Have you recently started living on your own? Is it the first time you are running the house and standing on your own feet? While living on your own means that you get to live life on your own terms, it also means that you need to be responsible for many things in your home. Since you won’t have anyone to fold your clothes or replace broken plates, you need to find the time and energy to do it all yourself! Here is a list of things you need to take care of when you are kick-starting life in your new home.

1. Pillows

One thing that many people tend to forget is to change their pillows. We end up using the same ones over many years. This is extremely unhealthy because pillows can trap hidden bacteria and small dust particles. Since this comes in such close contact to your face and head, this can cause allergies and other problems.

For your neck and head to get proper support, make sure that the pillows you use are of good quality, fresh and fluffy.

Last but not least, old, worn-out pillow makes your room look shabby and ugly. So, think it’s time to switch up the pillows on your bed?

2. Mattresses

The same holds true for mattresses. You may not have noticed, but a bad mattress can have severe negative effects on your back and posture. We feel it is always better to go for new mattresses rather than a used one if your budget allows. There are plenty of options in the market that can fit almost any budget.

3. Dirty and Old Carpets

Dirty carpets

Who doesn’t like flaunting their home interior design skills? Carpets can really bring a space together but unkempt, stained, or crumbled carpets in your home can have the opposite effect. So if your home houses some old carpets, replace them right away to keep your home looking and smelling fresh.

4. Coffee mugs

There simply is no excuse to use a coffee mug that’s chipped or cracked. You start your day with that all-important cup of caffeine and drinking it out of a damaged vessel is no fun! So take a stock of all the cups in your kitchen (and other utensils for that matter) and toss out what’s damaged. Get new ones and revamp the place instantly.

5. Broken and Ugly Old Mirrors

old and broken mirror

Not only is a broken mirror ugly and non-purposive, but it is also said to be bad luck to keep in the house. Check all the mirrors carefully and replace the ones that are in a bad state. Broken mirrors may have sharp edges which can be dangerous. So be wise and get some new mirrors today!

6. Tech toys

Tech toys, such as gaming stations, are popular household items these days. But do you still use yours regularly? Or is it just lying in some corner of the house and gathering dust? Discard all such accessories to declutter your home and make room for more useful items. If they are in good condition, think of selling them or giving it to some children who will treasure it more than you.

7. Musical instruments

It is considered classy to have a piano in the house. A guitar is also a cool piece to own. But do you really need or use these musical instruments? You may have only used the keyboard you bought on an impulse three years ago about three times. Take a long hard look and see how many of the material things in your home are actually worth the space that it occupies. If it doesn’t add value to your home interior design, consider ditching it.

8. Helmets

Whether you ride a gearless scooter or own a sports bike, chances are that you have more than one helmet at home. Helmets are vital and you must have them, but remember to replace them from time to time. Also, if you have a number of old helmets just lying around, toss them out right now! Nothing makes the interiors of your house look as chaotic as old, unused items piling up in a corner

9. Unwanted Books and stationery

Books, pens, writing pads and other stationery tend to accumulate quickly around the house and are often found in every random corner in the house. If this is the case with you as well, get organised. Take time out on a weekend and sort the books you need and don’t anymore. Discard or donate the ones you don’t need. For the ones you keep, get a bookshelf that matches the interior design of your home.

10. Fire extinguishers

As stated above, you need to be responsible when living alone as an adult. When was the last time you checked and replaced your fire extinguisher? A fire extinguisher is a critical home accessory and needs to be replaced regularly.

Growing up and moving out on your own isn’t always easy. But make the most of the freedom and independence it in your own home by making sure that you maintain it like an adult. Getting the perfect home interior design means that you have to only keep things in your home that adds value.

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