A living room in the house is an area that accommodates all the happy memories and long conversations with loved ones.

It also offers a sneak peek into your home’s aesthetic style when you’re entertaining guests.

However, it can sometimes feel awkward when living room corners are left empty. But fret not!

These living room corner decor ideas can make even those little spaces speak volumes and enthrall everyone at a single glance.

living room corner

1. Accentuate the Living Room’s Corner with a Luxurious Reading Chair

Transform your living room corner into a heavenly spot for reading. Nothing matches the satisfaction of slipping away into a cosy corner and losing yourself in the wondrous world of books.

Placing a comfortable and stylish reading chair in the corner of your living room will engender an instantly striking look and add to the room’s seating arrangement. Accent reading chairs with gorgeous upholstery can breathe fresh life into the space.

To take your living room’s corner decor quotient to the next level, complement the reading spot with a bookshelf, a side table, and a floor lamp.

luxurious reading chair in living room corner

2. How about a Luxe Sofa?

Another living room corner idea for bookworms is to set up a mini couch in a contemporary design and pair it with a pedestal table in the front. This will work nicely when you want to make the maximum impact with a minimalist vibe.

You can even place a bookshelf cabinet beside the couch and use it to display decorative pieces, put your favourite books, or store things.

Opting for a mini couch with a modern lamp for your living room corner decor is another artful way of sprucing up that extra space.

luxe sofa in the living room corner

3. Let a Chic and Versatile Storage Space Come to the Rescue!

One of the best corner decoration ideas for the living room is creating a functional storage space out of it. You could install a statement cabinet in the corner to showcase objects you’re proud of- books, awards, or artefacts.

Instead of a grand floor-to-ceiling cabinet, opt for a small rack with shelves to cover the corner space.

A sleek ottoman couch and an exclusive floor lamp can pair up the rack or cabinet and create a living room corner decor space with a sense of purpose.

chic and versatile storage space

4. Bring in Some Lush Greenery with Plants

What better way to lend a rejuvenating mood to the living room than beautiful indoor plants? It’s one of the classic living room corner ideas. Adding a lush touch is a treat for sore eyes.

Especially if your living room walls are painted white, having a large plant arrangement or mini planters in the corner can be quite visually appealing. Secondly, the plants bring vitality to an area.

So, when you’re ready to unwind in your lounge area after a long day, you’ll feel thankful for the plants oozing a soothing vibe. To create a garden-like, vibrant feel in your living room corner decor, pick plants like aglaonema, snake plants, pothos, or areca palms.

indoor plants in the living room corner

5. Expanding the Lounging Space’s Corner Area with a Sectional Sofa will do the Trick!

When thinking about drawing room corner decoration ideas, it’s hard to beat the utility and beauty of an L-shaped sectional sofa.

While it provides ample seating for many people, it also aesthetically covers the corner area. Arrange some pretty and contrasting cushions on the couch to enhance its look, and you’re all done!

Consider the theme of your living room corner decor to decide the right way to style your sectional sofa.

All the elements of the room should be in sync with each other. Therefore, the colour and pattern of the sectional, and even the accent cushions to be placed on the sofa, need to be selected accordingly.

So, for instance, if the room has a sleek and sophisticated living room corner decor theme, then your sectional should feature a low-key design and soft colours.

lounging space's corner area

6. Create an Impressive Concept with a Corner Table

While an exquisite corner table can look great on its own, it can also be combined with other decor elements to amplify the effect. There are many living room corner table ideas to count on.

An accent table lamp on the corner table can render an exquisite touch and grab attention. If you want a subtle hint of flora in the room, an attractive potted flower can be placed over the table.

You can enhance your living room corner decor with planters and hanging plants if it’s an empty windowsill near the table. A well-crafted couch can grace the area near the table.

exquisite corner table

7. Transition an Empty Corner into a Small Home Office

If the space is big enough to accommodate a work desk and a chair, you could turn the corner into a small home office space.

Feel free to personalise the desk while adding functional elements like a stationery holder, notebooks, a clock, electronic gadgets, a lamp, and so forth.

You could try placing a decorative ladder in the corner to enhance the living room corner decor.

While it may be difficult to imagine a ladder as an accent piece, especially for the living room, you’ll change your mind once you spruce up the space with a sleek ladder.

A floating shelf can take things up and add extra drama and character to the corner.

empty corner into a small home office

8. A Mirror Gracing the Corner Wall

Exquisite mirrors gracing the wall can augment the chic quotient of the corner effortlessly. You could choose one big decorative mirror or a bunch of smaller mirrors placed in a striking arrangement.

Another living room corner decor idea is to rest a mirror against the corner wall.

This would work great if you have a glass window nearby. Placing a mirror next to the window will create the illusion of more space and eventually make a small room appear larger.

mirror against the corner wall

9. Add Glam by Setting up a Coffee Station

If you are a coffee fanatic and can’t go a single day without a cuppa, then living room corner ideas that involve setting up a coffee station will do the trick.

You don’t have to invest in expensive cabinetry to create your holy grail coffee spot. Use a minimalist-style cabinet or floating shelves and the right use of colours to create a beautiful space that speaks volumes.

Take cues from this picture that depicts a simple yet elegant coffee bar as part of the living room corner decor. Here, a simple cabinet with carefully chosen coffee equipment stands perfectly in contrast to the rustic decor.

