Feng Shui is a metaphysical art, which literally translates to Wind and Water. According to experts, it works with the unseen forces the ancients call chi or “the breath of cosmic life.” Each colour, when used in the context of Feng Shui, has different meanings.

In fact, every colour represents a certain type of chi (qi)–an energetic force that powers all living organisms. You can leverage each colour for specific needs based on the Feng Shui Bagua (map). For instance, the colours red, blue, and purple represent wealth and prosperity. The colours blue and green signify health and family. And so on.

What Is the Importance of Green Colour as per Feng Shui?

Before we look at the importance of green colour as per Feng Shui, remember that if you want to use green, keep a specific intention in mind for how you would like the green colour to advance your goals and dreams.

This little ‘intent’ trick does wonders. In Feng Shui, there are five types of energy–fire, earth, metal, water, and wood–which are each represented by a specific colour. The green colour is associated with the ‘wood’ element. It also is representative of compassion, healing, flexibility, and growth. Let’s look at the other advantages of using green.

Green colour in Feng Shui

Green for Helping You Connect to Nature and Develop Feelings of Compassion

As mentioned earlier, in the Feng Shui Bagua map, green is all about family and health. So, if you want your home to have a greater connection to nature, go for green in-house plants. Opt for plants with softer, more rounded leaves. Plants can be a great addition to your home as they naturally embody the ‘wooden’ element.

Moreover, they teach us to be more caring and compassionate as you’ll need to tend to the leaves and ensure they’re getting enough light, water, and humidity. There are numerous ways to integrate green into your home and inject it with vitality. You can always gorgeous green plants as shown below and pair them with cane baskets to complete the look:

Green helps connect to nature

Green for Inviting More Healing and Flexibility

To cultivate feelings of harmony, compassion, and flexibility, you should go for a softer blue-green colour as shown below. A statement section in your home (in this case, the bathroom) with blue-green shaded walls can automatically calm the mind and is a treat for sore eyes after a long day’s work. In a largely all-white bathroom with grey-black furnishings, this soft oceanic blue-green colour addition makes perfect aesthetic sense and uplifts the space effortlessly:

Green for healing

Green for Improving Family Harmony

The green colour can also promote feelings of togetherness and harmony within your family. For inspiration, take a look at the following room in an ‘urban-jungle’ theme with a positive spin. From the bedding and the wall to the plants and the decor knick-knacks placed on the wooden shelves, the different shades of green contribute to a peaceful and calm home setting:

Green for harmony

Green for Helping You Kickstart Something New

If you’re feeling stuck and are in some serious need of an ‘energy’ boost, we suggest going for a deep and rich forest green colour as shown below. This rich colour can immediately liven up your senses and uplift your mood. Pair it with decor accents of choice and you’re good to go:

Green to kickstart new

Green for Inspire New Ideas and Boosting Creativity

To spark off creativity and get your creative juices flowing, we’d suggest brighter shades of green with yellow undertones. As an example, consider the following image. The lighter melony shades of green can be complemented with soft yellow furnishings to add some vigour and brightness to the room:Green for new ideas

Play with Green Decor, Furnishings, Furniture, and the Like

You don’t need to always use the green colour by way of houseplants and paint colour. There are other ways to infuse your home with the life-giving forces of green. For instance, you can have a bed of soft furnishings set against green-coloured accents in the room (such as curtain/drapery in the following image). Don’t be afraid to mix it up. When it comes to using green, go bold:

Green furniture

There you go. By now you must have understood that you can use various shades of the green colour to literally bring a very specific kind of energy into your home. The green colour you choose must match your intention and the overall energy you wish to create. You can work with this colour in different ways, depending on your personal and home goals, including creating a happy and harmonious home environment.

If you are seeking expert help and wish to understand how colours can be used to apply Feng Shui principles within your home, HomeLane’s team of design experts can make the job easier and guide you through the process. Book a consultation right away.

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