Choosing the right tile design is vital if you are a fan of customized home interiors that reflect your taste and style. Mosaic tiles design has an aesthetic appeal and comes in a wide range of styles, patterns and textures.

From quirky backsplashes to exquisite shower walls, you can incorporate amazing mosaic tiles ideas for an elevated ambience. Apart from the dramatic visual appeal, mosaic tiles designs are highly durable and resistant to staining.

Here is a list of 9 mosaic tile ideas and the best possible ways to install them in your dream abode.

mosaic tiles

1. Revamp Your Minimalist Kitchen with Artistic Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Mosaic tiles design, like this idea, in a diverse range of bright colours, accounts for an artistic kitchen backsplash idea. An amalgamation of vibrant colours creates a dramatic flair in the kitchen area.

This quirky design of proportionate squares in a multicoloured hue lends an interesting visual appeal. You can opt for stone or granite mosaic tiles for an enhanced matte-like texture.

Mosaic tiles design is highly preferred for kitchen backsplash as they are resistant to stains and very easy to clean. Due to their high durability, you can also use mosaic tiles as kitchen countertops.

mosaic tiles for kitchen

2. Add Luxe to Your Swimming Pool with Cobalt Blue Mosaic Tiles Design

For people looking for pool mosaic designs which are contemporary and elegant, cobalt blue mosaic tiles design is the perfect pick for you. Cobalt blue colour goes well with pool designs as it makes the water look fresh and requires less maintenance.

You should refrain from opting for dark-coloured tiles as they absorb sunlight and heat up the pool water. Cobalt blue mosaic tiles enhance the beauty of the water in the pool and create a serene vibe.

Mosaic tiles design is preferred for flooring inside and outside surrounding the pool due to its anti-slippery property. Mosaic tiles are resistant to wet environments and easy to maintain.

mosaic tile design for swimming pool

3. Design the Walls of Your Exclusive Bathroom with Stone Mosaic Tiles Design

Jazz up your bathroom interior design with an interlocking combination of textured glass and metal mosaic tiles. This exclusive mosaic tiles design installed on the wall and outside of the shower adds luxury and elegance to your bathroom.

You can opt for a mix of dark and light metal colours in a symmetric pattern that creates an interesting visual appeal. The multicoloured mosaic tiles create a pebble-like imagery that is eye-catching and classy.

Pair it up with a pristine white marble sink, opulent lighting fixtures and a travertine floor.

mosaic tiles for bathroom

4. Elevate Your Living Room with a Well-Appointed Polychromatic Mosaic Tiles Design

Embellish your living room with this intricate artwork of mosaic tiles design. This well-appointed polychromatic mosaic tiles design with halfway wainscoting is a timeless mix of grace and elegance.

The detailed geometric patterns in a flow of vibrant colours create a refined look in your living room that never goes out of style. You can apply the wainscoting formula to adorn a half-wall with mosaic tiles designs.

You can draw interesting murals and motifs on the other half that go well with the interior decor. Wainscoting with mosaic tiles prevents scuffs or dents from external wear and tear.

You can pair the accent wall with crisp wooden furniture and traditional home decor for a complete look.

mosaic tiles for living room

5. Lend Oomph to Your Hallway with Mosaic Tiles Geometric Design

This octagon-shaped mosaic tiles design replicates the old New York charm. A series of asymmetrical mosaic tiles in subtle colour tones create a vibrant ambience.

You can customize this design with the colours of your choice. This mosaic tile design allows creativity by trying out a new mix-and-match theme of colours.

Mosaic tiles are non-porous and resistant to the accumulation of dirt between the gaps. Hence, you can incorporate them in places like hallways without having to worry about wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic.

mosaic tiles for hallway

6. Embellish Your Staircase with Fine Etched Motifs on Mosaic Tiles

Lend an exclusive artistic touch to your staircase made with etched motifs on mosaic tiles. These tiny stone-cut etched mosaics create an intricate visual appeal with a cohesive style.

