There is a huge range of designs when it comes to the windows of your home. Window designs are an essential architectural element that beautifies the overall look of the house as well as adds functionality. Sliding window grill designs are a win-win for visual appeal and durability. Sliding windows are easy to maintain and brighten up your space. Additionally, grills in varied patterns ensure safety and privacy while holding onto a sophisticated look.

If you have been looking for unique sliding window grill design ideas, you have arrived at the right place. Here is a handpicked list of 11 stunning sliding window grill designs to spruce up the overall look of your dream abode.

sliding window grill

1. Contemporary Frosted Glass Sliding Window Grill Design for Bedroom

This stunning sliding window grill design made of frosted glass is the best pick for a bedroom. Frosted glass is popular as it promotes privacy without blocking natural light. The small vein carvings on the glass add a tinge of contemporary elegance to the window design. The slider window, along with the grills, is highly durable. Frosted glass is a good combination with grills as it is easy to clean and allows ample natural light into the room.

You can pair it with white transparent curtains that blend well with your bedroom designs. Jazz up the style quotient by painting the grills and rim with an exotic colour palette of your choice.

frosted glass sliding window grill

2. Rectangular-Shaped Sliding Window with Horizontal Grills for Better Ventilation

Are you exhausted from the stuffy room with artificial air? This sliding window grill design ensures a breezy feel. A rectangular-shaped sliding window is an amalgamation of sophistication and exclusivity, which functions vertically up and down with much ease. It does not contain pulley or spring wear, whose efficiency gets minimised with time. Rather, this sliding window is highly durable and energy efficient.

You can choose tintless white rims with contrasting coloured grills for an unconventional visual appeal. This sliding window grill design keeps dust off your living area but makes the room appear bright and airy. It is a timeless decor style that goes well with contemporary home decor items.

rectangular-shaped sliding window with horizontal grills

3. Ornate-Carved White Sliding Window Grill Design for an Elevated Look

This sliding window grill design is no less than an embellishment. It is a bespoke design that will make heads turn. The tintless white rim, in combination with white grills, makes this window design a classy pick. The extended ornate carvings on all sides of the window add a tinge of luxury and grandeur.

This eclectic grill design provides space between the sliding glass window and the grill to place earthy planters and grow fresh flowers. It adds to the overall beautification of your home exteriors. A minimalistic window designed in the right way can do wonders for your architectural detailings. You can match the exterior wall colour with the grill colour to create a magical flare.

ornate-carved white sliding window grill

4. An Exquisite Large-Pane Glass Sliding Window Grill Design for Living Room

Add a tinge of luxury to your living room with a large-pane glass window. This sliding window grill design goes well with high-rise buildings, allowing ample natural light into the living room. It has a mild steel window grill to ensure safety.

Enjoy serene views of the surrounding from the comfort of your living room. You can easily slide open or shut the grill sliding window according to the weather outside. The window is smooth and does not involve any hinge system like conventional windows.

Slider windows have two panes of glass, one of which can be moved. You can choose to have a movable pane on the right or left side. This glass slider window brings a breezy feel into your living room. Pair it up with luxe modern aesthetics, plushy furniture and the sophisticated wall colour of your choice for an elevated look.

large-pane glass sliding window grill

5. Upscale Your Bathroom with Sturdy Invisible Grills in an Eclectic Sliding Window

Have you been planning to lend your traditional bathroom an oomph of contemporary style? A grill sliding window design in white colour is the perfect pick for an elevated bathroom ambience. It goes well with an all-white colour theme for your Scandinavian bathroom. Enjoy natural light passing through your window pane while you cherish a bubble bath in the tub made of white marble. This window style makes narrow walls and tiny spaces appear bigger and brighter. It is a good way to ensure ventilation and keep your bathroom moisture free.

sturdy invisible grills in an eclectic sliding window

6. Opt for a Glass Sliding Window with Quirky Blue Grills for Visual Appeal

Are you a fan of quirky decor? This Avant grade window design in bold contrasting colours is perfect for you. The sleek blue grills are a bespoke creation that reflects timeless beauty and grace. The refined arch-like design surrounding the window in red and white stripes makes this sliding window grill design stand out. You can opt for contrasting coloured exterior walls like ocean blue in this case.

Glass sliding windows protect your living space from harsh UV rays while providing natural lighting. You can reduce your dependency on artificial lights and become energy efficient by opting for a sliding window grill design. Pair it up with floral light textured curtains for an elevated look.

glass sliding window with quirky blue grills

7. Jazz Up Your Hallway with Large Sliding Windows Having Eclectic Grills

These large sliding windows in box shapes are ideal for modern architecture. You may opt for this tintless white large sliding window grill design in your hallway or living room for unobstructed sunlight and breeze. This sliding window functions vertically to ensure a proportionate opening. It is made of fibreglass, highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. Though fibreglass is expensive compared to other glass types, it is worth the amount. Fibreglass is functional and durable. It is easy to clean and maintain for years.

