Do you want to do a kitchen makeover and dream of having the perfect kitchen island? We know that feeling. If yours is an open kitchen, then this blog is for you. Kitchen islands, if done right, can completely transform your kitchen into a cool spot for family get-togethers, in-kitchen dining, and entertainment. They’re the perfect blend of style meets functionality. If you are unsure about which types of kitchen islands to choose from, this handy guide is a great place to start.

Idea #1: Rolling Kitchen Island

If you do not make use of your kitchen frequently, a rolling or portable kitchen island might be a good choice for you. You can customise the design of the kitchen island by using painted MDF as shown above.

The use of industrial castor wheels and a retro-styled blue-green coloured kitchen island elevates the otherwise bland space. Also, since the kitchen island is portable, you can keep changing the position as needed or tuck it out of the way when not in use.

blue green kitchen

Idea #2: Small Kitchen Island that is Functional and Gets the Job Done

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your kitchen, this type of a compact kitchen island, complete with white wooden cabinets might be more to your advantage. Though small, this multipurpose kitchen island can be used in a variety of ways–from chopping and prepping meals to storing valuable kitchen equipment, thanks to the cabinets under the countertop. They come in simple and user-friendly designs and look like a traditional island instead of a cart.

Small kitchen

Idea #3: Counter-Height Kitchen Island to Add an Aesthetic Look and Feel

If your kitchen has a hardwood floor and you’re looking to replicate that into your kitchen, having a wooden base kitchen island can do the trick. Take a look at the image above, the use of stylish metal and wood chairs along with a marble/granite countertop adds layers of character to this kitchen’s design.

Moreover, the kitchen island gives you enough working space to do any kind of prepping, cutting, and dancing while you cook! It also doubles up as a wonderful eating counter.

Counter height kitchen island

Idea #4: Base Cabinet Kitchen Island with a Countertop

Here’s an excellent example of a permanent kitchen island sitting beautifully in this luxurious white kitchen. The large pendant lights and hardwood floor make up for a cozy setting and this kitchen island actually serves as a great eating place–be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you’ve got the space to spare, this kind of base cabinet with a luxe-looking countertop might be the perfect option for your kitchen. As you might have imagined, this type of kitchen island is firmly anchored to the floor. You can customise the design basis your personalised needs and enjoy greater flexibility in this kind of structure.

Base cabinet kitchen

Idea #5: Fully-Functioning Kitchen Island

By fully-functioning, we are referring to a kitchen island that can accommodate electrical and lighting needs. Naturally, installing such a design can boost your costs. Take a look at the kitchen island above, which comes with a built-in sink. It also has enough space for drainage and offers plenty of countertop space.

You can use this type of kitchen island design for in-kitchen dining, entertainment, or seated prep work. Irrespective of the effort that goes into this style, it can add a lot of value to your kitchen and your home by extension.

Fully functioning kitchen island

Idea #6: Creative Kitchen Island

If you don’t want a kitchen island with a single countertop, consider the design above. This modern and trendy snow-white kitchen in minimalistic style comes with an island and two bar stools that are creatively conceptualised. The lower part of the kitchen island can turn out to be for prepping whereas the higher part can turn into a space for in-kitchen dining.

Quite simply, this type of a kitchen island design amps up your kitchen’s aesthetic vibe while providing ergonomic benefits. It’s a classic combination of style and functionality; and definitely adds real estate value to your home.

Create kitchen island

Choosing a kitchen island design and building the kitchen island of your dreams takes effort and hard work. And of course, it all starts with great conceptualisation. One wrong move and you might find yourself stuck with a big block of wood that does nothing but makes the place look chaotic and busy.

If you’re looking for expert design tips, our experienced designers at HomeLane can guide you through the process–from ideation to execution. Book a consultation and get your kitchen island project kick-started on the right note.

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