Each stair riser has a bespoke creation of minute details that will impress your guests with an exotic staircase design. A blend of glass and stone mosaic in multiple bright colours transforms the dimensionality of the entire space.

You can pair this design with bright lighting to create classy decor.

mosaic tiles for staircase

7. Add Texture to Your Floor with Classic Black and White Mosaic Tiles Design

You can mix and match with different shapes and sizes to create a classic black and white mosaic tiles design. However, this design is popular for luxurious hallways and contemporary bedroom floors.

This mosaic tiles design comprises eye-catchy white octagons arranged in a symmetrical precision, intervened by black square motifs. This tile design is an eclectic example of artistic grandeur.

Mosaic tiles reflect back an ample amount of light into the room and make the space look brighter. Pair it with moody blue wall paint and luxe chandeliers for a royal vibe.

mosaic tile ideas for floor

8. Upgrade Your Bedroom Floor with Waterjet Chevron Pattern Mosaic Tiles Design

A timeless blend of transitional and evolving design inspires chevron pattern mosaic tiles design. A subtle mixture of shades of grey, white and black symmetrical chevron patterns creates an artistic depth.

The waterjet technique has been applied to create this unconventional mosaic tiles design. Waterjet cutting is pocket-friendly and highly durable when it comes to mosaic tiles.

It is resistant to bacterial growth and dirt accumulation in gaps. Hence, install these chevron pattern mosaic tiles designs with the right material for long-term durability.

Pair it up with ceiling lights, light-coloured walls and the modern decor of your choice.

mosaic tile ideas for bedroom floor


9. Enliven a Vintage Vibe in Your Bathroom with Mural and Medallions Mosaic Tiles Design

Add a traditional tinge to your modern bathroom with incredible bathroom mosaic tile ideas. Mural and medallions designed from single large pieces of mosaic tiles are an exclusive way to adorn your bathroom flooring.

This seamless mosaic tiles design in subtle colours and floral patterns is an amalgamation of quirky art and hypnotic visual depth. This mosaic tiles design’s intrinsic details and proper orientation make it unique.

Mosaic tiles are preferred for bathroom flooring as they are anti-slippery and can withstand wet surroundings for a long time. Pair it up with bright lighting and minimal bathroom accessories.

mosaic tile ideas for bathroom


Mosaic tiles designs are non-porous, durable and stain resistant. They are a popular choice for walls and floors due to their visual appeal. Get inspired by various stunning bedroom and bathroom mosaic ideas for an elevated interior decor of your dream abode.

Mosaic tiles lend a stunning look that can be achieved through proper installation. For more handy tips, get in touch with the experts at Homelane. Connect now and book a free design consultation.

mosaic tile decor ideas


1. How do you plan a tile pattern?

You need to be particular about the grout and check that it runs perfectly square. To plan a mosaic tile pattern, you need to first trace the required design on a piece of paper. Outline and sketch the tile’s placements.

You can consider the colours you wish to use at this point. Scan the final sketch and get a coloured poster print. You can transfer the image from paper to the backer board or use indirect methods like fibreglass mesh.

2. How do you lay a mosaic tile pattern?

Fibreglass mesh is one of the most popular ways to lay mosaic tile patterns. It is sticky enough to hold the tiles in place.

However, the stickiness allows you to rearrange the tiles if you want to. You need to leave some space while you put the tiles on the mesh for the grout that will be introduced later.

3. Where should I start my tile pattern?

You need to start your tile pattern from the middle of the wall or floor. The point at the room’s centre is the beginning point of the tile pattern.

4. What are the three types of mosaics?

The three popular types of mosaics are glass mosaics, metal mosaics and natural stone mosaics. These mosaics can be classified depending on the shape and material.

5. Do you start tiling from the top or bottom?

Starting tiling from the centre of the wall or floor is recommended to maintain a symmetric pattern. Draw a layout line to ensure your tile pattern is evenly placed.

However, in exceptional cases, if you are starting from the top down, you need to be very cautious as there are chances of slipping the tiles from top to bottom.

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