition crafted in a free-hand style above 3 feet from the wet floor. You can go with simple shapes or a dual combination with glass on either side for easy cleaning. Doesn’t decorative MDF jali design add so much luxury and character to the bathroom by itself? Consider a combination style like this Jali partition design to add a wow factor to your decor.

bathroom jali partition design

The Welcoming Staircase

For the homeowners having their living room on the top floor, you can create a natural ambiance through your MDF Jali partition near the staircase. Adding a decorative MDF jali design to your staircase decor helps bring in an element of nature in a very simple yet smart way. The exquisitely crafted partition MDF jali design, as seen in the image above, has a welcoming, free and alternative design vibe to it.

welcoming staircase

Natural Jali Partition Design

For anyone who wants to add the unbeatable charm of nature to their home decor, this interesting Jali partition design is definitely a great source of inspiration. Crafted as a circular leaf in artistic form, this design is loved by people who want to have some non-rectangular, natural element in their home interiors. Decorative MDF jali design with the meticulous play of materials, colors and elements that transforms into a comfortable, functional yet stylish decor.

natural jali partition design

Jali Partition Design as the Dining Backrest

Made of MDF board, this Gatsby-inspired Jali partition is larger than life. Opt for this effect if you’re looking to create a lively, fun and glamorous atmosphere, and ensure you use similar design accents elsewhere in your dining area decor to create a seamless interior design. You can have one decorative MDF jali design as the only room divider between the kitchen and dining or use it as a backrest behind your large dining sofa.

dining backrest partition jali

Jali Partition Design for Corridor Glam-Up

If you are looking for a way to glam up your entire corridor, this Jali partition design, using a loud, 3D pattern material with beautiful lighting all around, will never fail you. Notice in the image above how the decorative spotlighting above on the design increases the glamour of this modern Jali partition and completely transforms your corridor space. If you want your walkway to look as elegant as an art gallery or an ornate hotel lobby, then an MDF, modern Jali partition design is the way to go!

corridor jali partition design

Chic Jali Partitions with Combination Design Patterns

Combine several patterns within one single decorative MDF jali design and try keeping the color choice limited. This particular style could make you a very chic Jali partition to go with a similar or contemporary overall home decor style. You could use it to contrast with darker color schemes or even within a singular color decor plan.

Other than what you see here in the picture, imagine this white decorative MDF jali for partition in a setting that is either monochromatic, white or multi-colored with white accents.

We have some very interesting ideas and examples below of how Jali partition designs can fit into living spaces. These ideas will inspire you when redesigning your existing living space or designing the interiors of your new home.

chic jali partition design

Sliding Jali Partitions Design

If you are looking at separating a larger space, like an entire living room area from a connecting passage, you may sometimes have to replace large walls. In this case, an MDF Jali partition can give you a flexible solution that is in between a wall and a partition. It makes for an elegant living room interior design.

Consider using multiple sliding partition doors that can be moved back and forth easily. If you’re having a party or have guests over, you can create more space by sliding the Jali partition doors open. When you don’t need the excess space and you want to create a more cozy look, go ahead and slide shut the Jali partition doors.

sliding jali partition design

TV Unit in MDF Jali Partition Designs

Yes, you can totally use a Jali partition as a TV backdrop element of interior decor. Here in this image, you see how the decorative MDF jali design forms a stunning background against the TV. This Jali partition design can be easily molded with respect to the style of your living room interiors. You can also get a movable TV unit if required.

tv unit mdf jali partition


Choosing the right MDF Jali partition design is not that hard at all! It is more about deciding your style, your budget, internal surrounding and functional usage (if any). A decorative MDF jali design would definitely lift your home interiors.

Our expert team at Homelane can be of service at times like these when you need a creative spark or a person to brainstorm designs with. Feel free to give us a call if you need us. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our other articles and suggestions for kitchens and living rooms if you’re designing a new home or renovating your existing one.


  1. What is MDF jali design?

    Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a well-known design product that is made of compressed wood fibers mixed with wax and resin. Decorative MDF jali for partitions is strong, smooth and affordable material used for room partitions. It has a variety of applications – decorative room partition, modular kitchens jali, lobby jali, cabinets jali, wardrobes jali, LED panels jali, bathroom vanity jali, exhibition stalls & display, automotive interior cladding & paneling, routed shutters for kitchens & wardrobes with membrane or polished surface, embossed panels cum grill for wall cladding, can be used in door manufacturing, high-quality 3D decorative MDF carved panel.

  2. What is the thickness of MDF jali?

    One size or style will never suit everyone. Knowing the fact, an MDF jali comes in a variety of thicknesses available: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. Unlike other traditional partition materials (like wood), MDF is less expensive, won’t warp, check or crack, and is easy to cut, drill into, file or paint.

  3. Which material is best for MDF jali ?

    There are two distinctive types of MDF available in the market. The most common is interior grade MDF. This is suitable for most internal applications of buildings where moisture is not a consideration. Another type of MDF is exterior grade MDF, which is used externally for building elevations or signage works. This decorative MDF jali design selection is to be made depending on your liking.

  4. Is MDF Jali durable ?

    Yes MDF jali is durable. MDF jali design for partition has strong screw holding, is moisture-proof, 0% latex content, environmentally friendly, low formaldehyde releasing, the partition surface is smooth, also, termite & borer resistant. Unlike other materials, the MDFJali divider satisfies direct users’ requirements, saving much processing cost. It’s versatile, elegant and oh-so-perfect for even the toughest design curves, which makes it an interior designer’s favorite partition choice.

  5. What material is used for house partitions?

    Several materials are used for house partitions today. It all depends on how you are sourcing them and what kind of design you have in mind. Jali partitions can be made of metal, wood, MDF, plastic and other materials. In some cases, a single material is used to make a Jali partition, while in others, a combination of materials, as mentioned in the above pointer, is used.

  6. How do I create a partition between the kitchen and living room?

    First, make sure you have arranged your furniture well. If you have a pre-designed living room and kitchen space, you might want to think about how much space you want to demarcate for each area and then proceed. Once you have decided how much space you want on either side, try and think about what kind of partition you want, such as a transparent one or a more opaque one. The larger or more opaque the partition design is, the more demarcated the space will become. Finally, choose the style and material of the partition.

  7. How do I create a budget to buy a Jali partition for my home?

    To create a budget to buy a Jali partition for your home, you must first decide what kind of partition you want in your space. Jali partitions come in several materials, designs and sizes. They are available at stores as ready-to-buy products and designs as well as custom-made by several companies and brands. It all depends on how you make your choice. Are you buying a Jali partition on your own or are you working with a design consultant who is going to help you make this decision? Based on all these factors. Jali partitions can cost any amount, and you can choose yours once you know or have seen what you want for your space.

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