This sliding window grill design in white creates a soothing ambience for a well-lit room. It provides a clear view of the surrounding from the comfort of your house. You can pair it up with modern, sleek furniture, white linen drapes and wall paint.

large sliding windows having eclectic grills

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Sliding Window With Pencil-Thin Grills for a Luxurious Appeal

This floor-to-ceiling sliding window with a pencil-thin sleek grill is an evolving style that lends luxe to your living room. The slider moves top-down without any hassle. The grills here are made of sturdy aluminium. Even though the white grills appear thin, they are highly durable and ensure safety. This sliding window grill design is for those who love being close to nature. It provides ample scope for cross-ventilation while providing an option of keeping dust and dirt off the room by sliding close the window. You can pair this casement window design with wooden flooring, eclectic wooden furniture and identical doors for a refined look.

floor-to-ceiling sliding window with pencil-thin grills

9. Rustic-Themed Wooden Sliding Window with Iron Grills to Ensure Safety

This wooden sliding window grill design with traditional-styled grills blends rustic charm and elegance. It has a vine-shaped steel grill that symbolises an old Spanish decor theme. Enliven the magical and mystical alchemy of old charm with wooden windows combined with iron grills. They are highly durable and have stood against the test of time for years. However, it requires timely maintenance as the wooden frame is susceptible to moisture and humidity. This window design is a refined decor statement that never goes out of style.

A wooden window frame enhances a room’s elegance and acts as an efficient insulator. Pair it with evolving interior decor, earthy planters and slushy green plants.

wooden sliding window with iron grills

10. Black Metal Sliding Window with Floral-Designed Grills for an Artistic Vibe

This sliding window grill design made of black metal is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. It is one of the most preferred grill designs due to its traditional rustic look and promising maximum longevity. The artistically designed grills combine geometric fixtures, patterns and motifs. This grill design calls for minimum maintenance. You can easily clean it with an old piece of cotton cloth dipped in detergent water or using a brush.

This sliding window grill design goes well with all room types. Whether ensuring privacy in your bedroom or providing an airy ambience to your living room, black metal sliding windows with artistic grills are a multifunctional choice.

metal sliding window with floral-designed grills

11. Enliven Parisian Grandeur with Arch-Shaped White Sliding Window Having Grill

This eclectic sliding window grill design with an elegant arch is an amalgamation of timeless Parisian grandeur and sophisticated visual appeal. This combination of arch-shaped grills with glass sliding windows is a well-appointed exterior decor. You must be careful about finishing the outside and inside plaster during the grill installation. Grills on the outer side do not interrupt the functioning of the glass slider. Frosted glass is easy to clean and improves the living area. Pair it up with white pleated drapes for a luxurious ambience.

arch-shaped white sliding window having grill

To Sum Up

Windows and balconies are essential elements of a house’s architecture. You can enjoy the surrounding beauty from the comfort of your home through well-designed windows. The sliding window grill design is highly functional and durable. It involves low maintenance, budget-friendly designs and elegant visual versatility. You can choose from a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to choose one that best suits your home’s interior and exterior.

For more such classy and evolving tips on sliding window grill design, reach out to Homelane. Connect now and Book a free design consultation.


1. Which Type of Window Grill Is Best?

Window grills come in various materials, shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose the one that best suits your home type, budget and overall decor plan. However, some popular window grill types that go well with sliding doors are cast iron grills, mild aluminium grills, concrete jali designs and stainless steel. You can also opt for traditionally used wooden grills to enliven a rustic charm.

2. Which Colour Is Best for a Window Grill?

Mostly vibrant and bold colours are considered great for window grills. However, you need to take into account the wall colour and the rim colour of the window before taking the final call. A perfect mix and match of contrasting colours create a dramatic appeal. However, metallic grills generally give out a rustic vibe in their natural colours.

3. Can I Add a Grill to My Sliding Window?

Yes, you can add grills to a sliding window to ensure safety. Grills in different colours and patterns go well with sliding glass windows. They are a bespoke blend of evolving window styles.

4. Are Sliding Window Designs with Grills Durable?

The sliding window grill design is highly durable. Sliders do not depend on elements like pulleys or spring wear. They do not have a hinge working system. Hence, they can be used over a long period without any hassle. Grill sliding window design requires low maintenance and is very cost-effective. It is made from very minimum components, unlike conventional windows.

5. Does a Grill Suit Living Room Designs?

Yes, grill windows suit living room designs if you are someone who has a love for artistic creations. A variety of grills can be used to achieve a specific type of decor theme. For example, box-shaped grills for a contemporary look, whereas ornate iron cast grills for a rustic traditional look. They are a must if you live in high-rise buildings for safety reasons.

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