Decorations with gold finishes have been missing from the home interior game for some time. People find gold embellishments to be outmoded. Additionally, some people find it tricky to amalgamate metallics, especially gold and other décor components. However, decorating with gold finishes can add warmth and elegance to your home.

Decorate with a gold finish to give vintage glamour to your home that looks sophisticated and inviting. Adding gold to your décor is neither expensive, nor do you need to paint a whole room in gold to keep up with the trend. Introduce gold finishes in fun and easy ways, like spray painting a vintage mirror or updating the fixtures in the kitchen in gold.

Here are some practical and affordable options to decorate with a gold finish.

Add Glitz to Your Home Decor with Gold Light Fixtures

Are you tired of old light fixtures and lamps that look unpleasant and dark? You could add a gold finish to home décor through light fixtures. Gold accessories look chic and bold and exude luxury. Moreover, a gold fixture merges well with any colour palette.

Overcrowding decorations with a gold finish are a buzzkill. Therefore, strategically plan the interior while decorating with a gold finish to add subtle oomph and character. You can go for spray-painted sconces, gold ambient lights, a gold statement chandelier piece, or a gold embellished lampshade for that whimsy glow in your home.

gold light fixtures

Accentuate the Interior with Gold Finish Furniture

Decorations with a gold finish add a pop of rustic colour to modern settings. Look for chairs and stools with a gold base instead of gold-upholstered chairs. The minimal gold accents on the furniture add the perfect luxury quotient without the overpowering metallics. Bars are a common addition to modern homes. A brilliant touch of gold can be achieved through a gold bar cart. Luxury at its finest!

gold finish furniture

Gold Hardware in Kitchen for the Added Drama and Oomph

Gold accents in a kitchen design look premium and classy. Distributing accentuated hardware throughout the kitchen helps balance the golden sheen without overdoing it. You could also add gold sink fixtures and matching gold drawer handles. For a sophisticated and muted glow, go for a distressed brass finish, and if you like to experiment more, go for proper gold accessories.

gold hardware in kitchen

Accentuated Gold Rimmed Mirrors for a Luxurious and Vintage Décor

Investing in larger pieces of decorations with gold finish or gold furniture can seem overwhelming for homeowners who have not dabbled in gold furnishing decor. A tip would be, begin with, a gold-rimmed mirror. A gold mirror adds elegance and character to any room. The gold mirror looks divine, along with the vintage bathroom decorations. Still, confused about how to incorporate gold mirrors in your living room? You will find multiple aesthetic inspirations for gold mirror decoration for the living room on Pinterest.

Gold bathroom decorations might be tricky to play around with. But you have many options for gold accents in bathroom décor, from gold taps to gold mirrors. Explore with smaller pieces of gold décor before committing yourself to the process. Explore the size and placement of the mirror for the best results. The picture above demonstrates gold mirror decoration for a living room.

gold rimmed mirrors

Gold Fabrics and Upholstery for a Subtle Gold Highlight in Your Room

Gold elements gracefully arranged throughout a living room design are the current interior decor trend. Do not overdo gold furniture finishes for the living room to avoid a kitschy interior design. For subtle hints of shine in your living room, go for gold fabric upholstery. Decorations with gold finishes should be the highlight of the décor. Bring in gilded throw pillows, gold-accentuated sofa cushions and rugs with hints of glitz or gilded curtain upholstery for a soft and classic golden glow.

gold fabrics and upholstery

Sparkly Accessories for Elegant, Minimal Gold Accents in Decor

With glitz in home decor, less is more. You can easily elevate your bedroom design with some gold-rimmed picture frames. These will add a sophisticated look to your bedroom without overdoing it. Another simple way to introduce gold accents is through planters. Turn them into décor items by using gold planters. A shiny gold finish is best with modern designs, while an antique exterior looks luxurious with a vintage aesthetic.

gold planters


Before you set out to infuse gold into your décor, it is crucial to understand the nature of this complex colour. Do not use it as the dominant colour in the room but use gold accents in different ways like fixtures, fabrics and décor pieces dispersed throughout the layout of your room. It adds effortless glamour to our interiors. So, decorate with gold finishes to give your house the luxurious makeover it deserves.

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gold decor


1. How do you use gold decor?

Gold décor must be used to highlight the features of a room. Strategically plan and place decorations with gold finishes, like gold furniture, lights, knobs, fixtures and other items in your rooms for a classic sheen without taking away from other decorations.

2. How do you add gold accents to decoration?

Gold is not supposed to be the primary colour in a room. Too much gold can nullify the beauty of other décor pieces and furnishings. We should instead decorate with gold finishes through smaller items. For instance, for a rustic vibe, you could paint the window frames of a room in antique gold. For a bold contemporary look, paint a mirror in shiny gold and place it in the foyer to give your guests a warm and luxurious welcome.

3. How do you add gold accents to the living room?

A living room is where we spend most of the time of our day and also where we engage with our guests. So, the décor of this room has to be the best. Some of the best ways to infuse gold accents into the living room would be through gold planters or a gold tea table, and a more experimental soul could go for gold-based chairs and stools. You could search for gold furniture finishes for the living room for inspiration before you start glamming up your living room.

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