If you are living in an open plan home, you will know that it’s often hard to demarcate functionalities between areas. By adding a partition between the living and dining areas in your open plan home, you can separate the functions of the two spaces while still maintaining the feeling of openness. Here are some inspirational ideas for your living room partition.

Glass Screen

A floor-to-ceiling glass partition is a lovely way to divide spaces within your living room. The square sections of glass have a much-needed functionality—the frames ensure that people will not walk right through and hurt themselves.

living room partition glass screen

Simple and Functional

This is a simple partition design for living room and dining hall that can be highly functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. This gorgeous home with a lovely sea view uses a freestanding wall with an opening to separate the living and dining areas. Notice how the does this without compromising the free flow of space within the room- this is an ideal small living room interior design, as it brings that compact yet chic look.

living room partition simple and functional

Optimising Natural Light

When it comes to living room interiors, it becomes necessary to maintain a chic vibe while following a functional design becomes necessary. A screen with abstract laser-cut patterns is an interesting modern living room interior design that maximises light while neatly demarcating spaces. There is a level difference between the two areas, which further divides the spaces within the same room. You can choose to go for a glass partition for living room for that chic and classy vibe.

living room partition optimising natural light

Cordon off an Area with Ropes

Privacy is not a concern when it comes to this partition design for halls and living rooms- and this elegant living room interior design allows the bedroom to be visually separated from the living in this studio bedsit unit. If you are looking for a chic rustic living room interior design, this is an ideal option to go for.

 cordon off an area with ropes

Partition with Screens

A wooden partition design with latticework or slatted screens helps to create privacy within a room while adding to the aesthetics of the décor. Here, the white screen accentuates the all-white décor. Therefore, such wooden partition walls for living room are not only highly functional but are aesthetically appealing as well.

partition with screens

Wooden Slats

This simple living room partition with vertical wooden slats is used to mount a flat-screen TV – that’s killing two birds with one stone. This can be ideal if you are looking for trendy living room false ceiling designs. The gaps between the slats maintain the open feel when you go for this living room divider

wooden slats

Bookshelf cum Partition

This clever living room divider serves as a bookshelf as well as a partition. It can also house picture frames, small statuettes or other items you may want to display. Be careful not to overcrowd it, or your room can look cramped.

Wooden Partition Walls for Living Rooms

Wooden partition walls are one of the most popular materials, regardless of the living room size and budget. Wood is sustainable, versatile, affordable and allows you to create bespoke designs.

Given below are a few wooden partition wall ideas for your living room:

Functional Shelved Partition Designs

A wooden divider with multiple shelves to place plants is a fresh decor idea that gives your living room privacy while uplifting the vibe.

Love modern and sleek designs in your home? Wooden panelling is a great choice to partition your living room from the adjacent dining.

If bespoke and contemporary is your style, choosing modern partition wall designs in living room with abstract designs is an excellent way to go. Natural and artificial materials can both be used to create shelf-cum-partition designs.

Glass and Wood for a Spacious Look

Combining glass with wood makes for elegant and airy living room partitions.

Traditional wooden partitions are an all-time favourite and are extremely easy to make and find in all sorts of wood.

Folding Wooden Partitions

These have been a favourite in the olden times but continue to be popular for their versatility. When you have a small or mid-sized living room or are unsure about a permanent living room partition design, foldable wooden partitions with high-quality hinges are great!


A nature-inspired living room partition design that has shelves for keeping souvenirs and artefacts with a backdrop of an intricate tree designed in wood. This is a uniquely sustainable living room partition for green homes.

Embrace an Artistic Touch

A simple and elegant living room partition design is for the artistic soul. Carved out of wood, this unique partition design has an illuminated wooden frame that adds ambience and warmth to the space.

Transitional White Partition Design

A unique touch you can give your living room partiiton s to choose white wooden partiiton. Feel free to choose wood painted in white or artificial material in white. White acts as a transitional interior and creates a sense of space even in small spaces.

Hanging Wooden Boxes

If your heart is set on wood and you are looking for a dreamy transition from your living room to the dining room to keep the conversations going, hanging wooden boxes in a metal external frame is a unique living room partition idea.

Neo-Classic Is the New Uber Chic

Neo-classic is filled with geometric design elements and adds to the grandeur of the space. Using a neo-classic design for your living room partition is great if the rest of your interiors are neoclassical style. Innovate the wheel and choose a sliding screen or a folding pattern with a neoclassical design.

Illuminate the Glass Living Room Partition

Enhance the vibe and decor of your living room by opting for a wood-mounted glass partition wall in your living room with LED bulbs to illuminate it. The right colour illuminating the glass is bespoke and is sure to create a soft and gentle ambience.

illuminate the glass living room partition

Other Living Room Partition Ideas

You can get as creative with your space as you would like. We’ve seen people use a large aquarium with live fish as a divider, or a living wall with potted plants, a bamboo screen or partitions using cloth murals. Sliding folding doors that can be opened out fully will also work. For more informative and creative home interior design ideas, reach out to the consultants at HomeLane today!


1. How Do You Partition a Living Room?

Open floor plans give a room a spacious feel, but they may not offer adequate privacy. If you are looking to restrict space in your living room or separate it from the dining or study, you can partition it in many ways. A few ways to partition a living room include:

– Screens

-Curtains and blinds

– Open shelves

– Glass partitions

– Bar or kitchen counters

2. How Do I Partition a Large Living Room?

If you have a large living room, you can partition it with creative and functional ideas. A few interesting and exciting ways to partition a large living room are:

– Use uniquely designed tiles in levels to restrict the space

– Create a bespoke bar with a counter to delineate your large living room from its adjacent space

– Large sectional sofas are a great way to increase seating in your living room while partitioning it from the adjacent space

– A large screen with a dramatic image is a bold way to make a statement and make your living room stand out from the ordinary

-While you may be tempted to use a full-length partition to demarcate your large living room, a partial glass partition can separate the space while keeping it open and spacious.

– If you live in a cold place, a large living room is the perfect opportunity to add a fireplace divider

3. How Do I Partition a Small Room?

If you think partitions are only meant for large living rooms, think again because small rooms can offer similar privacy when creative ideas are implemented. Here are some innovative ways to partition a small living room for privacy:

– Minimalistic glass panel partition in a wall is a great way to divide your living room and separate it from the nearby space.

– Partial glass partitions for the living room are great for small spaces as they do not take up a lot of space but still demarcate it from the adjacent dining or bedroom.

– Repurposing a cloth rack is a smart idea in small studios to help separate the living room from the bedrooms

– A bookshelf is another functional way to partition your living room

– A simple barn door with a swivel facility is a modern partition for living room and an intelligent way to partition your living room from your bedroom

– Playing with levels is a smart living room divider with added storage function, which is usually limited in smaller houses

4. What Is Best for a Wall Partition?

You can choose from several different wall partition designs for living room. From a wide range of traditional dividers to modern designs, you can play with many different materials to give your space the vibe you are looking for.

The best material for a living room partition wall depends upon the kind of look you wish to achieve in your decor. If you have a small living room, using minimalistic screens, glass, and partial partitions creates a sense of space while ensuring privacy. If you have a large living room, you surely have more options and materials to choose from for creating a partition.

5. Which Material Is Best for Partition?

A few materials that are much sought after for living room partition designs are:

– Brick

– Tranaprent, transluscent or opaque glass

– Gypsum


– Different types of wood

– Rattan ( a sustainable partition material)

– Shoji screens

– Beaded curtains

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