Whether you live in a small apartment or a lavish bungalow, you will need storage space for all your stuff. And one room where it is hard to find some storage space is the bedroom. 

Have you run out of storage space in your bedroom? Then it is time to opt for some creative solutions. The thing is, while you want to store more, you also need to keep the space clean and relaxing. 

In this article, we offer 5 smart ways to increase storage space in your bedroom and reduce clutter.

Let us start!

Choose the Right Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the best space-saving furniture for bedroom use. You can create a walk-through wardrobe that will help you store a wide variety of items while keeping the area around the bed free from clutter. Moreover, choosing the right design and an eye-catching colour can add a luxurious touch to the bedroom.

Make sure to use the drawers in the wardrobe in the best possible manner to optimize storage space. Take some time to segregate your clothes and separate the smaller ones from the large ones. This will also give you the chance to dispose of any unnecessary piece of clothing.

Another great way is to add a loft to your wardrobe. These lofts can be used to store a wide variety of items that you do not need every day. It will help you free up the floor area.

Using the Space Under the Bed

It is a fact that in many homes, the space under the bed remains underutilized. In any bedroom, the largest piece of furniture is the bed itself. So choosing a bed with storage options makes a lot of sense. You can also keep storage containers with casters and a lid under the bed. Use a bed skirt to keep them out of sight.

If you do not want to buy a new bed with storage facilities, you can raise the height of your old bed and add wood or metal drawers below. If you are planning to buy a new bed, consider choosing a wall-mounted bed or a Murphy bed to clear up more floor space in the room.

Other than that, you can add slim storage units and shelves around the bed. These can go all the way up to the ceiling to accommodate a large number of drawers. With some innovative internal fittings, these can be the ideal storage spaces for a lot of stuff. 

Choose Multi-function Furniture

Space-saving furniture for the bedroom can come in many forms. You can use small storage cabinets instead of tables and wall cabinets instead of shelves. There are plenty of innovative space-maximizing solutions offered by interior designers. You can visit an online showroom to check the options that will match your bedroom design needs.

Another option is to opt for built-in shelving in suitable spaces. However, since open shelves need organizing and dusting, cabinets are a more practical choice.

You can also reduce the clutter by making different choices. For example, pick a small wall-mounted stand instead of a nightstand to clear floor space. Or, you can try using a floating desk.

Make Use of the Door

When it comes to creating some extra space for storing items, do not overlook the door. The back-of-the-door storage spaces are great for storing a few extra items. The best part is – they remain invisible as long as the door is open.

You can use hanger hooks that can be used to hang clothing, purses, and belts. This space can also be used to set up a magnetic whiteboard or a few pads of sticky notes. These can be used for keeping notes and track family appointments. A wire rack can be fixed to keep items of various sizes.

Hanging an over-the-door organizer with multiple pockets is also a good option. These pockets can be filled with miscellaneous items of daily use.

Note: It is best not to drill holes into a door with a hollow core. Instead, opt for over-the-door or self-adhesive options.

Think and Reorganize

Think about the items you need to keep in the bedroom and the items that can be stored elsewhere. For example, seasonal clothes, or books and magazines that you haven’t read in months. These can easily be shifted elsewhere to clear the existing space.

The point is, you need not sacrifice precious space to keep things where they belong. You can easily shift them to where they fit. A bit of extra effort is worth the extra space you create to clear the bedroom.

Also, make sure to balance the look by using mirrors, glass, and decent lighting. These items not only enhance the look but also create the illusion of extra space.

To sum up, a small bedroom does not have to be a storage nightmare. Using the right space-saving furniture for your bedroom and some innovative storage solutions, you can easily bring a big change in your bedroom’s look and feel.

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