Minimalism has its own beauty. But when it comes to galore and grandeur, going with the elaborate European baroque-style design is the only good choice. 

Mostly used in structures like chapels and manors, the baroque technique uses art as a medium to illustrate beauty, passion, drama, and opulence. So, you can imagine the wonders it brings to the table when inculcated in interior design!

baroque design style

If you also want the same opulent exuberance in your interior design scheme, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some unique baroque-style designs!

6 Key Elements for Acing the Baroque Style Interior Design

Bring baroque home with these 6 effortlessly easy baroque-style design tips:

1. Choose the Archetypical White and Gold Colour Combination

Baroque-style architecture is extravagant, and so is its colour palette – with rich hues like pink and red being highlighted at the forefront. But what actually brings them under the spotlight is a faultless white and gold finish. You can go for gilded white walls and pair them with strikingly feisty furniture pieces or vice versa.

Or perhaps, you can get your white and gold walls painted with stunning, life-like angelic illustrations. Either way, the white and gold melange works exceptionally well when putting together a baroque-style design.

baroque style interior design

2. Go For Vividly Painted Ceilings to Achieve a “Trompe L’Oeil” Effect

Every stupendous architectural design that exudes the baroque-style design shares a common similarity – a meticulously painted ceiling that creates an illusion of spectacle and vastness. So if you are keen on bringing the same dramatic feel to your interior design, ditch the plain white ceiling and go artistic.

Don’t choose anything minimal or abstract. Go all out and pick ornate paintings depicting biblical connotations and angelic representations. Remember – the more detailed and colossal the artwork, the better the “trompe l’oeil” effect. 

baroque style

3. Pick Ornamental Chandeliers to Add Oomph to the Semblance

Chandeliers are an important decor element in a baroque-style design. But here’s where most people get it wrong. Instead of going for larger-than-life chandeliers, they gravitate towards choosing a minimal, petite one. Do not make this grave mistake!

Baroque-style design demands a brave decor selection. So, for living room interior design, pick a crystal chandelier that is littered with accents of gold. Glittering crystal chandeliers with elaborate motifs and patterns never fail when it comes to adding the bling in baroque! 

baroque style design

4. Intricate Patterns and Paintings on the Walls Scream Baroque

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – go for baroque only if you’re willing to go all out. When it comes to aesthetics, the flamboyance of the baroque style design remains unmatched. The exaggerated walls and ceilings diffuse a gaspingly strong wave of emotions – full of passion, awe, and magnificence. You cannot douse your walls with paint and call it baroque.

If you want traditional baroque-style design elements in your home, take refuge in splendid Roman paintings. Walls with detailed, precise tableaus depicting mythological tales are baroque through and through. 

intricate patterns and paintings on the walls

5. Boring Textiles? Big No! Bring the Motifs to Good Use

Coming to yet another key element that makes or breaks the baroque interior design – the choice of textiles. Just like everything else so far, this section of the interior also needs its fair share of exuberance.

So, dull and boring upholstery is not an option. Then, what’s the baroque style for textiles? Well, it’s simple. For every single tapestry in the house, choose motifs, patterns, and fabrics that are rich and bold. Strive to establish asymmetry in the design – go for chiaroscuro shades, pick lavish cherub or floral motifs, and play with contrasting hues – the possibilities are vast!

baroque style architecture

6. For the Finishing Touch, Add Flamboyant Decor Elements

Lastly, let’s talk about the details because that’s where the devil lies. When discussing baroque-style design, it will be criminal if we do not emphasize the significance of decor elements. Flashy, lavishly ornamented, glossy, monumental – these are the qualities you should look for in any element of decor before finally picking it for your baroque interior theme. For the living room space, go for gilded mirrors with carvings for a speck of dazzle.

Other quintessential baroque-style design element includes sculptures and Catholic paintings. These itsy-bitsy elements prop up the whole baroque theme together, bringing it to life. 

baroque interior theme

Wrapping Up

So this was it for baroque-style design ideas for your interior. We hope these 6 tips help you bring home the exact same extravagant baroque look that you only witness in royal palaces and castles.

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baroque style mansion 


1. What Is a Baroque Design?

Originating from 17th-century Europe, Baroque interior design is a sumptuous and sophisticated style of architecture. It mainly focuses on making an interior scheme look more elaborate and ornate. This extravagant style of architecture can generally be seen in chapels, museums, castles, palaces, and other similar lavish structural settings. 

2. What Are the 3 Main Characters of the Baroque Style Architecture?

The baroque interior style oozes luxury. Some of the basic features that one can spot in a neat baroque-style interior design include elements of illusion, drama, grandeur, richness, emotional depth, and aspects of biblical art and culture.

3. What Colour Is Baroque?

In 17th-century Europe, artists practising the baroque style used a colour palette that exuded richness and grandeur. The colour scheme would be very versatile and included bold shades of pink, greens, reds, and blues – paired up against a white and gold base. 

4. What Is the Baroque Style Technique?

In architecture, the baroque style technique translates to using art and emotions to derive a sense of astonishment and splendour. Due to its vividity, the baroque style technique is considered the epitome of art and style fusion in interior design. 

5. What Is an Example of Baroque-Style Architecture?

All across Europe, multiple exemplary structures can be identified donned in the baroque style design. For instance, some of the most famous examples include Les Invalides in Paris, the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and the Royal Palace of Caserta in Caserta. 

6. What Are Some Crucial Decor Elements of the Baroque Style Interior Design?

To create the same lavish semblance as that of traditional baroque architecture, adding specific decor elements can help. For starters, including crystal chandeliers, stone sculptures, angel figurines, biblical paintings, and mirrors with golden designer frames in the interior can do the trick. 

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