Coffee enthusiasts will surely treasure this!

coffee bar in the living room corner

10. Fill the Bare Corner Wall by Installing a Gallery Wall

Who says you always have to add something to the floor of the lounge area corner to make things interesting?

Sometimes a corner wall can do wonders too! And a gallery wall serves as the perfect corner wall decor for the living room since it effectively utilises an unused corner space.

Also, you don’t need a large wall to create your dream gallery—a small corner wall works nicely. Use the bare wall as a blank canvas to create a swoon-worthy backdrop.

Make use of asymmetric photo frames and artwork to generate a symmetric aspect to living room corner decor.

You can also rely on decorative mirrors, clocks, etc., to transform any dull corner into a beautiful sight.

gallery wall in the living room corner

11. A Mix of Rustic and Modern – For Those Who Love to Do the Bare Minimum!

Don’t want to cover the living room corner decor space with a cabinet? Then, how about installing a floating shelf instead?

From books and magazines to flower vases and showpieces, there are many ways to spruce up a floating frame and let it emphasise the corner.

To make the corner stand out in a subtle yet powerful way, complement the floating shelf with a bookshelf.

This will bring a more-organised feel to the living room corner decor and spark interest simultaneously. Incorporate rustic decor accents to create more alluring surroundings.

floating shelf with a bookshelf

12. Add a Rope Swing Chair or Hammock for A  Contemporary Charm

Nothing like a swing chair can add to the fun and lively ambience of the living room corner decor. Make your childhood dreams come true and bring nostalgic vibes by installing a hanging swing or hammock.

A swing in macramé is one of the simplest and easiest ways to transform a bare corner in the living room.

Let the charm of a hammock macrame swing chair sweep you off your feet and create a leisurely living room corner decor ambiance where you can unwind after a long, tiring day.

swing chair in the living room corner

13. Take Things up a Notch with a Window Nook

Building a custom window nook will give an empty corner in your living room more dimension.

Utilise the space near the window for extra seating. To create a cosy spot, you can place a chair and a mini table.

This will blend into the surroundings and serve as a great reading nook.

If you are not fond of doing something dramatic, placing a few planters near the window will stimulate your senses by providing much-needed greenery to the living room corner decor.

custom window nook in the living room corner

14. Count on a Bar Cabinet for an Intriguing Look

A bar cabinet is an excellent option if you want to do something other than using a regular cabinet. A corner bar cabinet lets you tastefully display your expensive liquor collection and glassware.

Such living room corner ideas can work in your favour if you frequently host parties in your living room. A gorgeous bar cabinet will add to the lively ambience as you serve your special guests.

The picture shown below is sure to drive inspiration for heavy drinkers. A mix of wood and glass works in synergy to make the entire setup stand out.

corner bar cabinet in the living room

Summing It Up

It’s not just about the ample, prominent space in the living room but also the bare corners that may not be in immediate sight but are just as important.

So, sprucing up those small corners becomes crucial while designing the interiors of your living area.

Well, you shouldn’t solely focus on what’s trending. You should look for a design that represents timeless style and bring an oomph factor to your living room corner decor.

With an imaginative vision of your own and outstanding design suggestions from HomeLane, you can figure out the most creative ways to decorate your living room corner.

Explore the living room interior solutions by HomeLane to get some unique living room corner ideas that make the space more fun, lively, and appealing.

unique living room corner ideas


1. How to Decorate a Living Room Corner?

In addition to the living room corner decor ideas we explored above, other attractive decoration ways exist.

Placing a well-crafted sculpture in the corner is also great for giving an artistic vibe to the living room. Let a large floor sculpture dominate the whole corner, or place a smaller one on a corner table or a shelf.

If there’s a window near the corner, install a window seat such that one gets a clear outdoor view from the seating. It doesn’t have to be a vast seating area.

You want to create a relaxed and joyful ambience with the window seat. You can leverage a window seat for storage purposes, too, by adding drawers to it.

2. What Are the Best Ways to Utilise the Unused or Quirky Corner Spaces in a Room?

If your living room corner has an asymmetrical or quirky shape, you might feel perplexed about what to do with it. The usual decor items may or may not fit into the corner. You need to think out of the box and embrace new ideas.

Artistic lighting is an incredible idea for corner wall decor for the living room, especially when the space is not so clearly defined. Statement pendant lights can make even a weird corner look spectacular.

If you’re still unable to find anything suitable for the corner, you could consider revamping the room and shifting things around.

You may either find more free space around the corner, which might open up more decor options. Or you may be able to cover up the hub with existing decor elements smartly.

3. How to Decorate a Small Corner of a Room?

When corner space is at a premium, you have to get extra innovative with decorating. If you try to fit something too big into the small corner, it will just disturb the entire decor arrangement of the room.

Let’s review a few corner decoration ideas for the living room when you want to make the most impact, even in the tiny space available.

You could transform the wall area in the corner into an art gallery. If you’re an art lover and collector, use this space to put your favourite collection on display.

Don’t be surprised when guests feel drawn to the corner, wanting to study the artwork more closely! What’s great about this idea is that you don’t need any floor space, which is ideal if it’s compact.

If you’re intent on placing a cabinet in the corner, get a bespoke cabinet built strictly per the size specifications.

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