A living room reflects a homeowner’s personality, and people invest a lot of time in the drawing-room. Therefore, it not only requires looking exotic, but it must be comfortable and functional. From overwhelming furniture and drapery to intriguing, furnished, and authentic appeal, drawing rooms have indeed come a long way. Mastering the artistic sensibility of the drawing-room can be a unique design challenge. However, HomeLane has rounded up the best drawing room design ideas for spaces of diversified drawing-room sizes and shapes to inspire your drawing room design aesthetics:

Rustic Drawing Room Décor 

Embrace nature-inspired drawing room designs featuring wooden decorative pieces, flooring, furniture, beams, and beyond to add a natural aesthetic flair to your drawing-room. To create a unique, rustic décor appeal, you can also experiment with Mahogany furniture’s texture combined with bamboo flooring or simply bamboo furniture.

Sustainable, flexible, stronger, and more durable than traditional wood furniture, bamboo furniture and flooring have been an integral part of houses since time immemorial; if you share a penchant for creating a rustic look, add colourful bamboo chairs in the shades of natural, earthy tones or a bamboo sofa to earn authentic compliments.

rustic drawing room decor

Minimalistic Drawing Room Décor 

Minimalism has emerged as a futuristic trend, be it home décor, clothing, accessory, or beyond. Especially a monochrome theme like an all-white drawing room space has been making a great buzz, off late.  But minimalism does not stand for monotonous. There are plenty of minimalist living room interior design ideas to add a touch of charm through potted greenery, decorative trays, complimentary wall art, wallpapers, and beyond.

minimalistic drawing room decor

Hotel-style Drawing Room Designs

What can be a better way to lead a life king size than embracing a hotel-style drawing room design with integrating drawing room design elements such as colourful light fixtures oozing eclectic vibes, streamlined shelves, exotic rugs, a comfortable couch, a minibar (this is optional) and an exquisite wall painting?

To bring a luxe-class feel to luxury hotels, you can incorporate a few foolproof hotel-inspired décor ideas to induce an exquisite sense of sheer indulgence and relaxation. From cushion-tight corner statement chairs to symmetry lighting, ideal complimenting artwork to metallic-finishing block-out curtains, regal chandeliers to unique lampshades meant to adorn each side of the sofa, create your magnificent heaven.

hotel style drawing room designs

Contemporary Drawing Room Décor 

The concept of contemporary drawing room designs is certainly ruling through the roost in the wake of apartment culture. This specific décor style’s key notion is to strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic sensibility. Add a touch of nostalgia to your drawing room décor space with an old-school, brick-inspired fireplace to add a touch of classiness. Add soft hues as the wall paint emphasizing natural lights and metallic accent-inspired furniture to curate a unique visual aura to your drawing space.

Suppose your drawing room design space is spacious. In that case, you can use elaborative details like adding a captivating coffee table, an armchair at the corner, and an extra velvet sofa to impart luxe sitting. Moreover, making a provision for a tiny bar station will surely be a no-brainer.

contemporary drawing room decor

Dramatic Drawing Room Décor

If you are fond of making a splash through your lifestyle, then dramatic drawing room designs will perfectly fit your bill. Ditch the soft hues for bright colours, such as inky blue. Integrate chic storage to accommodate beautiful artefacts and books or use it to conceal the overflow of knick-knacks.

You do not need to spend too much to revamp your drawing room décor. By adding little drawing-room design details, you can take the space from effortless to fabulous while entirely redesigning your drawing room. They may include an elegant chandelier, an unconventional mirror meant to transform your living room interior design, well-integrated LCD panels, low-furniture-like beanbags, coffee tables, tufted couches, and rugs and carpets to separate the different spaces for use and convenience.

dramatic drawing room décor

If you’re eager to learn more about vivid kinds of drawing room ideas, read on.

