The spookiest holiday of the season is around the corner, which means it’s time to put on your devilish hats. Whether it’s a trick or treat candy fest at home, a scary movie marathon with your friends, or an intimate get-together with your family, Halloween is all about having some extra fun with your loved ones. Irrespective of how you wish to celebrate it, the festive feeling is incomplete without decking up your house with a ghoulish touch. And who says you need to spend a ton to make it spook worthy? So, this year ditch the same old expensive store-bought decorations because we’ve put down a ton of easy home decor ideas for your spooky Halloween party.

Get excited because things are about to get creepy!

Halloween wreath

The best way to raise the holiday spirits is by setting up a Halloween wreath. The bonus is that this festive ornament doesn’t require too much effort and is really fun to craft as per your taste and style. Choose from a classic orange and black wreath for this holiday or a snake wreath that will spook your neighbours out. Begin with the largest snakes you have and weave them in between the twigs of the wreath. Keep repeating until you end up covering the twigs. You’ll have to use hot glue so that they stay put.

Another way to spruce up the festive mood is by covering your wreath with some spooky plastic eyeballs, bats, witch hats, and creepy spiders, which will surely be head turners during your Halloween house party.

Giant balloon spiders/ itsy bitsy spider

  • Set a mysterious tone in your home decor by ripping pieces of cheesecloth and draping them over your room’s doorway or on your living room walls for giant cobwebs. They look so realistic that you might even frighten yourself.
  • You can adorn your porch with super giant-sized black balloon spiders too. It’s the perfect DIY jump-scare. All you need to do is blow up one large black balloon for the body and a smaller one for the head and tie the knots together to get the shape of a spider. Use black party strings to give the crawly its weird legs and stick it on the corner of any of your walls.
  • Let the creepy crawlies take over your bedroom by making a garland of spiders and bats using black craft paper, stencils, and some strings to complete your living room’s festive look.

Mirror mirror on the wall

We don’t want you to just stop at decorating your living room because every room deserves a bit of scary sophistication. One simple DIY method is to spruce up your dressing table mirror to warn your guests with a frightening message or ghost image. Just cut out letters using newspapers or an image and stick them onto the mirror using cellophane tape. Now, spray paint the mirror completely and wait for it to dry. Once dried, remove the cutouts, throw in a white gauze fabric on one side, and craft some bats using black chart paper. Your mirror is ready to warn anyone entering your room during the Halloween party.

Light it up

  • We know every person doesn’t really have a pumpkin patch near their home, so why don’t you make your own? All you need are some glass mason jars of different sizes, orange tissues, and a few fairy lights, and your living room will transform into the spookiest looking pumpkin yard.
  • Another decorative lighting tip that could come in handy is amping up your regular lanterns by giving them a Halloween-y glow. They will beautifully light up your living room, master bedroom, or even your front porch.
  • You can create mummies using gauze fabric from your regular mason jars along with some eyes to enhance the spooky aura of your light table.
  • Cut out a few faces using black paper and stick them onto your lanterns with some glue, which will add a ghostly stroke but with a bit of cuteness.
  • If you don’t find lanterns, you could DIY your Christmas lights and make them gloom-ready with white paper cups or orange craft paper to make tiny little cute ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.

Classily creepy

  • If you are someone who does not want to let go of your home’s chic look, these classic Halloween decoration ideas will fit your home just right. They are the perfect balance of spine-chilling and stylish, where less is always more.
  • Consider transforming your bookshelf into a spooky one by adding different textures to it. Use small accents with a high contrast colour palette that might set up the uncanny mood yet have a cosy feel. Painted black or golden pumpkins, prop crow, dried flowers, old books, black candles, etc are great examples of this.
  • While black is the usual colour for the Halloween season, try the evergreen white this year for your Halloween-themed party. Drape white cloth over your seating area, paint your pumpkins white and keep it monochromatic.
  • Utilise the branches from your backyard and turn them into the centrepiece of your Halloween decor by spray painting them black. Place them inside a vase, and they will give the best-haunted forest look to your interior. Strands of black ribbon stuck as flying bats on your tiny branches will also give a wonderful nocturnal feel to your party.
  • Turn the typical flowers into Halloween decor by making them on your own. All you need is some black craft paper and streamers. The premium way to liven up any kind of decor and, in this case, take your home to the dark side.

We know you want to bring the right level of eeriness and elegance to your home. That is why you need to check out the design and interior related ideas at HomeLane that will make your home ideal not just for Halloween but any festival. If you have other home decor ideas for Halloween, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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