Teak wood and Sheesham wood are both popular hardwoods used as materials for solid wood furniture. These hardwoods are great for making premium wooden furniture as they have their distinct qualities. 

When selecting the wood for your home furniture, it’s a good idea to consider the different qualities of each wood. Keep reading to know more about the different qualities of these two kinds of wood and compare teak wood vs Sheesham wood.

compare teak wood vs sheesham wood

Teak Wood

Teak wood is obtained from a species of tree called ‘Tectona Grandis’. To get good quality wood is usually harvested only once the tree has reached a certain height and age.

Teak wood has a distinct smooth texture with a yellowish-brown colour. It also has a fine grain. It is usually used as a material to make furniture, window frames, doors, beams, and other structures.

It is found in various states, such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

teak wood

Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is also commonly called Indian rosewood. It is sourced from a tree species called Dalbergia sissoo. Sheesham trees bear two kinds of timber: Sheesham heartwood and Sheesham sapwood.

This wood has a rich grain pattern. Sheesham trees mainly grow in states of North India like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. 

sheesham wood

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Durability and Strength

When deciding between teak wood vs Sheesham wood, durability is an important factor to keep in mind. Teak wood has a high density due to its tightly-packed grains.

This makes it a strong material as wood and also gives it a dense texture. Its strength makes teak wood ideal for heavy furniture like large cupboards, large-sized beds, wardrobe designs, and cabinets.

While Sheesham is a much lighter wood, it is also durable, though not as strong and durable as teak wood. This lighter wood is great for making smaller furniture like chairs, dining tables, bedside tables, and handicrafts.

Looking at teak wood vs Sheesham wood in terms of durability and usage, teak may be more durable, but Sheesham is more flexible and can be carved into more diverse kinds of furniture. 

difference between teak wood vs sheesham wood

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Resistance to Moisture and Pests

Teakwood has high oil content, making it naturally more resistant to moisture and termites. Sheesham has a high moisture content, which means that it is more prone to moisture damage in the humid or rainy season. It tends to warp in such weather.

A coating of wood varnish or polish may give it a layer of protection that reduces the risk of water damage. On the other hand, Sheesham has good resistance to termites.

Overall, considering teakwood vs Sheesham wood in this aspect, we can say that teakwood has better moisture resistance, while both kinds of wood have good termite resistance. 

sheesham wood vs teak wood

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Texture

The difference in texture is an important difference between teak wood and Sheesham wood. Sheesham has chestnut-coloured markings and a dense texture, while teak wood has a smooth grain with a dense texture.

The grain is usually brownish-yellow in colour. The heartwood of teak is golden to medium brown but turns darker with age. The surface has a coarse, uneven texture with straight grains.

Teak wood can be utilised as a part of your bedroom design as you can use it to build armoirs, etc.

texture difference between sheesham and teak wood

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Cost

When considering the Sheesham wood vs teak wood cost, you must make a smart decision. While teakwood looks more magnificent, it is one of the most expensive types of wood.

If you are on a budget, Sheesham is a better option. Teak wood is a better option if you are looking for a more luxurious or grand decor. 

However, with Sheesham wood, the cost of polishing and waxing the furniture will add to the overall cost. In the case of teak wood, it is a durable material, even without a coating or polish, and it looks aesthetic. 

sheesham wood vs teak wood cost

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Workability

When considering teak wood vs Sheesham wood, another factor to consider is the difference in workability for designing furniture.

While both these kinds of wood are good for carving wooden furniture, Sheesham is usually more flexible than teak wood and is easier to carve into different designs.

You can utilise Sheesham wood for making various small or medium-sized wardrobe designs as part of your living room. You can then fit glass panes into those wardrobes and convert them into display cases.

workability difference in sheesham and teak wood

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Weight

Looking at teak wood vs Sheesham wood in terms of weight, teak wood has a more dense texture and greater tensile strength. Due to this, teak is heavier and makes for more solid furniture as compared to Sheesham wood.

It is particularly useful for beds. Sheesham wood, being of a lighter weight, is great for handicrafts and decoration furniture or objects as well as smaller, space save furniture.

weight difference between wood and sheesham

Summing Up

When considering between teak wood vs Sheesham wood, there are many different factors to look at. These woods differ in many aspects, including durability, moisture resistance, texture, cost, workability, and weight.

It is best to select the wood based on the furniture you have in mind and the room decor. Homelane offers a variety of furniture made from different wooden materials. You can check out the wooden furniture designs online from the comfort of your home. 

sheesham wood design


1. Which Wood is Better, Teak or Sheesham?

While both teak and Sheesham have different qualities, it depends on your specific requirements. Comparing teak wood vs Sheesham wood, teak is more durable and resistant and has a more majestic appearance.

However, it is also more costly as it is one of the most premium materials of wood. Sheesham wood has less density and strength but is a more flexible wood, so it can be carved more easily. It is also less costly compared to teak. Teak has the advantage of being more resistant to water and pests like termites.

Sheesham is more prone to bending or warping due to its high moisture content. This may lead to issues in the rainy season or humid temperatures. 

2. Which One is the Best for Furniture?

Both teak and Sheesham are premium quality woods that can be used to make furniture. Comparing teak wood vs Sheesham wood, teak is heavier and dense. It is better for larger and heavier kinds of furniture like large beds, cabinets, and wardrobes for bedroom designs.

Sheesham is lighter and is better for smaller furniture like coffee tables or more decorative furniture and craft objects.

When considering furniture material, it is best to consider factors like the kind of furniture you are looking for and the room decor you want. You can then select a teak wood design or Sheesham wood design accordingly. 

3. Which is Better for Maintenance?

Maintenance is an important factor when considering Sheesham wood vs. teak wood furniture. Teak is highly durable due to its natural oil component. It is also less likely to warp and bend.

For maintenance, you can clean it regularly with a damp cloth. Sheesham is resistant to rot and termites but can get woodboring beetles. It usually requires a coat of furniture wax and polishing. 

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