As the pandemic drags on, so many of us are missing our favourite bars. Meeting friends over a few drinks in an atmospheric pub with a skilled bartender mixing our tipple may be out of reach for now. We can, however, recreate some of that magic at home.

Many adults dream of having a little bar corner of their own. The bar cabinet is the central piece – second only to your knowledge of mixology – that can make or break your home bar experience. Whether you want to spruce up the living room or just add a stylish corner to your kitchen, bar cabinets provide a refined place to organize your liquor collection. Here are the top ten picks out of many trending bar cabinet designs:

The Minimalist

These are the most straightforward bar cabinets with one colour and no adornments. Clean, crisp, and practical. This is best suited for rooms that adhere to the minimal aesthetic and require unobtrusive furniture. This sort of cabinet allows the limelight to fall on the liquor itself. This is also great for smaller rooms, as it can sit out of your way in a corner.

The Bar Trolley

If you do not want to make the leap and buy a large cabinet, or if you have restricted space, the bar trolley may be an excellent alternative to the cabinet. Look for sturdy metal ones with high-quality wheels. These are also great if you want to change your mind about the position of your bar. Look for heavier designs – otherwise, they can get knocked around easily.  This is also a great way to show off some beautiful glassware.

 Wall-mounted cabinets

Another space-saving trick is to mount the liquor cabinet up to free the floor space. You can find everything from simple wine racks to larger cabinets that can hold a more substantial collection. You can place this at eye level to create visual interest in the room. Choose the material in a finish that works with the rest of your room.

Bookcase Bar Cabinet

As the name suggests, you can turn a beloved bookcase into a bar cabinet. This is an unusual display technique, but it is very on-trend right now. Old leather books can act as perfect accents here. This is a trending bar cabinet design that does not require a bar cabinet at all!

Kitchen Island Bar Cabinet

If you have a spacious kitchen with an island, the island area can be converted into a bar. All you require is a discreet cabinet built into the island and a few barstools around it to create a comfortable and cosy space. You can find great modular kitchen designs at HomeLane. Such designs can elevate your kitchen to a perfect dinner party space.

Cane Bar Cabinet

If the rest of the furniture in your living room is made of wicker, rattan or cane, it makes sense to have a bar cabinet in similar materials to give the room a cohesive look. You can find such cabinets in both modern and antique styles.  Such cabinets are great for maintaining a more natural, rustic feel. This is also a great way of looking stylish at an affordable rate.

Cabinet on stand

Cabinets that touch the floor are becoming passé- you can add visual appeal by using a cabinet that is off the floor using a metal stand. This is also great for adding some gold or silver detailing to your furniture. Look for an elegant chrome or matte gold coloured stand based on the colour of the rest of your furniture hardware.

Open-faced Cabinet

To make your home bar have a more commercial feel, you can try an open shelving unit to store your bottles. This allows easy access and is ideal if you host parties often. Of course, this requires a little more care as your precious collection will be exposed to the elements.

 Antique Cabinet

Now, this takes some serious cash, but is there anything more luxurious than an old hardwood cabinet? It can become the focal point of the entire room. It is a piece of furniture and a conversation starter in one. You can visit a reputable antique store and look for both European and Indian designs.

Mirrored Cabinet

It is no secret that mirrors can create the illusion of space in a small room. So, if you have limited space, consider a cabinet with mirrors. Choose carefully, though – if the design is too plain, it can end up looking like a medicine cabinet! Some luxe trimmings, however, can elevate the look.

A bar area is an area of rest, respite, and equally a place to socialize and entertain. Bar cabinets are perfect investment furniture because they are designed to store your essentials and add beautiful decorative elements to your home. Study your living room and your kitchen carefully and design the bar nook of your dreams. You can find some great design ideas for a modular kitchen and a lively living room at HomeLane.

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