Painting a room as small as a bathroom could raise many doubts and challenges. We often ignore this room and feel a sense of regret dawn on us later. But the task-at-hand is extremely straightforward.

The elements of a bathroom paint job fall under the following three categories – walls, doors and windows, and ceiling. The rest of the details in the bathroom like fixtures, fittings, and faucets are pre-bought in standard colours.

Based on your interest in home interior, and decor, you can choose different paint colours and textures for each of these elements. Some also choose to add props like plants, paintings, and book shelves to the bathroom to magnify the aesthetic beauty.

bathroom paint

However, the paint of the bathroom is what binds all these elements together. Here is all you need to know about painting your bathroom.

Paint Additives:

The most critical substance that defines paint is the additives in them. Besides the luster and the colour, these additives represent the utility of this paint. Here are three of the most commonly needed substance in bathroom paint:

Antimicrobial Additives

The impact of water and moisture is very significant in the bathroom. It makes the walls, roofs, and windows all susceptible to mould or bacterial growth. Ignoring it can lead to serious health issues and breathing disorders in the long run.

The first step to avoiding this problem is the addition of antimicrobial chemicals in the paint as it will give your walls a better life, and save them from rotting.

antimicrobial paint for bathroom

Moisture-resistant Primer

The second damage to the walls and cabinets in the bathroom is from the steam and water splashes. Paint combined with a moisture-resistance primer will solve this issue. These are either added to the colour or applied as the first layer.

They work as a protective film that reduces the damage caused by constant exposure to moisture.

moisture resistant paint for bathroom

Corrosion Inhibitors

While painting metallic elements like the cabinets, wall hooks, curtain rods, etc., the use of a corrosion inhibitor in your paint will help subdue the rate of oxidation. Oxidation of metals will lead to rust formation, making your fixture look unflattering or weathered.

Corrosion Inhibitors for Bathroom

Types of Finishes of the Bathroom:

Another factor to consider when painting a bathroom is the ‘finish’ or the ‘texture’ of the paint. This coating plays a more prominent role than providing a distinct look. Here are the three best finishes to consider for bathroom paint:

1. Semi-Gloss

The composition of a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint comes from the combination of oil and water-based paints. This concoction is a widely used alternative for bathroom paints globally. They have a highly reflective or shining surface. This gloss will ensure that the exterior does not hold water or moisture.

Having high-gloss paint for the ceiling is very helpful as it prevents the seepage of water or the retention of steam from showers.

2. Satin Paint

This type of paint has a slightly lower shine as compared to that of gloss paints. This subtle glow makes it a popular choice for the kitchen and bathroom alike. For those who want the effects of gloss paint, without the flashy shimmer, this is an ideal choice.

Additionally, satin paint is easier to clean using a cloth or a damp sponge, which will keep soap stains and watermarks away from your walls.

3. Eggshell

The eggshell paint texture is the most commonly used form of paint. They are affordable and have minimal shine, making them a go-to choice. These water-based paints are free of any oil-solvents; yet provide a subtle reflective finish.

The eggshell texture is commonly encouraged on walls where touching the surface is common. This is the reason doors, window panes, or child’s rooms often use this paint.

Trending Bathroom Colours

We often think of paint-color when we discuss the types of paints. However, the paint colour is just one of the trivial factors. Since the colours are an acquired or adaptive taste, here are a few options that work as neutral or universal normals.

1. Minimalist White Bathroom

Especially in India, the majority of bathroom fixtures come in white, cream or beige colors. This colour makes bright-white an easy to accommodate, and affordable colour pallet. They also complement all other colours, thus making it the ultimate easy choice.

white bathroom

2. Lighter Blue Bathroom

Blue is one such colour that inevitably enters your bathroom. The colour is known to be calming and mellow; providing the perfect ambiance for the room. They also add a lively bright spark and mingle thoroughly with natural and artificial light.

light blue bathroom

3. Graphite Tone Bathroom

A colour for those who are finding it hard to pick one. The graphite colour is a subtle shade of grey, which is hands-down the perfect balance of class and utility. The grey shade is said to mask the imperfection of the bathroom and provide a uniform colour tone.

grey bathroom

Pro Tips:

Most Indian bathrooms do not have a designated dry and wet area. In such a case, the floor and wall tiles play a crucial role in the decor. Ensure you pick a tile colour that is complementary to the colours of the wall.

Tips for bathroom Painting and Maintenance:

  • Select decor first then pick your shades of paint. This practice will provide an opportunity to gauge colours complementary to the collection.
  • Understand your paint job; certain paint textures require multiple layers of primers before the main coat of paint. Ask an expert if you need help.
  • Use masking tape and old newspapers to cover bathroom fixtures and tiles. This will avoid damage from the dripping paint.
  • Purchase a sample first. This small section of paint helps you better visualize the colours.
  • Do not cheap out on paint-brushes and rollers. Having high-quality products will indirectly give superior results.

If at any point, the task of painting seems overwhelming, the safest option is to hire a design expert. A company like HomeLane has many specialists who ensure uniform design aesthetics and flawless execution. These companies will also better understand your needs and tailor-make projects.

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