Functional and Elegant Living Room Interior Design

Space has emerged as the most challenging aspect of apartment living concepts. In this scenario, it becomes essential to save square footage sans seating area by utilizing dining chairs in the living space. Replace heavy curtains with sheer curtains to accentuate the natural lighting. This idea is perfect for a small living room interior design.

functional living room interior design

Drawing Room Design with a Mountain View

When layers of wooden marvels blend with calming hues, this drawing-room design idea concept is equal parts modern and sensible. Enchanting earth-tone chandeliers, minimalist curtains, wooden furniture, and a hint of greenery, when coming together, create nothing but a picture-perfect mountain view drawing room décor.

mountain view drawing room design

Craftsman Drawing Room Layout

A pattern-filled craftsman-styled drawing layout may still be a distant dream for many. However, the good news is that you can embrace this drawing room interior design idea even on a minimal budget if you have a decent living space. All you need is a blend of vintage patterns and fabrics combined with window treatments in striking complementary colours to add balance to the light-filled space.

craftsman drawing room layout

Country-Style Drawing Room Ideas

Empowered with woodsy drawing room design elements such as stone, cedar and oak, charcoal echo, and neutrals rust, let your country-style living room interiors reflect your elegant penchant.

country style drawing room ideas

Bohemian Drawing Room Designs

Grey walls, wood floors, and a neutral base combined with a kilim-covered sofa embracing mix-and-match throw pillows take your Bohemian love to the next level with such a picture-perfect Bohemian Drawing Room design idea Layout.

bohemian drawing room designs

Glamorous Modern Drawing Room Designs

If you love all things glam, you must embrace a stylish modern living room interior design. Layer textures, flamboyant conversation corners, an oversized rug to enrich the conversation space, and rich purple accents; the sky’s the limit when you strive to spruce up your living spaces with all things regal.

glamorous modern drawing room designs

Penthouse Drawing Room Designs

To make a statement out of your penthouse style, opt for smart drawing room designs with minimalistic paint hues to create an elegant appeal. To further add a touch of elegance, integrate a modern sofa in pastel hues and contemporary ceiling and floor lights. The key to achieving this contemporary living room interior design should be “Less is More”.

penthouse drawing room design ideas

A drawing room is the focal point of any house and acts as a naturally centred place. The above-mentioned drawing room design ideas unleashed by HomeLane are stretched in various styles and substrates meant to enable you to carve a unique ambience and feel.

However, in the pursuit of extracting the best out of your drawing space, ensure that the area’s friendliness and cosiness remain intact. For more ideas on drawing room designs, such as Indian living room interior design, head over to HomeLane.rustic drawing room decor


1. How Can I Decorate My Drawing Room?

When it comes to decor ideas for drawing room designs, there’s plenty of ground you can cover. Take inspiration from the following drawing room interior design ideas:

  • Go for a simple drawing room design that has a clean and logical layout. Your room design drawing must not be chaotic at any cost.
  • When creating a mood board, select a modern drawing room design with contemporary artwork, decor accents, and soft furnishings.
  • For ideas on small drawing room designs, focus on both functionality (in terms of storage) and aesthetics.
  • Choose the right colour palette for your drawing room interior. You can opt for neutral colours, a white and black setting, or choose bright, bold colours for a lively setting.

2. How Do You Style a Sitting Room?

Looking for drawing room ideas? Keep reading. Styling a sitting room requires creative conceptualisation. Here are a few strategies you can make your own:

  • Go for a mix of darker and lighter shades to create an illusionary effect and add a healthy contrast.
  • One of the tried-and-tested drawing room interior ideas is to go for contrasting neutral hues while adding some kind of texture design to the walls.
  • Be mindful of the layout and mix and match with the required upholstery.
  • Finally, remember that drawing room designs are all about acing the right kind of aesthetic style that makes sense within your home. Think about how you wish to use the room (for example, for reading, watching TV, entertaining guests, as a dining room, and more) and add accurate lighting as well as seating options.

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