Nine out of ten times you’ll hear people complaining about how small their home is. For big city-dwellers, the high cost of living leaves people with literally no room to wriggle on their apartment sizes. However, living in a relatively small space has its own benefits–ones which we will uncover in this blog today. Let’s jump right in.

1. Small Spaces are Inherently Cosy

This one’s a no-brainer. Small spaces give off that hygge vibe (pronounced “hoo-ga”). Hygge–a Danish lifestyle trend–is essentially a Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness. It refers to a feeling of cozy contentment and general well-being that is experienced through the simple things in life. Take a look at the image above. It is undoubtedly aboutall things cozy as are other things such as candles, fireplaces, a warm cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday, chunky throw blankets, oversized sweaters, and so on.

This tiny wooden cabin balcony that’s decorated with heather flowers and lavender flowers in a bottle vase, a gorgeous candle, soft beige plaid, and a comfortable garden furniture chair is the perfect example of a cosy setup–in a small space.

Small spaces are cozy

2. Small Spaces Give You the Freedom to Be More Organised

Given that you don’t have too much space to start with, small spaces literally train you to be more well organised and how to maximise whatever space is available to you.

Consider the example of this small home kitchen interior. Everything is placed exactly where it’s supposed to be, without making the kitchen look messy or chaotic. Plus, you’ll never end up hoarding miscellaneous, added knickknacks because you simply don’t have the space! You’ll learn to store items in their respective place and your bank balance will thank you for being frugal and accommodating.

More organised in small spaces

3. Small Spaces are Cheaper to Decorate

One of the biggest advantages of smaller spaces is that they are cheaper to decorate. You can effortlessly create a vibe with compact yet beautiful accessories and decor accents.

For example, in the image above, these statement chairs in gorgeous colours add tons of boho character to the space. Plus, the addition of fresh flowers elevates the look and gives it a fresh feel.

cheaper to decorate

4. Small Spaces Encourage You to Embrace Minimalism

Consider this oriental-styled living room that is joy-inducing to say the least. Doesn’t it inspire feelings of calm and minimalism? Small spaces are ideal for embracing the wabi-sabi style of designing–a Japanese design concept that celebrates all things imperfect and finds beauty and serenity in everyday objects.

In the image above, the strategic use of a beige chaise longue, a beautiful macrame, a comfortable pouffe, soft pillows, and an industrial design shelf along with elegant personal accessories gives it a wabi-sabi look and feel and helps you embrace a stress-free minimalism lifestyle.

Embracing minimalism

5. Small Spaces Are Easier to Care For and Maintain

Another unignorable benefit of small spaces is that they are easier to clean and maintain. You don’t need to spend hours getting off stains or spots or engage in any kind of time-intensive deep cleaning.

Plus, you’ll be able to take better care of stuff that is actually helpful and meaningful to you. A few hours of cleaning every week should be able to get the job done quite magnificently.

Easier to maintain

6. Small Spaces Are Environment-Friendly (And Budget-Friendly)

Smaller apartments cost less in terms of electricity, water, heating, and other costs. Plus, this makes them more environment-friendly. Think about someone who lives in a 3500 sq ft place as opposed to someone who lives in an 800 sq ft flat. Which one is bound to pay more for monthly bills? If you’re on a tight budget, living in smaller quarters can actually help you financially.

Environment friendly

7. Small Spaces Allow You to Be More Creative and Personalise the Decor as per Your Liking

Finally, small spaces help exercise your creative muscle. You can add customised items of choice to give the space your personal touch. This will create a welcoming and familiar vibe.

For example, in the image above, the addition of warm lights behind the bed and smaller trinkets on either side of the bed add layers of character and personality to the space. After all, your home should reflect your personal taste and style, and small spaces allow you to do just that with limited real estate on offer. When it comes to customization, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy that works. Go with your gut feeling and you do you.

More creative

Smaller spaces bring to the table numerous advantages. While most people negatively associate a cozy place with a cramped one–it doesn’t necessarily have to be so (as we saw above). You can easily decorate small spaces in a budget-friendly capacity with a little bit of strategy and creative conceptualization. As an added bonus, small spaces are easier to clean and help promote a minimalistic, joy-inducing lifestyle. For more useful tips on how to transform small spaces within your home, head over to HomeLane.

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