Change can be as good as a holiday. And what better time to indulge in this thought than the year 2020, where change is pretty much the only holiday that is safe and possible. The pandemic has indeed taught us the importance and luxury of having a home for ourselves. Each space in a house feels all the more personal and special now. A little change can spruce up any space, and bring freshness to the area. A bathroom is one of those places that can be truly relaxing and calming if designed and decorated the right way. So if you have been thinking about transforming your bathroom into something new, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled some truly inspiring design ideas for your bathroom that you didn’t know you needed. With so many bathroom decor trends to choose from, there is surely one for everyone’s liking. Here are some of the promising bathroom design trends for 2021:

The Dark and Mysterious Matte Black

There is no denying that a rich touch of black elevates every design, and more so of a bathroom. The dark hue adds a tonne of luxury and class to the bathroom interior. If you are new to this bathroom decor trend, then you might worry about balancing the right amount of black in the interiors. Fortunately, there are many easy and minute ways in which you can add black to your bathroom. You can start with smaller details like mirror frames, faucets, curtains, or go bold with black flooring, bathtubs, and toilet seats. It is very easy to balance out black with neutral colours, whites, and metals since the dark shade goes with just about everything.

2021 design trends for Bathroom

Bring the Outside, Inside

The uplifting effects of nature on our senses are exemplary, so why not incorporate it in your bathroom as well? Adding a bit of foliage itself can add a tonne of life into your bathroom. A good amount of plants can also improve the air quality of the bathroom, which is surely an added benefit. Another way to connect with nature within your own bathroom is by adding views and landscaping elements. Yes, we are talking large windows that look into lush green foliage! If you are somewhat sceptical about using soft scaping elements like plants inside your bathroom, then you can try experimenting with hardscaping elements like gravel and stone. A light stone bed can add interest to the otherwise monotonous bathroom flooring.

trending bathroom designs in 2021

Earthy Tones with Wooden Elements

It is one of the bathroom design trends for 2021 that can be expected to stay forever! What is great is that with so many bathroom decor options available in wood, you can easily find the right fit for your bathroom. If you want to make slight changes to your bathroom, then you can easily incorporate elements like wooden framed mirrors, wooden shelves, trays, etc.

For a bolder intervention, one can even go for wood-clad walls, wooden vanities, etc. Wooden finishes add an earthy vibe to the bathroom interior and are naturally calming. This style can be coupled effectively with landscaping to have a fuller bathroom interior. Some creative ways to add wood into a bathroom interior can be by using blinds, shower mats, and bath accessories in timber.

modern bathroom designs in 2021

Statement Bathtubs

Statement Bathtubs could be by far the easiest of the bathroom design trends 2021. A bathtub in itself can instantly elevate the look and feel of any bathroom. Standalone bathtubs are bold, beautiful, and everything that your bathroom needs. You can install a bathtub in a variety of materials to suit your taste or the rest of the bathroom decor. For example, ceramic, fiberglass, and acrylic are some common, luxurious finishes available for a bathtub. It is the bathroom essential where you need not necessarily shy away from traditional designs. A classic bathtub can add a touch of vintage to your decor and will be something that you enjoy for a long time, even as the trends come and go as they do.

Double vanities

Getting a double vanity might be the most functional trend to adapt from the sea of bathroom decor trends that are now available. Double vanities are a great timesaver, especially in the morning, as they allow both partners to get ready simultaneously. However, before you decide on getting a double vanity for your bathroom, do consider the amount of space that it will take up. For a small bathroom, a double vanity might not be the best idea. In a situation of lack of space, it will only add to the inconvenience. But if you can afford the space, then double vanity adds a lot of oomph to any bathroom decor.

bathroom design trends 2021

Frameless Shower Frames

It is not just a trend; this is going to be the norm. Shower frames can add unnecessary congestion in bathroom decor, especially if they are small. A frameless shower partition will not only add class to your bathroom design but will also make it light, and look much more spacious. Its classy design makes any bathroom look instantly neater as well. If you are someone with a minimal taste, this little detail is definitely for you.

bathroom interior design trends in 2021

Aren’t all of these trends to die for? If these gorgeous bathroom design trends in 2021 have inspired you to renovate or design your new bathrooms, then you don’t have to worry about getting the quality of decor that you want. Get in touch with us at HomeLane, and get the best interior and decor services for your sanctuary. Our passionate and skilled team will make interiors easy for you. After all, buying a home is hard enough; setting it up shouldn’t be. Make the bathroom of your dreams a reality with HomeLane.

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