Blending Moroccan, Mediterranean and Islamic styles, Arabic home interior designs are a magnificent fusion of rich textures, colours and cultures. From the beautiful structure and geometry of Islamic design to the intricate embellishment and interlacing arches resembling Moorish architecture, Arabic Design is highly regarded all over the globe.

Creating a mystique aura filled with luxury and fantasy is what Arabian-style house interior design does best. Here are some charming Arabic décor ideas that can transform an otherwise uncharacteristic space into a fantastic retreat.

arabian-style house interior design

6 Wonderful Arabic Style Interior Design Ideas

From using texture and layers of colour that craft a captivating effect to middle-east decorations that create a dramatic makeover, you can never go wrong when incorporating these stunning Arabic home interior design ideas.

1. Luxurious Fabrics Steal the Show in Arabic Home Interior Design

Sheen and rich textile is the secret to pulling off a look as lavish as this bedroom design. Plush furniture and tactile fabrics wrap this bedroom in luxury. Trimming & tassels on bolsters and pillows, along with patterned curtains, add another layer of depth.

Furthermore, using luxurious textiles in the form of heavy drapery, rich upholstery, tapestries, and Persian rugs can help you effortlessly integrate bolder colours into the bathroom decorations along with the bedroom. Shiny silks, satins, cashmere and velvet can all make your Arabic-style interior design come alive.

luxurious textiles in arabian-style house

2. Arabian Style Walls and Ceilings Work Wonders

The ceiling and walls of this room, with Arabic-style interior design, highlight how impactful these architectural elements can be. These surfaces truly set the tone of the entire room.

Moroccan patterned or Arabic wallpapers are effective ways to highlight a wall. While adding depth to the space, they turn that area of the room into a focal point. Glorious ceilings with patterns create interest, while ornamental chandeliers and lighting fixtures deliver a traditional feel. Matching them with gold-plated furniture pieces can further elevate the overall aesthetic of your Arabian-style house interior design.

arabian style walls and ceilings

3. Strategic Space Layout for Arabic Home Interior Design

The Arab culture appreciates a sense of personal space & peace. A family gathering is given utmost importance. Being the house’s social hub, the living room’s layout significantly impacts how it feels and determines its functionality. Therefore, designs must be prioritised to reflect the friendly Arab culture.

Inspired by the traditional Arabic culture, the space layout of this modern Arabic house design ensures that its styling and proportions reflect the functionality of the area. For instance, if you want to encourage conversations, ensure seating is not too far apart. If maintaining tranquillity or peace is the goal, ensure the layout offers everyone extra space.

strategic space layout for arabic home

4. Opt for Warm Colours to Enrich Your Arabic Home Interior Design

A warm yet opulent colour is what it takes to make any Arabic-style interior design unforgettable. The grey-coloured accent wall, along with this modern Arabic house’s beautiful Moroccan wall design, truly livens up the entire space.

While you may notice that more neutral shades interjected with vibrant colours are used in Islamic interior design, the Moroccan style often implements bold colours, like, reds, blues and greens. If you want to embrace modern trends for your interiors, stay true to the warm colours related to Arabic design but opt for hues that provide tone variation to add a layer of depth to your design.

warm colours to enrich arabic home interior

5. Enhance Your Arabic Home Interior Design By Featuring Traditional Furniture

Seating in traditional Arabic culture was usually on floor cushions, platforms or low benches. If you want to reflect the tenets of Arabic design, feature low sofas or low-seated furniture in your house. The wooden Arabic-style furniture pieces featured here are carved intricately with geometric and abstract patterns.

Some fabulous furniture pieces have patterns inlaid with walnut, peach wood, rosewood, lemonwood, or encrusted with precious gems. Apart from chairs & sofas, Arabic home interior design also features carved doors, small polygonal end tables, stands, room divider screens and Koran boxes.

traditional furniture for arabic home interior

6. Fantastic Lighting Can Make all the Difference in Arabic Home Interior Design

Lighting always has a massive impact on Arabic house designs. While pendant lights add a decorative character, chandeliers become the focal points that draw attention to the ceiling design. The big golden chandelier, with its curved lines and decorative details, augments the charm of this Arabic home interior design.

However, ensure you have other powerful light sources to control the amount of light in your day-to-day activities. For a dreamy look, consider including low-set electric lights & candles between the lanterns.

big golden chandelier for arabic home interior


Being influenced by many ancient civilisations, Arabic home interior design has significantly evolved over the centuries. By blending modern elements with traditional Arabic designs, you can create an inviting, opulent and decadent interior while ensuring flexibility and functionality.

Impressed by the Arabian-style house interior design ideas? Explore some more amazing modern living room designs and kitchen design solutions at Homelane.

traditional arabic home designs


1. What Are the Characteristics of Arabic Home Interior Design?

Persian rugs, a variety of lamp shades, ornate prints, silk fabrics in bright colours, window treatments using valances and a wide variety of accent pillows are some of the essential features of modern Arabic house design.

Modern Arabic house design is a wonderful fusion of the Moroccan, Islamic & Mediterranean styles along with contemporary trends of the transitional style of Modernism. A combination of these styles can lead to something aesthetically beautiful and unique.

2. Which Is the Most Celebrated Arabic-Style Home Décor?

Metal pieces are the most preferred in Arabic home interior design. In particular, shiny brass and gold pieces are the top choices. If you’re looking for something glamorous, consider buying metal tea trays, samovars and flower vases. Additionally, wooden decoration elements can complement metal décor beautifully. Metals lanterns are among the most stylish choices in modern Arabic house design.

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