Halloween is one of the best times of the year. It is the time where families and friends get together after months to eat, chat and celebrate. But with the current situation of rising Covid-19 cases, people are tucked safely inside homes. Unlike in previous years, there is less planning and invitations to friends and families. But ask yourself – should that stop you from celebrating Halloween? We are strictly not suggesting that you go about visiting people and risk yourself and your family. What we are suggesting instead is a more safe and effortless approach – a Zoom Halloween Party!

Easy Tips to Plan the Best Zoom Halloween Party

Catching up with loved ones is the essence of every festival. But what contributes to a successful festive celebration are the arrangements you make. Halloweens are distinct from the rest because of the countless threats and unique home decor ideas. Halloween supplies are amazing, and you can come across dozens of options in different categories. Let’s check out some of the coolest options:

Digital Invitations

The first thing to plan for a great Halloween party is to send invitations. With the internet making our lives comfortable, you can send pretty digital invitations for an online house party. They can be decorated in the desired theme and showcase your creative side by adding details.

If you lack time to create invitations, there are plenty of templates to download. A little research would help you find the perfect template and include the different names, dates, time, and more.

Halloween Lights

Lights play a major role in effortlessly announcing the start of a festival. And when it comes to Halloween lights, you can find impressive options.

Go for a single coloured option like yellow, orange or white, or mix different colours. Ensure that you also pick a few fairy lights that you can place along with the primary ones.

Halloween Party Home Décor

When hosting a zoom call Halloween party, ensure you perfectly decorate the areas surrounding the device you’ll use for the party. Also, make sure that you have the right tools to place the device without causing distractions.

Add beautiful Halloween themed items like pumpkin lights, colourful treats, spooky decoration items, candles, and so on. They can be ordered online or bought from the nearest retail stores.

Halloween Costumes

Another significant role played during a Halloween party is that by the costumes. No Halloween party is complete without a perfect costume by each member joining the party.

To make this interesting, you can choose themes such as characters from the late 80s or a spooky horror movie. While adding a theme isn’t necessary, you can anyway choose to do so with a proper plan.

Sound and Music

There are hundreds of spooky music on the internet. Create an interesting playlist consisting of all the best sounds that can be played at the party.

Some evergreen Halloween songs you should definitely add include:

  •     Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran)
  •     Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
  •     Ghost Town (The Specials)
  •     Thriller (Michael Jackson)
  •     Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)
  •     Psycho Killer (The Talking Heads)
  •     Twilight Zone (Golden Earrings)
  •     Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMann)
  •     Rock Until You Drop (Michael Sembello)
  •     Lullaby (The Cure)

Halloween Presents

What festival is a festival without gifts for loved ones, right? You may not be able to physically exchange gifts with everyone this year. But, you definitely can surprise them by planning even more interesting gifts from your own comfortable space.

Gift e-coupons of the favourite brands to pamper your loved ones this Halloween. This way, they will be able to buy the stuff(s) they have long been eyeing for.

The second reasonable option is to plan what you wish to give to each individual and get them delivered on the required date. A few brands also take custom orders for their customers to deliver the gifts on the exact date and time desired.

Halloween Virtual Games

You have to, HAVE TO, plan for at least a dozen interesting games that can be played on the zoom call. Virtual games are a thing, especially in the year 2020, and you cannot deny that they can be fun.

Some of the superb games that you can start with and play with people of all age groups include:

  •     Puzzles (you may categorize the difficulty level for the different age groups)
  •     Trivia contests (include categories like current events, pop culture, science, places)
  •     Memory Game (make this interesting by making it Halloween themed)
  •     Draw and Tell (nothing beats the craziness and laughter that comes with this game)
  •     Two Truths and a Lie (this is pretty fun and also a classic icebreaker game)
  •     Guess the emoji (include categories from movies, games, characters)

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