Want to experience outdoor cooking and dining but lack space in your small urban apartments? Don’t worry! We have ranked umpteen balcony kitchen ideas to help you set up an outdoor cooking and dining area.balcony kitchen ideas 

Since urban apartments barely offer enough space to develop a full-length kitchen, you can easily take inspiration from the following five fantastic and doable ideas. It will effortlessly assist you in turning your balcony into a small balcony kitchen.

1. Barbeque on the Balcony: A Perfect Balcony Kitchen Idea to Enjoy Summer

How about savouring your favourite barbecue platter while taking in a refreshing breeze in the summer? This small balcony kitchen idea is perfect if you want to eliminate the barbecue smoke in your small urban apartment effortlessly.

Place the barbecue on a high table, as shown above, so that it sits away from small children. Keep the barbecue table near the grill side, as shown above, so that the smoke goes away easily. small balcony kitchen

2. Balcony Dining Set Up: Embrace the Open-Air Eating Experience

The kitchen-on-balcony experience remains incomplete if you do not get to enjoy your food in an open-air set-up. The food even gets tastier when your balcony dining experience merges with lovely cityscapes and surrounding lights.

Keep the dining room decoration minimal with white tablecloths, as shown above, so that the decoration does not overshadow the surrounding beauty. Place the table near the balcony grill, as shown above, to take in the beauty of the open-air dining ambience.

If you want to experience the aura of candlelight open-air dining, add a floor lantern on the balcony side (as shown above).

Open-air balcony ideas are quite timeless, as they allow people to experience the beauty of the outdoors and the pleasure of a well-cooked meal. kitchen-on-balcony 

3. Grow Organic Food in Your Kitchen Garden: An Excellent Balcony Kitchen Idea for Eating Healthy

The idea of building a small kitchen on the balcony comes with added benefits. Growing a balcony garden is one of them. This helps you produce fresh and organic vegetables. You can cook your dishes with freshly grown ingredients that are not only delicious but also extremely healthy.

Choose the spot that receives maximum sunlight in your kitchen balcony area (as shown above) to nurture the edible plants. Place a wooden chair (as shown above) in the middle of the balcony kitchen garden to create an accent design amidst the greenery.

You can use this chair while relaxing in your garden or having your favourite meal prepared with garden-grown veggies.small kitchen on the balcony

4. Pizza Oven on Balcony: A Stunning Outdoor Balcony Kitchen Idea to Arrange a Pizza Party

A pizza party is always everyone’s favourite, whether it’s adults or children. Your pizza party experience can take a leap if you manage to install a pizza-making oven right at your house to produce fresh, hot pizzas.

If space is an issue in your small urban apartment, a small kitchen with a balcony setup can help, leaving plenty of room to install the pizza oven.

Place the pizza oven near the balcony grill, as shown above, so it leaves maximum room to arrange the pizza party decoration. small kitchen with a balcony setup

5. Outdoor Balcony Kitchen Setup: A Great Place to Prepare Food While Enjoying the Fresh Air

Do you have very little space to set up your kitchen in your apartment? Or do you want to feel the open breeze while cooking your favourite dish? Then, developing a kitchen balcony can be a smart move to create an outdoor kitchen.

Place a small oven, as shown above, on one side of the balcony. Create an accent wall above the cooking oven by pasting some minimally designed tiles (as shown above).

Place a wooden cardboard shelf above the cooking area (as shown above) to store cooking utensils. You can also add a touch of greenery there to fulfil the outdoor modular kitchen design requirement.outdoor balcony kitchen setup

Concluding Remarks

The best thing about a balcony with a kitchen is that you can enjoy outdoor activities while having the most privacy. Be it a small picnic or daily cooking chores, a balcony is ideal for setting up a kitchen, as cook-produced smoke can easily go away.

If you have a small urban apartment that does not have a large kitchen area, you can try these above-mentioned balcony kitchen ideas to enjoy outdoor cooking and dining.

If you need any more assistance setting up a small kitchen on the balcony, you can contact our experienced professionals at Homelane.balcony with a kitchen


1. How Do You Use a Kitchen Balcony?

There are various ways you can use a balcony kitchen as mentioned below:

  • It is a perfect open space to arrange a barbecue in summer.
  • You can install a pizza oven there to host a pizza party
  • If you do not have ample space to set up a full-length kitchen in your urban apartment, a kitchen with an attached balcony is a perfect way to eliminate space problems.
  • You can use your balcony kitchen to set up a home restaurant to enjoy homemade food.
  • A kitchen with a balcony is an ideal space to grow organic vegetables and fruits too.

2. How Do I Build a Kitchen Balcony Garden?

You need to follow a few steps if you are interested in building a balcony kitchen garden.

    • Sunlight is the most crucial component for producing edible plants. So, start by evaluating the sunlight quality in your balcony kitchen.
    • Choose the right planters to grow the plants.
    • Purchase pre-made potting soil so that you can grow edible plants. It is made up of a combination of soil, manure, and cocopeat (coconut husk).
    • Get good-quality seeds and saplings.
    • Take regular care of the growing plants.

3. How Do You Make a Terrace Kitchen?

While the process of making a terrace kitchen might seem difficult, WWE have outlined the same in easy-to-follow steps below:

  • You must first gather all the required materials and paraphernalia such as the correct pots, your desired plants, seedlings, correct soil type etc.
  • Planning a layout for your garden helps you plan effectively, as you can then smoothen the process of planting and other related things later on
  • Prepare an optimal soil mixture which has been specially treated to hold the plants you will grow; this is because ordinary garden soil might cause some damage to the plants
  • Select the kind of containers you want to grow your plants and vegetables in; you must also select the vegetables you must grow in the same vein
  • Begin the process of planting the vegetables, and take utmost care of them by watering etc.
  • Administer all the necessary precautions such as pesticides etc.
  • Ensure optimal cover from the harsh UV rays of the sun, as well as the consumption of the plants by birds etc.
  • Lastly, beautify your terrace kitchen with the help of accessories such as a small coffee table for your evening tea, etc. and so on

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